The jail boy

I was getting very turned on as his fingers probed my pussy and his cock was growing hard in my hand. “When you get hard enough I want to sit on your cock. I want you to fill my juicy cunt up and fuck me rigid!”

His thumb was now touching my clit, and I was so wet a third finger had slipped inside and he was twisting his hand around and around. “I want you to fuck me and fuck me and FUCK ME!” I continued until my orgasm took my breath away.
Tony pulled his fingers out of my hole and rolled onto his back. Making his cock stand up like a flagpole, he looked at me with a twinkle in his eyes, “Come on then. Get on board.”

I didn’t need asking twice, but for a few seconds the size of it made me have second thoughts, but I couldn’t stop myself.
I straddled his stomach and backed up, sliding my breasts along his hairy chest. I squeezed my hand between our bodies and guided the knob against my love-lips. With a grin on my face I moved back until the first couple of inches of thick cock nudged inside my pussy.

My stomach was churning at the thought of being fucked by this absolute monster. Tony placed his hands on my tits as I raised myself so that I could sit on his weapon.

My breathing became a series of short pants and gasps as more and more cock entered my body. I had to stop at about 7 or 8 inches as I could hardly move.
“It’s too big, it’s too big,” I gasped.
“No it’s not.” He laughed, “just relax, get your breath back and you’ll be alright.”
I sat there my pussy and belly full of his cock, and there was more to come!
After a minute or so, I began to slowly ride on his cock. At first I thought that it was going to rip my insides out, then when I became acclimatised, I relaxed and it was the most glorious feeling in the world as I bounced up and down on that huge thing.

Tony contented himself by telling me to play with my breasts as I rocked and rolled.

I did as I was told; kneading my breasts and tugging at my aching nipples, until I was nearly crying, just for his entertainment.
“Christ this is so good,” he told me, “so fucking good! I needed this, oh my God, I needed to fuck you so much!” he told me as he rammed himself deep into my womb.

“So fucking me is better than getting sucked off by some little pretty boy?” I asked, as he twisted my nipples making me wince.
“Oh yes! This is different fucking league!” He called out as I increased the speed of my bouncing.
“Fill my cunt up! Fill my cunt up with your SPUNK!” I shouted.
I couldn’t believe what I was saying. I’d never used this type of foul language before.
“No, no, no.” Tony chuckled.
“Yes, yes, yes!” I screamed, “I want to feel your spunk inside me!”
“No! That’s enough! Stop now!” he ordered me.
Puzzled and disappointed. I knew that he must be ready to cum again, and I wanted to feel this load inside me.
He pulled at my extended nipples really hard, stretching them by an inch, bringing tears to my eyes, “ I’m not going to fill your cunt with spunk – I’m going to fill your arse with spunk!”

“No you’re not!” I told him, “I’ve never done that before, and I don’t intend starting now with something that size!”
“Ha, ha, ha,” he laughed, “that’s what all the pretty boys said. But once they’d had a taste of it. They always came back for more!”
Again his past flashed in front of my eyes.

“No Tony, I don’t want to.” I pleaded, as I stroked the hard muscles on his stomach.
Laughing at me he said, “You haven’t got a fucking choice. Now go and get some cream or oil or something. It’ll make it easier for you.” With that he smacked my arse, twice, and made me get off.

The empty feeling in my pussy and the stinging sensation on my buttocks were only matched by the shame that I felt as I walked naked into the bathroom looking for the baby lotion that he was going to smear on my backside so that he could fuck my arse.
When I entered the bedroom he was standing beside the bed. His cock was now even harder then before either my blowjob or our fuck. This was what he had wanted to do all along.

Flashing his cheeky smile, he nodded at the bed, “Okay, Miss Goody fucking get on all fours,” He commanded.
I did as I was told.

“Open your legs wider,” he continued, “and show me the money shot!”
Again I complied.
“Push your arse up in the air, and spread your cheeks for me.”

Resting my weight on the side of my head I reached behind me and pulled my arse cheeks apart for this man that I’d only met the week before. As my fingers touched my pussy I realised that I was absolutely soaking wet.

“Good Girl.” He said as he dribbled cold baby lotion down my arse crack, making me shudder.

Tony smeared the oil all over the insides of my arse cheeks, running the tip of his finger over my virgin hole, making me tingle and gasp.
“There, I knew that you would like it,” he laughed as a finger slid in to my puckered anus, making me groan. As he poured more oil onto my arse he pulled his finger out, making me moan again. He continued rubbing the oil in and was now concentrating on my hole, poking one then two fingers inside. Even though I had tears in my eyes from the pain I was moaning with pleasure at the same time.

“Okay, Miss Goody fucking? Are you ready?” He asked as he prodded my hole with the tip of his massive cock.
I grabbed the quilt and braced myself for this act of depravity.

I couldn’t believe the excruciating pain as his knob entered me.
“No, no, no, stop, stop, stop!” I pleaded.
CRACK! He spanked my arse, CRACK his hand landed on the other cheek.

“Stop your whining, and just enjoy yourself.” He laughed as he forced more and more cock into my arse, “ because I’m going to!”
The initial pain was now subsiding and all I could feel was his cock filling my cavity and my cheek smarting from where he had smacked it.
My arse was so numb I couldn’t tell whether he had the whole thing in or not, but he was shaking my body like a rag-doll, his thrusting was so powerful.
Tony gripped my hips and I felt him increase the speed of his thrusts. The baby lotion was an excellent lubricant because he was now fucking my arse with ease. As I began to relax the sensation in my bottom was actually becoming quite pleasant!

“Ohhhh!” I moaned after a couple of minutes, “Mmmmm.”
“Ha, ha, HA. You dirty bitch! I told you that you would like it, didn’t I?” He laughed as he smacked my arse again.
Again I groaned as my cheek stung like Hell.
“You like this don’t you?” he called out.
“Yes.” I panted as his cock was now ramming in and out of my once tiny arsehole.
“He’s never fucked you like this, has he?” Tony cackled, again, as I moaned and groaned.
“No, no, never!” I huskily whispered, “You… you’re so good. Oooohh…keep fucking my arse…Ohhhh yesssss!” I groaned, my voice trembling like my body. “Ohhhh Tony, fill my arse with your cock, fill it up…Ohhhhh, FUCK ME! HARDER, HARDER!” I screamed.

“Finger yourself!” he ordered. I did as I was told and slid a hand between my legs. I was so wet I thought that I’d pissed myself. First one finger then a second, then a third automatically followed as I finger fucked myself while Tony banged my arse.
“Tell me. Tell me what you like!” he ordered.

“I love your big cock”, I groaned, “I love it in my…in my…in my arse. I love it in my arse. It feels so good when it fills my …arse…and my cunt!” The palm of my hand was buzzing like crazy over my clit as my fingers could feel his throbbing cock through the thin membrane while I said the dirtiest of things, “Spank me, spank me!” I cried out.

CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, his hands hit my buttocks, sending me wild with desire, as his cock rattled in and out of my hole like an express train.
Tony’s breathing was getting louder and shorter as he neared his climax.

“Fuck me! FUCK MY ARSE! Fill me full of spunk!” I cried out and with one more SMACK on my arse we both screamed to an earth shattering orgasm at the same time.

My whole genital area was red hot, as his spunk flooded into my cavity as my arse cheeks shone red from his spanking. By now I forced my thumb and little finger into my cunt as I continued fucking myself, while he kissed my neck and shoulders.

Everything in the lower half of my body ached after he withdrew and I pulled my fist out of my gaping cunt. We flopped onto the bed, shattered.
After a couple of minutes I sensed Tony getting to his knees and move his hips next to my face. I looked up to see him dangling his •••• stained cock over my face.
“That was good, wasn’t it? Miss Goody fucking?” he chuckled as he ran the tip across my lips.

The smell of sweat and spunk were overwhelming. But instead of gagging, I was overcome by the need to suck his cock again, even if it had been rammed up my arse five minutes before.
I opened my lips and he dropped it in.

“You dirty cunt!” he whispered, as he grabbed my hair, “That’s right, lick my cock clean!”
I couldn’t stop myself. Like a woman possessed I ran my tongue and lips all over his stained shaft. I can’t describe the taste, but all I wanted to do was please him.
After 4 or 5 minutes, his cock was beginning to stiffen as I finished cleaning him.

“Ha, Ha, ha!” he laughed at me, “That’s enough! I’ve got to go now.”

As I lay on the bed covered in sweat and spunk, both of my once private holes now stretched beyond belief, Tony pulled his shorts up and put his trainers on.
Waving his limp dick in my direction, “See you on Monday morning?” he asked as he walked out of the bedroom.

I knew that I didn’t have a choice; he’d woken something inside me that would have to be satisfied regularly. I nodded my head and smiled.

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  • Excellant!!! This story is very relatable for me. I personally have been in similar circumstances and just like Victoria enjoyed each tremendously.!!! Great story!!!…Do you have more? Thanks, Francine

    Rating: 5

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