The Visitor

Author: socalellen

Back in May this year our 21 year old son asked if it was ok for his friend Cole from Kentucky to come and stay with us for a couple of weeks while he was looking for a place to live out here? Knowing Cole after he had stayed here for a couple of days last year we told him that would be fine.

Cole arrived on July 1 and spent the next two weeks looking at houses and apartments and we helped as much as we could. He is a really nice 25 year old very black and good looking big kid (6’3”, 225 muscular lbs) with very white teeth. One night after some wine my husband Brian was sitting in the love-seat and Cole (wearing a tank top) and I (wearing one of my light summer dresses) was sitting on the couch going through rental listings on his computer.

At some point I put a hand on his shoulder as I was leaning forward to better see something on the computer-screen; leaning back again I left my hand on his shoulder and my left boob accidently brushed against his arm. He looked at me a little puzzled and I started to move my hand while I said “oh I’m sorry” and he said “no it’s fine, it’s no bother”.

For the next hour or so we were looking at all kinds of rentals and I deliberately kept “accidently” having my boobs and hard nipples touch his arm through the thin fabric of my dress. I could tell that my husband was noticing what I was doing, because he kept looking over every time I moved and practically rubbed my tits against Cole’s arm and Cole pretended he didn’t notice but I had the feeling he was enjoying the feel of my tits.

When Brian and I went to bed that night I was so horny that I just fucked the brain out of my husband and afterwards he said “Cole turns you on doesn’t he” and I shook my head “he’s just a kid, I could easily be his mother I mean he’s 25 and I’m 56 but yes he does turn me on” to which Brian said “no problem just let me know if you want to do something about it” and I looked at him and said ”thank you but no he’s way too young and he’s our son’s friend”.

A couple of days later our son was taking Cole out to meet some of his friends and Brian and I figured we would have the house to ourselves until way past midnight. So after a nice home-cooked dinner and a couple of bottles of wine we were watching some MMF porn movie and fooling around on the couch. There was lots of sucking, licking, eating, groping and caressing and finally Brian lifted me out of the couch, put me down on my feet, bend me over so my hands were resting on the couch.

He grabbed my hips and from behind pushed his hard cock deep into my dripping wet pussy and began to fuck me slowly. After a little while he was fucking me hard and deep and my tits were bouncing back and forth when suddenly we heard Cole saying “oh shit I’m sorry” and began to walk away. Brian quickly recovered and said “don’t worry get something to drink, we’re almost done” and he resumed fucking me really fast and hard and we came almost at the same time (I think it made it even more erotic knowing that Cole was watching me).

After Brian was done filling my pussy with his warm and wonderful cum he pulled out of me and as I straightened up I noticed Cole had quite a bulb in his basketball shorts, I also noticed how he was staring at my still very firm 34C tits. I looked at Brian and he just smiled and nodded and I walked over to Cole and put my hands on the front of his shorts and could feel a nice big hard cock through the fabric.

Cole took a small step back and said “you don’t have to that” I looked at him and said “it’s ok you haven’t gotten laid in weeks and I wouldn’t mind doing this for you” to which he answered “but you’re married and Brian is right here” I took his right hand and put it on my left tit and said “Brian doesn’t mind and I want you” to which Brian said “Cole just relax and enjoy”.

I pulled his basketball shorts down which then revealed a large (probably a good 8” and pretty thick), young, black hard cock. I got down on my knees and greedily began to suck this gorgeous cock and as I deep-throated his entire cock I heard him groan. As I was sucking him in a long slow motion he got into it and before long he was groping both my tits and pulling on my hard nipples.

At some point I stopped sucking and asked him “do you want me to blow you or would you like to fuck my wet, warm and tight pussy” and in a very husky voice he said “both”. I decided then and there that I would blow him now and get him ready to fuck me in a little bit, and with his hands all over my tits I began to suck him hard and fast while gently squeezing his heavy balls.

With my mouth and right hand sucking and stroking his cock and my left hand around his balls his cock was moving in and out of my mouth very fast and suddenly he stiffened, groaned loudly and then he just kept filling my mouth with lots of warm tasty sperm. When he was finally done I kept his now softer cock in my mouth and very lightly began to lick the underside which after a couple of minutes started to have its effect and he began to grow completely hard again (thank god for young boy’s, it doesn’t take much to get them ready again).

Brian who had been sitting and sipping wine and enjoyed watching the performance got up and came over and got on his back between my legs and began to eat my very wet pussy while I was still sucking gently on Coles cock and he was again groping my tits. After a little while Brian said “why don’t we go up to bed?” and I said “let’s go”. The minute we got on the bed, Cole spread my legs wide and began to loudly eat my pussy.

Brian pushed his cock into my mouth and began to pull on my very hard nipples and that was about all I could handle, a cock in my mouth, my nipples pulled and my pussy eaten and I started shivering as my orgasm rolled through my body. As I was cumming back Brian got on his knees with my head between his legs and had me suck his balls and cock while he squeezed and pulled my nipples and when Cole got on his knees Brian grabbed my ankles and spread my legs very wide exposing my very wet and ready pussy.

Brian said to Cole “go ahead and give this white pussy some big black cock” and then I just felt his wonderful cock plunging into my waiting and ready pussy. After Cole seriously fucking me missionary style Brian and Cole put me on all four and Brian gets in front of my face and I greedily begin to suck his hard cock as I feel Cole thrusting his hard cock into my pussy and Brian grabs my tits and begin to pull on my nipples again.

With a solid grip on my hips Cole is fucking my pussy wonderfully hard and Brian takes hold of my hair and begins to fuck my mouth hard and fast and with a couple of deep thrusts he fills my mouth with his tasty warm cum. Cole’s hips are slapping loudly against my ass as he’s furiously fucking me and suddenly his fingers digs into my hips and he thrusts his cock deep inside my pussy and stays there while I feel the pulsating of his cock as he cums in me.

He thrusts his cock into me a couple of more times until he’s completely empty and then he slowly pulls out of me and I collapse unto my stomach and tell them “ok guy’s I’m done for tonight, my nipples and pussy are sore”. A couple of days later Cole had to go back to Kentucky for a month and I was sad to see him leaving but I knew that cum mid August he would be back.

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