The Shoplifter

“Come on, baby,” she whispered, lifting her feet to rest on top of the desk with her knees bent and spread. Reaching around her legs she held open the lips of her pussy. It was pink and moist inside. Ron gasped in appreciation, wishing he could sink his hard cock into that pussy. But he had one before him which was even more interesting. He pushed the girl forward over the desk. The girl fell with her face just inches from Mary’s pussy. Ron ran his hands over the girl’s ass, then held his cock and moved forward. He positioned his cock carefully and shoved.

The girl cried out and fell forward, her face touched Mary’s wet pussy. Mary grabbed the girl’s head and held her face between her legs, waiting for that first wonderful touch of her warm tongue. It came after Ron had been fucking her diligently for several minutes. The girl extended her tongue and touched Mary’s pussy. Mary gasped and closed her eyes. She leaned her head against the wall as the tongue began exploring her womanly meat.
“Oh yes, honey, that’s so perfect,” she gasped.

Ron was pumping in and out of the girl’s tight pussy. She was very wet, very hot, and tight. She was the best fuck he had ever experienced. He held her small white hips in his hands, while his pelvis bounced forward and back. The smell of her pussy was strong in the little room. The sound of moans and panting breath was loud. Ron was very excited. He knew it would not take long to cum in her sweet young pussy.

Mary was panting as if she were giving birth. The girl’s face twisted and bobbed as she licked and pulled Mary’s large, dark cunt lips. Her tongue seemed to dart everywhere, first striking Mary’s vulva and tongue fucking her briefly, then moving up to play with her clit, and the sensitive upper part of her pussy. Her hands were positioned on the inside of Mary’s meaty thighs, holding her legs open. Mary jerked and moaned, while watching the beautiful white girl eat her dark pussy. She liked the contrast between her brown thighs and the girls light colored flesh and light brown hair. She rarely had her pussy eaten and this girl was doing a fantastic job. She could tell that the girl loved to eat pussy and had probably done it before.

Each time that Ron plunged his cock up inside the girl, she was shoved forward. The feeling of her face being shoved into Mary’s pussy was even more stimulating. Mary was about to cum. She could feel the fire burning in her pussy, and clear down to her toes. With her pussy open and vulnerable, the little white bitch was sure giving her a good reaming.
“Oh yes, baby, that’s so good,” Mary moaned. “Come on, baby, make mama cum,” she whispered.

Ron was whining. He rapidly slapped his hips against the girl’s firm ass. His balls were swinging against her pussy, stimulating her clit. She moved her pussy against him, trying to bring on her own orgasm. Ron began to cry louder and louder until he stiffened. He grabbed her hips convulsively and shuddered, as his cock unloaded it’s full load of cum into the girl’s cunt. He shuddered and gasped for a full minute, before he finally pulled out and sat in the chair exhausted. He looked at the wet, slimy pussy before him with a little disappointment. He had wanted her to cum with him. He took the time to wipe off his cock with a handful of napkins, then did the same to her young pussy. After a good cleaning it still sparkled pink and moist, very beautiful even in the harsh neon lights.

The girl was whimpering. She had been so close, and then Ron left her hanging. She hurriedly ate Mary’s juicy pussy so she could take the time to finish herself. She tried to reach beneath herself and bring her own pussy to an orgasm, but it was too hard. Mary watched, glaring at Ron for leaving the girl hanging, after he had gotten his rocks off so well. Men were pigs. All he had to do was reach up and toy with her clit.

The fire came to a roaring blaze, in Mary’s pussy. She clamped her legs closed around the girl’s head and whimpered, while her pussy grew hotter and hotter. Then, with an earth shattering blast of heat, her pussy began spasming. She bent forward and held the girl’s active mouth against her pussy, groaning and grunting as her pussy exploded.

Mary grunted like an animal, feeding her bucking pussy to the sweet young mouth. Over and over again, spasms tore her loins apart. The tongue in her pussy was almost painful, now that she came. Part of her wanted to push the girl away, but the other part held her in place. She screamed lightly, closing her eyes and facing the ceiling. She could feel everything, the busy tongue, the warm cheeks against her inner thighs as they moved, and the exquisite tickle of her hair against her legs. The heat from her face was intolerable. The tongue spread pure fire through her loins.

Her legs opened and closed like the wings of a butterfly. Her pussy bucked and ground against the girl’s sweet lips. The tongue never stilled inside her wet flesh. Her lips sucked at the sensitive pussy, milking it of it’s juices. The girl’s busy tongue continued it’s exploration until Mary finally opened her legs and pushed the girl away.

“Oh fuck, that was so good,” Mary gasped, climbing down off the desk. She stood for a moment on shaky legs, then turned and pushed the girl back against the desk. With a smile, Mary sank to her knees. Without any explanation she raised her mouth, applied it to the girl’s little mound, and began sucking on the girl’s sweet pussy. Her tongue moved up and flicked against the small swollen clit. The girl cried out and leaned back over the desk. She looked down at the black girl between her legs, while running her hand through Mary’s hair. She held Mary’s face in a firm grip and hunched her pussy against her mouth until the first tendrils of a throbbing orgasm started well down inside her loins. Before she knew it she was bent over Mary’s head and screaming. Her entire body shuddered, her pussy bucked against Mary’s face, and her knees weakened.

She moaned and whimpered, lost in the throes of a major orgasm. The perverted side of their sex, combined with her previous letdown, combined to give her a major orgasm. She bit her lips and gurgled, while Mary’s tongue explored her depths. Finally, her pussy was too sensitive for further stimulation. She cried out and pulled on Mary’s head. Mary stood reluctantly, wiping her mouth on the back of her hand. She leaned against the girl and kissed her tenderly, until the girl rested enough to get her breath back.

After everyone rested and cleaned up, the girl put on her clothes and left with a shy smile.
“You, you little fuck, owe me!” Mary said, turning on Ron.
“Say what?”
“I had to finish that girl because you were not man enough to do it yourself. Now I’m horny again. Do me,” she demanded, turning and bending over the desk.

Ron looked down at the pink pussy nearly hidden between a vast expanse of black flesh. His cock hardened in seconds. With a twisted smile he took his cock in his hand and stepped forward. He rubbed it up and down in Mary’s pussy, causing her to give a little squeal. When he was well- lubricated, he pushed up inside her. The heat from Mary’s pussy was almost intolerable. He sank his cock up to the hilt and rested there, enjoying the intense heat and pleasure. Mary moved her pussy slightly, causing his cock to churn her pussy flesh.

“Dam, the things I do for this job,” he moaned as he began fucking Mary hard.
“Shut up and fuck me, you ain’t 007,” Mary moaned, enjoying the feeling of a hard cock being shoved up her pussy.

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