Rehearsal Dinner Restroom Screw

Author: Wave

My job as a consultant takes me all over the country and I’m sometimes away from home for a week at a time. This is really difficult because I have a girlfriend at home that is so sexy and so horny, it’s torture not being able to fuck her every day.

Recently, I was on my way home from a week long trip, and as usual, I couldn’t wait for that welcome home fuck. She is always so voracious when I’ve been gone for awhile that I am usually barely in the door before she is riding my cock wildly.

My flight was delayed and I got home to an empty apartment and a note that said “sorry you got in late, I really wanted to welcome you home, meet me at the rehearsal dinner.” Damn, I totally forgot that she was going to be a bridesmaid in her friend’s wedding and the rehearsal was tonight! So much for the welcome home fuck, I thought.

I showed up to the restaurant just as they were serving dinner. My girlfriend looked stunning as always, and was wearing a lowcut dress that showed off her ample tits. Man, did I want to suck those tits. She was giving me that look that she always gives me when she wants to fuck and she quietly said “join me in the bathroom.” It was one of those unisex bathrooms and nobody else was waiting, so we went right in. I said “I missed you so much” and she said “I have to have your cock, I can’t wait any longer.” She said she had been waiting at home for me before the dinner, masturbating, hoping I would walk in on her. I was more sorry than ever now that my flight had been delayed, but my cock was so stiff that I had to fuck her now.

She pulled her tits out the top of her dress and began fondling her own nipples, while I pulled her panties down and unzipped my pants. She pulled my raging hard cock out of my pants and deepthroated my cock for about 3 strokes, then kissed the shaft up an down, and squeezed my balls hard while she did this. She was so hungry that she was being really rough with my cock and balls, and this made me even hornier for her delicious pussy. I was fingering her sloppy wet pussy, the way that always makes her beg me for my cock. Sure enough, she said “fuck me now!” and leaned back against the wall with her leg up on the toilet seat. I slid my rigid dick into her and watched the look on her face while I pumped her with it. I love the look on her face while I’m fucking her. She loves to fuck and makes no apologies for it, she is the only woman I’ve ever met that could keep up with me.

When I could tell that she was about to cum, I pulled my cock out and licked her pussy and clit. This brought on a huge orgasm, and I licked up her creamy cum with pleasure. I then slid my throbbing cock back into her and started to really pound her with it, hard, the way that always gets my rocks off. A few minutes of this and we were both ready to cum, we nearly fell to the floor with the wild orgasms we had together.

Then she said “I missed you too, honey.”

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