Photoshoot – Craig and Samantha

Author: Mike Ashfield

“Sexy photo’s!!!” she said with a shock. “What does that mean?”

“I just figured that you could get some sexy photo’s done so you can always know how beautiful you are. It’s just a bit of fun and it’s professionally done, if you don’t want to its fine”

“No, I think it’s a great idea. It is legit? I mean, it’s not sleazy or nothing…”

“No, nothing like that. This is a professional outfit, I’ve checked them out and they get great reviews. You go to their studios, spend an hour or so, and then you get the photo’s the next day.”

“mmm. How sexy are we talking about?” she inquired, wondering in her mind how much she would be willing to reveal in-front of someone else.

“Whatever you’re comfortable with, I can’t be there. I asked about it but they said that people are more comfortable on their own, something about getting in the mood. To be honest they really seem to know what they are doing and were talking about art and stuff, it was beyond me. But they seemed really nice. ”

“Alright, when is it?” she asked certain she wanted to do it. It didn’t seem that bad, just a bit of fun, and if they really were as nice as Jack was making out there was nothing to worry about. And plus, he wouldn’t put her forward for anything that was dodgy.

Day of the photoshoot
She arrived at the studio’s a few minutes early feeling very nervous. Completely unsure what was going to happen, how she would feel and what the result would be. She was most nervous about whether or not she would be able to do it, she had never posed or even tried to look sexy before. She knew she was hot for her age, her body was trim and her large breasts were still reasonably pert.

“Hi, I’m Samantha Watkins. I’ve got an appointment at 10:30” she nervously said to the receptionist who smiled an understanding smile back and replied, “Hi Samantha, don’t worry everyone is nervous the first time but Craig is really good and gets very good reviews. Take a seat and I’ll bring you a coffee, he won’t be long.”

Butterfly’s erupted in Sam’s stomach at the mention of Craig’s name. She had assumed it was going to be a woman photographer. Almost shaking she sat down and chided herself for being so silly, ‘besides, it’s just photographs, and it happens all the time’ she thought. It occurred to her that she hadn’t even looked around yet, and a part of her didn’t dare, she just stared at magazines on the table in-front of her. Her thoughts seemed to have stopped and she could feel her blood pulsing throughout her body.

“Here you are” the receptionist said, cutting her thoughts with a knife as she gently rested her hand on her shoulder and placed a tray on the table with coffee, milk and sugar on it. The touch of her hand felt so reassuring that unconsciously Sam leaned her head slightly towards it. “I see so many women in your position…” the receptionist began trying to reassure her when…

“Hi, is this Samantha” a deep voice said from behind them both. The receptionist jumped slightly and Sam could tell from her reaction that he was going to be fit. Slowly she turned her head, not really sure whether she wanted him to be attractive or not. He stood there with a strong posture and eyes that looked directly into hers. He was definitely fit and Sam’s body immediately reacted to it. She knew she had to stand up but the whole situation was getting to her, the nerves from earlier, the fact it was a man taking the photo’s and the fact she was seriously attracted to him. Her head was almost spinning.

“come on then” he casually said, holding out his hand to her. Slowly she stood up, took a couple of steps towards him then grabbed his hand. She had assumed he was going to kiss it then give it back to her but he didn’t, he just turned and led her down a corridor and then into a large studio. Every so often he would look back into her eyes and smile, a couple of times she was sure he caught her checking out his arse. As they entered the room he led her to a stool next to a table and sat her down. There was a bottle of wine and two glasses on the table.

He sat down opposite her and just looked at her, she glanced round the room feeling very unsure about herself. There was a low double bed with white sheets, large windows, a fireplace, white walls plastered with photo’s of other women wearing dresses, lingerie and in the nude, there was a pool table, lingerie was strewn about, a few chairs, and of course photo-graphic equipment.

“So Samantha, first of all we’ll have a little drink together and get to know each other, so you can relax a bit. Then I’ll go into the photo’s and what will happen.” He poured out the wine, picked his glass up and took a sip, she followed his lead and took a large gulp.
“What do you do for fun Samantha?” he asked and they began talking about how she liked jogging, her life in general. After a few minutes and some more wine she did begin to relax.

“Okay, your husband has paid for the full package, so there are no limits about the type of photos we can take. How it works is that I’ll start with some photo’s as you are now and we’ll go from there. Are you wearing the lingerie you would like to be photographed in or did you want to try some on?”

“No, it’s fine. I’m wearing something special. I bought it specially…” and she began to nervously ramble about the lingerie, where she had bought it from and so on and so on, the whole time aware that she was nervously rambling which only made her more nervous. Craig just looked straight into her eyes and nodded along. She couldn’t stop herself from talking about the lingerie, partly in desperation to prove to Craig she was sexually mature enough to discuss lingerie in a casual way and partly because she simply did not have the self-control to stop rambling. Her body became hotter and hotter and she felt the heat rising to her head. She knew her face was going red and could feel her clothes beginning to cling to her body. This only fuelled her anxiety and made her more self-conscious, her head was getting light and she became confused about what to do, and could not remember how long she had been talking or in fact what she talking about. Abruptly she stopped talking, completely unsure of whether it was a good time to stop or not. Clearly it wasn’t as Craig was still looking at her as if in expectation for her to finish something.

He stood up in front of her and took both her hands in his, he looked directly into her eyes and she tried to hold the gaze but her eyes drifted downwards taking in his tight t-shirt, noticing the way his athletic frame filled it perfectly, noticing the way it clung to his six pack (she could not see the six pack but just imagined that he had one) and finally her eyes moved to the top of his jeans which were at eye level, then with a start she jerked her head upwards so it was looking at his face again.

“Stand up” he commanded “what your feeling is natural” he said as he moved into her personal space “we can use this energy to make the photo’s really sexy. The boring photo’s are the one’s in which the person isn’t feeling anything, you on the other hand are certainly feeling lots and I’ll help you to channel that. Now go over to the bed and bend over, with your head looking back at me.” She did as she was told, glad that he was taking control and she didn’t have to think anymore. He took lots of photo’s doing poses in her dress and she began to feel more comfortable, drinking more wine helped.

“Shall I take off my dress now” she asked, trying to take a bit of control over the situation.
“Do it, but do it slowly” he said as he continued to take photos of her undressing. She was getting into it and was becoming less shy around him. Also, she was proud of the lingerie she had bought and wanted to show it off to him, to impress him with her sex appeal.
“mmm, I’m not sure about the lingerie” he said, devastating her ego in one comment. “You have fantastic breasts though, why don’t you just take your bra off?” he asked, but it wasn’t really a question, it was a request. She hesitated not really sure what to do, “look, if your nervous I’ll take my top off as well to make you feel more comfortable” and before she could say anything he had done it and she was standing there just staring at his torso, mesmerised (he did have a six-pack). He moved towards her and she felt like she was stuck in a trance. He placed his hands on her shoulders and turned her round, gently but forcefully.

“You have nothing to be afraid of” he whispered in her ear as his gentle hands firmly massaged her shoulders. She let out a gasp of air and let herself be taken away by his touch. She started to look at the photos on the wall of the naked and semi-naked women wondering if they too had been in this situation. “They were all the same” he whispered as if aware of her thoughts, “you’re very hot Samantha and you are going to make some very sexy pictures and then people will be looking at you like you’re looking at these girls” he said as he unclipped her bra then helped it off her arms. Instinctively she covered her breasts with her arms whilst he continued to massage her back. A warmth spread through her body and she felt her tensions and worries melting away with his strong hands. Her legs were becoming weak which concerned her and she thought she might buckle.

He turned her round so she was facing him and moved her backwards towards the bed “sit down”, she just did what he said and looked up at his face. She was still covering herself and was desperately trying not to look down at his crotch which was inches from her face. He took some photos of her like that, looking up at him. “That’s it, you’re looking like a sexy woman now. Whoever see’s these are really going to get an idea of what it looks like when you’re about to suck cock”, immediately a heat ran through her body and she imagined what it would be like to lower her head and suck his cock. ‘He probably talks like to everyone to get them in the mood, it makes good photos’ she reassured herself. “Good, good” he continued as he took a couple more shots “just imagine what it feels like to take a big hard cock in your mouth right now, to suck it and suck it, that’s it, well done, you’re really good at this” her grip on her own breasts was becoming tighter and she was discretely trying to stimulate them. She was so turned on but didn’t want to let him know, she thought it would make her look weak. “Just think about that fat hard cock being forced down your throat, making you gag, whilst you touch yourself knowing that soon that cock will be inside your pussy” he continued, unknowingly her mouth had opened as if she was about to take his cock, and she really felt like doing it. Her thoughts had stopped and for an instant the only thing on her mind was sucking cock, she was actually about to do it, actually about to undo his jeans and start sucking him off. But he moved away from her and took some more photo’s “lie down”, again she did as she was told as he moved to the edge of the bed.

“You know I’ve just realised I’ve still got my jeans on and you only have your panties left, I still really don’t like them” and whilst she was being offended by his comment about her knickers he removed his jeans then straddled the top of her thighs and took some photo’s of her face. She couldn’t help but feel his cock through his boxers as it rested on her crotch. Worry entered her mind and now the battle between wanting to appear to be comfortable with the sexuality of the situation and between letting him fuck her began. ‘But does he want to fuck me? or is this just something he does to get good photo’s? Am I just imagining it all? he is a professional, but he is on top of me with just his boxers on?’ and the questions ran on and on in her mind about whether he wanted her or not.

“Squeeze your breasts for me” he said “that’s it one hand on each and start squeezing them together, play with them, just like that, well done, imagine the hottest man you know and what you would like him to do to them” at this point the only person she could imagine playing with her breasts was him “good girl, that’s is, show me the nipple, lovely, they are beautiful, that’s it squeeze them harder, harder, pull the nipples, good, caress them, well done”, the more she played with her own breasts the more turned on she got, her back was arching. He let the camera hang off his neck then grabbed her wrists and leant over as he placed them over her head and held his mouth just above hers whilst gazing into her eyes, ‘don’t do it, don’t do it’ she said to herself desperate to kiss him, she could feel his breath on her lips and more than anything in the world she just wanted to kiss him, it wasn’t a thought running through her head, it was a feeling, a reaction, just at the last second, when she was about to do it, he pulled up and began taking photos of her baring her breasts to him with her hands above her head. Her chest was rising quickly pushing her large, pert breasts into the air.

“Good” he said as he got off of her “We’ll do some body shots now but without these horrible things” and without warning he pulled her knickers off. She kept her arms above her head trying to look comfortable but made sure her legs were kept firmly together. He also removed his boxers and walked off towards the wall to get something. He quickly returned with a small bottle and squirted it onto his hands. “I’m going to do you a special treat and oil you up, these will make great photos” she barely heard anything as she was concentrating so much on not staring at his cock swinging about. She could see it in her peripheral vision and could tell it was big but didn’t want to give anything away. ‘Oh my God, I wish he would just fuck me’ she thought ‘if anything just to be rid of the uncertainty, I just need to know whether he wants to fuck me or not, and I certainly can’t ask him, or can I’ and as she was getting lost in her thoughts he straddled her again his cock now resting on her stomach. She could feel it, she badly wanted to look at it, all her attention was drawn to it, and in her mind she was trying work out how big it was by how much of her stomach she could feel it on.

Then he started to massage her shoulders and she let out a deep breath which she cursed herself for as it gave away how utterly turned on she was, how she wished he could just fuck her and be done with it. He then began massaging her breasts, squeezing, caressing them, pulling on the nipples, pinching them between his finger and thumb, rubbing them between his fingers. She began moaning gently, unable to control herself, every time she let out a breath a moan came with it, she was pushing her breasts into his experienced hands as she closed her eyes and just let him do whatever he liked to her. He massaged her stomach then moved down her legs, spreading oil everywhere his hands went. He covered the tops and outside of her legs as he moved down to her feet. Then slowly he moved up the inside of her legs. Her eyes were still shut tight, she daren’t open them in-case the reality of the situation hit her and she made him stop. Part of her was disgusted with herself and was telling her to make him stop, that she knew where it was going, that all she had to was open her eyes, but she was fighting it off. His hands got to her knees and continued up her inner thighs, circling each part of her skin with his thumbs. Her legs spread as she fought off the voice in her head and allowed her body to take over. Closer and closer he got, moving slower and slower the nearer he got. He slid his hands back to her knees and spread her legs as wide as they would go as she took a deep breath in, then in one movement he slid all the way up her legs as she exhaled. He massaged the skin next to her pussy as she subtly tried to move herself onto him for some direct stimulation. Her hips were moving up and down with his hands as she frantically tried to get him to touch her, but he didn’t he just stood up and started taking photos.

Slowly she opened her eyes, disappointed but so turned on, her hands still above her head. “You are one sexy girl, look at you all turned on, that’s it look at me, look at me like a bitch in heat, look at me like you wanna fuck me, like you want my fat cock inside your pussy, fucking you hard like the slut you are, that’s it touch yourself, do it, do it now, play with your pussy, stroke your clit” she did as she was told and rubbed her pussy up and down with one hand whilst caressing a breast with the other. She was getting close to cumming, his words and her hand stirring her on. She couldn’t help but notice he had begun to get hard as well, his cock slowly swelling, she just wanted it in her mouth, she wanted to please him for all he had done for her. “Turn over and get on your knees, not like that, look” he moved behind her on the bed and pushed her head into pillow, she could feel his cock rubbing her pussy as she held her arse in the air. He pushed both her knees to her side so they were up by her shoulders then pulled both her arms behind her back and held them both in place with one hand. At the same time he was grinding his cock into her and she was pushing back against him, trying to get him inside.

He pulled away, “does the hungry bitch want this?” he said as he finally stroked his cock up and down her pussy lips. She tried to move back onto him, “not so fast Samantha”

“Please” she begged

“mmm, let me see. Like this?” he asked as he held her in place by her arms and pushed the head of his cock into her.

“yes, yes” she pleaded “more, please” but he pulled out briefly then pushed over half his cock into her. “aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh” she screamed as it entered her, stretching her. Again he pulled almost all the way out then, bam, in it went again “aaaaahh, fuck, aaaahhhh, aaaaaahhhh, yes, yes, aaaaaaahhh” she moaned as he started slowly thrusting into her, pinning her in place, allowing her to feel every inch of his cock as it stretched her insides. He increased the speed of the thrusts and she buried her head into the pillow, biting it as he fucked her. She felt her hair being bunched together then it was pulled back tight as he started fucking her hard “aahh, aahh, aahh, aaahhh, aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmm, aaaaaaaaaaa, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH” she wailed as he ploughed into her with everything she had. “oh my, oh my, OH MY FUCKING GOD, I’M CUMMMMIIIIIINNNGG, FFUUUUUUUUUCKK, AAAAAAAAHHHHH, I’M CCCUUUUUUUUMMMMINNNNGGG, AAAAAAAAAHHHHH”. Craig just let go of her hair and continued to fuck her, spanking her arse as her body jerked around with the orgasm flooding through it. Over and over he spanked her “oo, oo, oo, oo” she yelped as his hand met her cheeks.

In one movement he pulled out of her, pulled her back so she was on her back with her head hanging off the edge of the bed, and shoved his cock into her mouth. In this position he could get almost all the way in as it went straight down her throat. He fucked her face with the same speed he had just fucked her pussy and she tried her best to suck him and stroke his cock with her hands but she didn’t have much control. He leant over whilst filling her mouth and alternated between spanking and rubbing her clit. This sent jolts of pleasure through her body, like little electric shocks. He slowed his thrusts and let her enjoy sucking him, she had one hand on his cock stroking the lower end as she sucked as hard as she could on the head, occasionally circling round it with her tongue, then taking him again. Her other hand caressed his balls and his million dollar spot. Her body writhed around as his hands continued to play with her breasts and stimulate her clit. It didn’t take long before another orgasm flooded through her body, she tried to cry out but he just shoved his cock into her mouth muffling her moans.

He pulled out then took a few photos of her as he moved in between her legs. With his spare hand he pushed her legs apart and shoved his cock into her as he took photos of the rest of her body. “That’s it show your husband what it’s like when a real man fucks your body, that’s it, how does it feel? My fat cock in your tight pussy, like that, ye, that’s it, nod your head”. He put the camera down and grabbed her ankles and spread her legs as wide as possible and started to pump into her hard and fast, she grabbed her own tits and played with them “mmmmmmm, ffffuuuuuuucckk, mmmeeeeeee, aaaaaahahhhhaaahhhahahhhahahahahaha, AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH, sooooo deeeepppp, SO FUCKING DEEEEEEEPPP, AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH” she cried as another orgasm ripped through her body. He leant over her and continued to pump into her not letting up for a second, she closed her eyes and leant her head back as wave after wave of orgasm consumed her body. She tried to scream but was unable to. Her body became limp and he fucked her like a rag-doll. Her head was spinning and her sight had gone blurry and all thoughts had stopped as a continuous orgasm filled her body with pleasure. She wasn’t sure how long she had been fucked for but he pulled out of her and started fucking her mouth again, all she could do was lie there with it open and accept the intrusion. He pulled out and helped her get comfortable on the bed.

“I’ll give you ten minutes” he said. She just nodded her head not really aware of what he said as she tried to get to sleep.

After what felt like ten seconds she felt him climb on to the bed, she turned her head and mumbled “I need to rest”, but he just grabbed the back of her head and pushed his cock into her mouth. He let her suck him at her own pace but kept his hand behind her head. She felt a finger circling her anus and tried to tell him she didn’t do anal but he held her head onto his cock and pushed it even further in preventing her from saying anything as he pushed his oiled finger into her. She closed her eyes and allowed the penetration, she tried to relax as she realised she really didn’t have a choice. He pushed his finger in and out of her and once she was comfortable he inserted an extra digit. She tried to moan out loud but he continued to fuck her face, harder now. “You belong to me now Samantha, you have been a very naughty girl and you will have to pay”. He pulled out of her face and quickly got behind her and began shoving his cock into her arse.

“No, wait, please, aaaaahhhhh, fffuuuucckkk, mmmmmmmmnnnnnnnggngggnngggg, AH, AH, AH, AH” she moaned as he slid his oiled cock into her. He held it there allowing her to get used to it then slowly pulled her up so she was on her knees. Inch by inch he pushed his cock into her, never before had she experienced such a mix of pain and pleasure. Once it was mostly in he started to plunge his cock in and out of her. The pain ruptured through her body and all she could do was moan. Harder and harder he fucked her arse, her whole body tensed as the pain/pleasure mix moved through her. She put one hand back to try and slow him down but he just grabbed it, then the other one, and pulled them back so she was arching her back. Then he really laid into her, fucking her arse as hard as he could. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” all she could do was helplessly wail and accept the brutal fucking. He let go of both her hands at once and she fell to the bed. He grabbed her hips tight and continued to drive his cock further and further into her. He pulled her up again and grabbed her breast with his hand as he made her bounce up and down on his cock “MMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNGGGGGGG, AAAAAAAAAAAA, AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH, HUH, HUH, HUH, HUH, AAAAAAAAHAHHHHAAAAAAHHAAHHAAHH” she shouted as he pushed a dildo into her pussy. He held her tight whilst expertly fucking both her arse and pussy, the orgasms were pulsating one after another through her, she gave herself completely to him. He let her fall to the bed again and continued to fuck her as she just lay there and allowed the pleasure to consume her whole being, she belonged to him now, and she knew it, she would have stayed like that forever if she could have. She wasn’t sure when, as she had been drifting in and out of consciousness, but he had stopped fucking her and was now taking photos of her.

“Time to go now Samantha, it’s been a pleasure. Maybe we’ll meet again” and with that he got dressed and left them room, leaving her still experiencing an orgasm and feeling more satisfied than she thought possible.

Rating: 5

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