The Pool Man

Stephanie shivered noticeably. She gave a loud cry and grabbed her mother’s head, shoving it tightly into her pussy. She gasped again, with her eyes widening.

“Oh fuck,” she gasped once, then began bucking her pussy against Beth’s mouth in the throes of a wild orgasm. Beth continued to lick her daughter as she came. Stephanie’s cries grew louder and more desperate. She thrashed around on the chair, a desperate look on her face, while she came on her stepmother’s face.

Beth’s face was now very juicy. It slid easily between Stephanie’s bucking thighs. She held her mouth firmly pressed over Stephanie’s pussy, allowing her to ride out her orgasm on a warm set of sucking lips, without further stimulation. A flashing tongue would cause pain at that point.
“Oh yes, mother,” Stephanie gasped as her tremors lessened. “Oh fuck yes,” she groaned, holding her mother’s head firmly between her legs. Slowly she relaxed and released Beth. Beth lifted her wet face and looked at Stephanie. Stephanie was very satisfied, it showed in her face.
“Kiss me,” Beth commanded. Stephanie looked skeptical, but she finally leaned forward and kissed Beth. She licked her lips, tasting her own juices. She moaned and kissed Beth again. She looked down at Phil’s cock, smoothly sliding in and out of Beth’s pussy.

“You said you’d fuck me,” Stephanie pouted.
Phil looked down at Stephanie’s little shaved clam. It was beautiful, and extremely fuckable. Could he get the little bitch to eat her mother? He might be doing Beth a favor if he could.
“You’re right,” he said with a quick smile. Beth looked around, disappointed and a little angry. “But what about Beth?” he asked as if he were faced with an insurmountable problem.
“What?” Stephanie looked uncertain.

“I can’t leave Beth hanging, she will come in a minute or two.”
“I… I will do her,” Stephanie said quietly. Beth looked up in surprise. She looked back at Phil and gave him a amazed look. Phil simply smiled and pulled out of Beth’s pussy.
“Up here,” Phil patted the chair as Beth crawled up to take Stephanie’s place.
“Lay on your back,” Phil whispered. Stephanie laid on her back. She raised her legs and Phil grabbed them, pulling her down against his wet cock. He inserted it into Stephanie’s pussy, with her mother’s juices still on it. It slid in easily. Stephanie was very hot and tight. She was wet from her previous eating and orgasm. The combination was perfect.

“Oh my god,” Phil gasped as his cock filled her tight pussy. “You are one great fuck,” he gasped. Beth gave a pout, before she swung a leg over her daughter’s face and lowered her crotch to her waiting mouth. Beth was turned so she could watch Phil fuck her daughter. It was a great show, very erotic. She loved watching a stiff cock slide into a pussy, even if the pussy wasn’t her own.

“Oh yeah,” she said as Stephanie’s mouth started working on her pussy. She could feel her excited pussy draining lubricant into Stephanie’s upturned mouth. That was one of the hazards of being on the downside of an excited pussy. But Beth handled it well. She sucked and drank, then began licking rapidly like a dog.

“Kiss me,” Beth said to Phil. She leaned forward and put her arms around his neck. They kissed passionately for several minutes, then she leaned her chin on his shoulder and whispered in his ear.
“What’s going on?” Phil explained about the camera and how he had turned it off. Beth pressed her mouth against the side of his neck, to muffled a snort of laughter.
“Wonderful,” she finally said.

Phil kissed her again. His cock was sliding smoothly into Stephanie’s tight pussy. He was holding her legs in the crook of each arm. He leaned down and kissed her knee, then leaned forward and captured one of Beth’s tiny nipples. He sucked it into his mouth until it became rigid. She was riding rhythmically on her daughter’s mouth. Her face showed the erotic thrills she was feeling. Rocking gently, she held Phil’s mouth against her breast. Phil was finding it hard to fuck Stephanie while nursing on Beth, so he reluctantly sat up and contented himself with mashing Beth’s small breasts in his hands. For a mature, beautiful woman, she certainly did have small little tits. But that made her even more sexy, in Phil’s eyes.

Beth closed her eyes and bit her lip. She opened them again and gave Phil an urgent look. Suddenly she cried out and rode frantically, until her pussy exploded with an orgasm. Crying and gasping, she brutally rode her daughter’s face, humping her sex against Stephanie’s mouth and nose to heighten her climax. She continued for several minutes, then began to slow her frantic gyrations. Stephanie desperately struggled to move Beth’s pussy.

“I think you’re smothering her,” Phil said as he increased his tempo.
“I know,” Beth leered. She finally pulled her pussy off of Stephanie’s face. Stephanie gasped for air. She heaved up off the chair, gasping for breath. Her face was coated with juice. Her hair was wet and matted. Finally she glared at her mother, then grabbed Phil’s neck. With her hands locked behind his neck, she began slamming her pussy against his cock. Phil knew the signs, Stephanie was about to cum. He was only moments away himself.

Gasping and rocking urgently, with her eyes wide in anticipation, Stephanie looked into Phil’s eyes as she brought herself to her own orgasm. She shrieked and arched her back, continuing her wild ride on his impaling cock. He slapped his pelvis forward to meet her desperate humping pussy. He was going to cum. It was only moments… to late, Stephanie stopped and collapsed on the chair, pulling his cock out of her pussy in the process. He desperately tried to slide closer, but she laughed and pulled away.

In horror, Phil realized that she had done it on purpose. The deceiving little bitch. Beth saw the problem and came to his rescue. She lowered her mouth and took his cock into her warm, red lips. She sucked urgently for only a moment, before he came explosively. He held her head as his cock emptied the contents of his balls, into her sweet lips. She drank greedily, then held still until his cock relaxed and began to shrink. She sat up and kissed him, then glared at her daughter.

“You little bitch,” Beth growled.
“Serves him right. He hit me.”
She stepped up onto the diving board, adjusting her bathing suit as she walked.
“Don’t go into the pool until I’m finished with it,” Phil warned, slowly sitting up and redressing.
“Fuck you. I’ll go in if I want too,” she said, bouncing twice and diving in. She swam to the far end, then pulled herself out.
“It’s smells like chlorine,” she complained, sniffing her arms.
“It’s clear,” Beth said happily.
“It should be, I put what would be about a hundred gallons of regular bleach into it. I can put the neutralizer in now,” he said with a laugh.
“Will it hurt her?” Beth asked in real concern.
“No, but it will bleach the hell out of her,” he laughed loudly as Stephanie went inside. Phil knew where she was going. He couldn’t wait.
“Bleach her suit?”
“Her suit, her hair, her eyebrows, even her tan,” he said as he filled out the bill for the pool job. He handed it to her.
“Sorry, but the chemical are expensive,” he said as he handed her the bill.
“Nonsense, my husband is rich.” She picked up a checkbook and filled it out for an outrageous amount. She handed it to him, just as the screams started.
“You fucking son-of-a-bitch. You dirty fucking bastard!” her screams came from the other side of the window.
“What a mouth,” Phil said as he picked up his equipment.
He bent down and kissed Beth, then started for the back gate.
“See you next month,” Beth waved.
“You might want to be there, when she looks in the mirror,” Phil called.

He heard the chair creak as Beth stood and hurried into the house. He smiled as he opened the gate and took his equipment to the truck. He had just started the engine when the screams began. Phil was still laughing when he reached the highway far below.

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