The Pool Man

Beth moved her mouth forward and kissed Stephanie’s little pussy, then began licking it rhythmically. Stephanie gave a little squeal and dropped her hands to Beth’s head. She ran her fingers through Beth’s hair, as Beth liberally bathed her pussy with a long, agile tongue.
“Oh fuck yes,” Stephanie gasped. She began rocking forward and back against Beth’s mouth. It was the most erotic thing that Phil had ever seen. His cock was rock hard and aching for a hot, moist hole to fuck. And the hole was just inches away and waiting.

Beth was wearing a white bikini with a multitude of black stripes. As he drew close to it he felt himself going cross-eyed just looking at it. With a smile he untied the strings and pulled the back open. He may have never seen a more perfect ass in his life. It was gently rounded, blending smoothly between her ass and legs. The crack of her ass was open, displaying her small puckered asshole. Not one bit of flesh was discolored or ugly. It was all one huge expanse of perfection. Only the tan line marred the beautiful surface.

“Holy shit,” Phil gasped. He leaned forward and lovingly massaged the firm flesh of her thighs, while he bathed her ass with his tongue. Her flesh was hot and pleasant under his touch. Once again he encountered the smell of coconut. He loved coconut.

Stephanie was moaning loudly now. Beth worked quickly and efficiently between her daughter’s legs. Her mouth licked, sucked, and nibbled frantically. Her hands were around the Stephanie’s slender legs, holding them in place when Stephanie jerked and hunched her pussy wildly.
Phil could not have asked for a better show. His cock was about to die of deprivation.
Phil dropped his tongue to Beth’s ass hole and licked it liberally, then pressed his tongue against the entrance and tried to wiggle his way inside. She moaned and moved her ass against his tongue. With his hands mashing the flesh of her ass cheeks, his tongue stroked her asshole several times, getting her hotter and hotter. Finally she reached behind her own ass, placed a hand on his head and shoved it down.

Although Phil badly wanted to taste her pussy, he would lose the wonderful view. He was mesmerized by the sight of Beth’s sweet mature face lapping away at Stephanie’s little twat. It was pure heaven.

Phil found Beth’s dark, swollen pussy lips and licked them. His tongue worked it’s way inside her fragrant box and began cleaning it. She wiggled her ass against his tongue. She was very hot and wet. She was really turned on by eating her daughter’s pussy. Who wouldn’t be.
Beth watched Stephanie’s beautiful face, while licking her tiny pussy. She was beautiful, when she didn’t try hard to make herself look ugly. Her slender thighs felt good on Beth’s cheeks. Beth’s hair tickled the inside of Stephanie’s legs, further adding to her stimulation.

Phil’s mouth was really going at Beth’s pussy now. Phil loved eating pussy. He had eaten virtually every girl he had ever dated. But now was not the time to eat, it was time to fuck. He desperately wanted to see Beth eating Stephanie’s pussy.

Beth licked and pulled at Stephanie’s pussy lips several times. Stephanie pushed her pussy up into her face. Stephanie gave a crying moan, arching her back and rubbing her breasts in brutal fingers. She opened her eyes momentary and looked at the window where the camera was. She smirked and closed her eyes.

Beth’s lips felt so soft and hot on her pussy. Her pussy lips were very aroused, sensitive to the slightest touch. Beth stiffened her tongue and flapped it up and down over Stephanie’s clit. Stephanie arched her back and pressed her pussy hard against the agile tongue. It felt so wonderful inside her steaming pussy.

Stephanie raised up so she could see her mother eating her pussy. It was very erotic. Her stepmother really was a beautiful woman, but she would be history after her father viewed the tape. Beth nipped at Stephanie’s clit, as if reading her mind, and Stephanie pulled her pussy away with a gasp. Beth aggressively pursued it, capturing her sweet pussy with an open mouth and sucking it, while her tongue explored the entire inside of it’s moist surface. Stephanie cried out loudly. Beth looked up into her daughter’s eyes with a fond look.

For a moment, just a moment, Stephanie loved her stepmother with all her heart. Beth was giving the ultimate gift, the most one woman could give to another. She was eating the pussy of another woman. It was a very great compliment.

Phil was tired of eating a pussy, when he could be fucking it and watching the show. He began disrobing, while continuing to eat her delicious box. Like it or not, it was time to fuck Beth. He sat up and slid close to her ass. Her legs were widespread, one hanging off each side of the chair. He slide close enough to touch her pussy with his cock. He put his bent legs over Beth’s and slid his cock into her hot pussy. He shivered as his throbbing cock entered her hot, wet tunnel. It felt so wonderful. The electric thrills shot through his cock, balls and clear into his ass. He gave a little cry as he scooted closer and sank even more cock into her hot pussy.

With his legs tightly hugging her firm ass, he began gently rocking forward and back. He placed his hands on her firm ass cheeks and mashed them, while watching her head bobbing in her daughter’s crotch. It was so fucking erotic.

Stephanie was now watching him with half closed, bedroom eyes. She was sexy as hell. She raised her right foot and extended it before his face. He looked at it in wonder for a moment, then took it. As he gently rocked his penis into her mother’s pussy, he sucked on Stephanie’s toes. She squirmed. Her eyes grew wide with excitement. With Beth’s mouth on her pussy, and Phil’s mouth on her toe, she felt a thrill rushing through her entire body.

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