The Organization

However, when the woman was down on all fours, she had her beautiful ass stuck against the doors of the cells on the otherside. Consequently, all the males within each opposite compartment went to their respective windows and gazed at the overbearing, yet attractive, female posterior before them. In addition, over half the inmates started to play with themselves and finally cum. After locking Clyde up, she turned her head back as she heard some of the tiny moans. The beautiful brunette got up, moved around, and said down to the captives, “ So, some of you like my ass, well in that case I’ll give you what you want.” She squatted before the right wall and with the key opened three of the cells at the ground level. Brown hairs said, “Come on out.” The males obeyed and ventured onto the floor. When they were in the open, the lady reached down and scooped the little beings up with her hands. The vixen left the room with her catch and went into another compartment of the complex. This time she entered the lavatory. Next, Christina went over to the toilet, raised the seat with her elbow still glutting the men, and finally dropped them in the bowl. She then lowered her pants and panties and sat down. Christina said, “ Here, take this.” with her words, she shit down on all three. Afterward, the sadist reached for some toilet paper and wiped her feminine ass clean. The diabolical lady got up, raised her underwear and pants, and laughingly said down to the men, “ Is that enough ass for you?” The humiliated creatures just swam around next to her shit and begged her not to flush. She responded, “ Oh don’t worry, I’ll just leave you with my shit for a while. Having no remorse, she turned around and left.

A half hour later, Mistress Octavia entered the lavatory with the need to piss. Just as she was about to lower her skirt, she noticed the three men floating around mixed with the female excrement. Lady dark hairs left the lavatory and yelled out to the other women in the main room, “ Ok, who did that?”

Both females looked in her direction and Christina finally confessed, “ I did; I was just having a little fun.”

Octavia responded, “ You know, this operation is hear to make money, not fuck around; what if I didn’t look and end up flushing our profits away?” Christina seemed somewhat repentant and eventually apologized. Then, boss lady said, “ All right, but don’t do it again.”

Christina quickly entered the lavatory, reached for the plunger, lowered it, and said to the males, “ Hang on.” The men reached for the object as best they could and held tightly as the female pulled them out. She placed the rubber end over the sink and told her captives to let go. As a result, they let themselves down. Afterward, Christina turned the water on and cleaned them off. Finally, she took the miniature ones back to their individual cells.

Next, the mistress returned to the lavatory, lowered her attire, flushed down the shit, sat herself, and took a piss. Upon completion of her noble task, she flushed again, pulled up her skirt, and left.

Clyde, on the other hand, stood alone in his tiny cell. He looked about and noticed a small light just above him. It appeared as if each cell had such illumination. Further, at the other end of the tiny room, opposite the entrance, was a small hole. He walked over and realized this is all he had for a toilet. In addition, his eyes fell upon a few scraps of food thrown in one corner. The man moved in that direction and raised the parcel to his face. He took a bite and found it to be bologna. Our little thing consumed a hand full and reached for more. Finally, Clyde finished his Spartan meal and sat down in the opposite corner. With the hours passing, he eventually fell to sleep.

The morning came with the sound of female footsteps. Clyde woke up and moved toward the screen. Upon looking out and up, his eyes fell upon Alice. This time, however, the lady was dressed in a white pair of casual trousers and a T- shirt. Further, the lower part of her pants were tucked into her knee-high boots. “ Breakfast time, little men, breakfast time.”, he heard Alice say to all around. One by one, she opened the tiny doors and tossed in a few pieces of cereal to each inmate. Automatically, the prisoners took up the food and started eating. Finally, Clyde did the same as his door was opened.

After Alice finished passing out the food, she said to the entire population, “ In an hour from now, those of you who just arrived within the last few days will undergo training.” As Clyde munched on his ration, he wondered what this training is all about, for he remembered the mistress mentioning it to him before he was shrunk.

The hour over, Alice returned. She opened a cell above Clyde’s and removed its occupants. The lady turned around and did the same with an inmate on the opposite side. Finally, she turned back in his direction and squatted down before his cell. Next, her giant hand moved toward his door and opened it. The hand entered his chamber, grabbed Clyde around the waist and pulled him out. With three members of the opposite sex in her hands, the lady left the room and ventured back into the main area.

At one end of the complex, there was a solfa. Alice walked over to the couch and placed the men upon the floor after arrival. All three helpless ones looked up as she yelled across the complex, “ Ok, they‘re ready.” As a result, “ Mistress Octavia and Christina come forth and stand before the men towering above them. Our little males are awed at the sight before them. Three giantesses are looking down at male insignificance. Moreover, each puny thing felt the thrill of sexual delight flow through his veins.

Then, the mistress stared down at the fated ones and said, “ Before I can sell you, you must know how to perform certain services in the glorification of womanhood, for whoever buys you, will expect the most for her money.

Christina moved over to a small table adjacent the solfa. She opened a drawer and produced a bottle of red nail polish. Afterward, the young lady returned to her previous position before the men. Next, all three women slip out of their boots. Christina and Alice had socks under their footwear. However, the boss lady had on a pair of nylons. She moved her toe before Clyde and said, “Here, smell my stockings.” The little male moved forward and started to sniff at her big toe. Consequently, he breathed in her colossal foot oder. Nevertheless, the smell was pleasantly intoxicating. Therefore, his cock grew rock hard as the volidity of her feet overcame him. He even went to his knees in homage as he continued to smell.

Octavia’s ego finally had enough of his smelling; she next removed her nylons and the other two ladies removed their socks. Indeed, the little men were transfixed by the feet of the superior sex. Without a command given by the women, the other two males moved toward the toes of Alice and Christina. Each got to his tiny knees and started to kiss the ladies feet. Moreover, they progressed with complete devotion. Eventually, each man was licking the spaces between the women’s toes. Alice smiled downward and said, “ Ok guys that’s nice, but we’re here for something else.” Obediently, the little servants moved two inches back and stood at attention before their owners. At the same time, Christina bent down and gave the opened nail polish bottle to the male directly below her. With her other hand, she gave him the brush. Next, he heard her dominant voice, “ Start painting my toe nails.” The little man started the job. Also, the brush was heavy, but he managed to stroke the nails. However, he made a mistake by getting some of the paint on her skin. She looked to Alice. Alice moved back to the drawer and got the polish remover. She returned and bent down in front of Christina’s feet. Next, Alice opened the bottle and wiped away the paint with the enclosed brush. She stood upright again and said to the little nothing, “ Do it right if you know what’s good for you.”

The frightened being replied with, “ Yes your greatness” and continued with the job.

As time went on, he finished with Christina’s feet. The next male began to work upon Alice’s nails. Once again, a tiny man progressed with a polish job. Two times, however, he made a mistake. Nevertheless, he finished up.

Finally, it was Clyde’s turn. He reached for the bottle and pushed it toward the feet of the mistress. He returned for the brush and then ventured back to Octavia’s feet. With the utmost in care and attention, he polished her toe nails without once making an error. Moreover, the ladies looked on and gave complement to his dexterity. The job completed, the mistress said, “ Its now time for the next thing.”

Clyde moved back almost a foot and the other two little ones did the same. As our three men looked upward toward the female magnificence, all of the ladies started removing their clothes. Our fetish insects gazed on as the women stripped themselves completely naked. In the end, the vixens threw their attire upon the floor and squatted down before the tiny on lookers. With lust in her eyes, each diabolical cunt reached for one of the men and raised him up to her face. Upon standing themselves, the women said to the men, “ Now comes the true test of your worth.”

Next, Christina sat down on the solfa and spread her legs. She moved her man to her slit and remarked, “ Let’s see what you can do!” After these words, the giantess shoved him in her pussy and ordered, “ Start moving about and please me.” The man obeyed. Soon the woman was moaning with pleasure and finally came upon the being within her box!

After Christina got off the couch, Alice did the same with her prize. Mistress Octavia and Christina looked on with satisfaction as Alice used her living toy to attain climax. Likewise, Alice too ended in a final burst of ecstasy.

Alice got up and let the mistress take her place. With Clyde in her hand, Octavia lowered him to her hole and said, “ Here, smell me.” Obviously, the oder of her crotch was overwhelming for the little one. Clyde was engulfed by the strongest musk his nostrils ever took in. The lady went on, “ Like what you see?” Reverently, he just stared forth at the massive yet beautiful opening before him. Then, commanding cunt pushed him in head first. he squirmed about until she pulled him out. Again, she pushed him in, repeating the act over and over until she became wetter and wetter. Clyde felt the temperature rise in her cavity. At last, with a lound and long, “ Yeeeee……ssss!”, our lady let the warm fluids of her orgasm flow over his helpless frame. Her elation subsided, Mistress Octavia removed him from her snatch . Holding him upside down by the ankles, she stood up off the solfa and looked into his face, “ Not bad, I guess whoever buys you will be one satisfied customer.” The words over, she turned around and laid him upon the couch.

Watching Octavia drop her pet upon the furniture, Alice and Christina did the same with their little pussy pleasures. The men got to their feet and looked up at the women as the mistress spoke, “ The last thing we’re going to test is your ability to kiss ass!” “Ok girls, you know what to do.” Consequently, the blond, the brunette, and the blue eyed vixen turned around and got on all fours. They placed their butts together and simultaneously, next to one another, pushed their rears back against the solfa. Turning her gorgeous head, mistress said in a stern voice, “ Kiss our asses now!” Clyde and his two companions moved forward toward the ass crack of each female. Further, Clyde was behind Octavia and the two other gentleman each had the ass of one of the other ladies. Next, they proceeded. Like slaves before an ancient monument, they kissed and licked. In fact, the process went on for over an hour. Clyde really explored the full extent of her crack from top to bottom. In addition, blue eyes raised and lowered her posterior to accommodate his work.

The ceremony coming to a close, Octavia got up and remarked, “ They’re pretty good; well, I guess its time to return them to their pens. Alice got up and Christina did the same. The dominant ones got dressed and slipped back into their boots. Afterward, Alice bent down and took all of the men off the solfa and returned them to the adjoining room. With all in their place, she turned off the light and closed the door.

After two days past, Clyde, while seated in his rectangular abode, noticed the voice of a woman he had never heard before, “ So this is where you keep them all.”, the female said.

Octavia’s voice came next, “ Yes Ms. Hegler, you can inspect any one of them.” Clyde quickly moved toward his window to get a look. Before, him stood the feet of two women. He saw the familiar boots of the mistress; however, he noticed a pair of black highheeled shoes. Upon closer inspection, our little man noticed that this new lady had on a pair of stockings and a skirt suit, similar to the one Octavia wears, with the exception that this one had pin stripes. Ms. Hegler pointed to one of the cells, and the mistress bent down and opened it. Octavia reached in and grabbed the little captive. Finally, she pulled him out and placed him into the palm of Ms. Hegler’s hand.

The lady looked down at the tiny thing and exclaimed, “ Oh, they do look cute; so little man, what’s your name?”

The man looked up toward the towering woman and said, “ I’m Wayne; I exist only to please you.”

The visitor smiled down at him and remarked to Octavia, “ You’re right, they’re trained pretty well!” The excited lady returned the male to the mistress and ask, “ Can I see another?”

Boot lady responded, “ Sure, no problem.” Octavia returned Wayne to his cell and removed another.

Upon taking hold of her second curiosity, the prospective buyer said, “ This one hangs better than the first; I think I’ll take him.”

Mistress Octavia said, “ Ok, let’s go back to the main room.” Both dominant women left the chamber. Finally, boss lady turned off the ceiling light and closed the door.

Outside in the larger part of the complex, Octavia motioned to Alice to come hither. The young lady immediately responded. Upon arrival, the mistress ordered, “ Alice, take this man and pack him up.”

Alice said, “Yes, it’ll be done right away.”

The customer handed her choice to Alice who walked over to a table situated against one of the walls. Next, the blond folded together a new cardboard box. Upon completion, Alice placed the tiny naked creature into the container and bent the lid shut, locking it by its slots. The box was only a few inches to a side; however, it had seven small holes in the top so as to circulate air.

As Alice prepared the container, the mistress and her customer started to talk business. “ So how much is it going to be?”, inquired the lady.

“ Ten thousand dollars”, responded the mistress, “ And I want cash.”

The lady looked at Octavia and said, “ Well, that’s a lot of money, but I figured as much; I brought fifteen thousand with me.”

The woman opened her purse and produced an envelope. She removed ten of the fifteen thousand and returned the remaining money. Gently, the buyer gave the cash to Octavia and said, “ You can count that if you want.”

Octavia glanced at the bills and noted that she had one hundred hundred dollar bills in her possession. She said, “ Good its all here.” After these words, Octavia yelled to Alice across the room, “ Ok, bring it over.”

In four seconds flat, Alice returned to Octavia with the container in hand. She gave it to the female customer and said, “ Thanks.”

The dominant lady with her new property was politely walked out of the complex by Octavia. As they moved, Ms. Hegler ask the mistress, “ Aren’t you afraid when you contact a rich woman, she might report what she sees to the police?”

“ That’s a good question”, responded Octavia, “ But I’ve information to ensure each buyer’s silence.”

“ What do you mean?”, ask Ms. Hegler.

“ I mean that I research each lady before I contact her; I only proposition women who themselves have something to hide.”

The customer looked into Octavia’s eyes for a moment and cautiously ask, “ Really?”

In reply, the blue eyed mistress said, “ Sure, like the fact that you used your own position at work to falsify records and manipulate stock information for your own personal gain.” She went on, “ You could get ten years for that.”

Ms. Hegler looked down and smiled saying, “ I see; I tell on you; you tell on me.” “

That’s the way the world turns.”, answered Octavia.

Ms. Hegler and the entrepreneur finally reached the building entrance. The woman said goodbye and thanked the mistress for the male. She got into her car and left. Meanwhile, Octavia stood by the metal door and watched her drive off. Next, stiletto lady turned around and went back to her lair.

Time went on, Clyde remained in his cell and ate whatever was thrown to him. He watched from his tiny window as beautiful women came and left with a man of her choice. Furthermore, the tiny man noted that the vacant rooms were filled again within thirty six hours with a new shrunken occupant.

Nevertheless, the days progressed until one afternoon Clyd’s chamber door was opened. A female hand reached inward and pulled him out. Then, ten seconds later he was staring up into a pair of green eyes as he stood helplessly in the palm of a strange lady’s hand. “ This one’s nice; yea, I think he’s the one; I want him.” , said the lady. As far as his perspective allowed him Clyde determined the woman to be about five feet and nine inches tall. Further, her hairs were light brown and descended to her shoulders in long elegant waves. In addition, her features were in direct proportion to her height. Indeed, this female was very attractive and sexy, generating an aurora which sank to the depths of Clyde’s fetish heart. Likewise, her clothing spoke words of wonder which amplified her spectacular beauty. The attire fit her with precision, revealing every curve and outline of her exceptions physique. Her slacks alone must have cost a fortune., not to mention her blouse. Looking down now and then, Clyde could discern that she wore heels, elegant shoes elevated with rear spikes that put the best lance to shame.

“ Ok, then let’s go out and take care of everything.” , said the mistress. The two ladies left the small room with the little man. As with Ms. Hegler, Octavia motioned for Alice who took the merchandise and placed it into a container. Afterward, the blond returned as the green eyed beauty paid the bill. Mistress Octavia then said, “ Thanks Ms. Hamilton; I hope you enjoy him; he’s a real fine ass kisser.” The lady laughed and was escorted out.

In the front parkinglot, Octavia waved goodbye to Ms. Hamilton as she got into her car. Clyde, on the other hand, was engulfed by darkness and could only hear the sound of the engine starting. Furthermore, he felt a force pull him to one side of the box as the car sped away.

For the next fifteen minutes, he heard nothing from his new owner. Finally, the silence was broken with, “ So little man, I’ve got a nice cosey cage waiting for you at my place.” Also, the lady said, “ You’re gonna be fun; I can’t wait to play with you.” She continued driving until her destination was reached. Clyde’s new owner and mistress pulled into a long driveway which lead up to a house enclosed on all sides with tress. Moreover, the structure was of the newer type, that is, a brick home with large glass windows. In fact, the dwelling resembled the houses one usually finds in Florida or Hawaii. The dominant female parked her car in front of the home and turned off the ignition. She reached over to her prize and took it up in one hand. Next, her ladyship left the vehicle and walked over to the front door. Ms. Hamilton placed her other hand into her purse and produced a set of keys. She unlocked the door and walked in. Her glory threw the purse upon the livingroom solfa and walked directly into the dining room with the container in hand. Next, the horny vixen pulled open the top of the box. For a few seconds, Clyde felt the sting of brightness in his tiny eyes. Nevertheless, he finally focused and his vision displayed the face of an attractive woman staring down at him. Before he could react, she reached her hand downward and circled her thumb and fingers about the little creature. Next, he was raised up and out of the cardboard prison and presented before the face of Ms. Hamilton. Assertively, she said, “ Let’s get the facts straight: I’m the boss here; whatever I say goes. Further, you’re to address me as Goddess Hamilton; you exist for me only; is that clear?”

The little one looked straight into the green depth of her eyes and answered, “ Yes Goddess Hamilton: I shall always obey you.”

“Good”, she replied.

The goddess placed the male upon the floor and slipped out of one of her glorious shoes. As Clyde looked on, he noticed her stockings. She presented her toes to him and ordered, “ Start kissing and show me what a slave can do.” Once again, as with Octavia, our fetish bug was groveling at the feet of a superior female. He moved to her big toe and started to kiss. The little man started at the patch of skin under her stocking right next to the toe nail. He kissed and kissed until it became a love affair. Moreover, his little rod was expanding to full length and dripping some love potion. In addition, the smell of her feet after having her shoes on for an extended period of time added an extra dimension of humility to his task. Nonetheless, the odor was magnificent; he couldn’t get enough of it.

Completing with her large toe, he progressed to the other ones. With no less devotion, he gave them all the respect and homage that the sexy feet of a woman deserves. Finally, when he finished, she said, “ Crawl over to my shoe and worship it.” Clyde remained on all fours and ventured over to her detached pump. When he arrived, he gazed at its glory and finally started to kiss its side. As with her feet, he worshipped, respected, and honored the holy entity before him. Six minutes later, Ms. Hamilton ordered, “ Go inside and jack off.” Consequently, the helpless and humble one raised himself over the side and let his body fall in. He got up and took a deep breath. Indeed, he was in heaven. Female foot oder, aside for the smell of cunt, is the most beautiful thing in the world! As he breathed in and out, he lowered his hand to his stick and began to masturbate. Little nothing played with himself until he came. Further, Goddess Hamilton stood there and watched the spectacle below her.

His orgasm complete, she reached down for him and placed him upon one of the dining room table’s chairs. Clyde then began to beg, “ Oh Goddess Hamilton, with all do respect, please let me kiss your ass, please, please, oh please!”

The lady said in reply, “ Octavia mentioned that you’re a good ass kisser, let’s see if she’s right.” Ms. Hamilton smiled and removed her blouse. Next, the beauty unclipped her bra and let her tits pop forth. Clyde stared upward at her nipples and was amazed at their size and perfection. Afterward, our lady dropped her slacks and stepped over them. Finally, she pulled off her panties, turned around, lowered herself a foot by bending her knees, and then presented her ass to the eager pleasure. With no time to waste, he placed his tiny lips to her smooth and warm skin and progressed with the job. The woman looked back with a turn of the head while keeping the palm of each hand upon her knees. She laughed and stated, “ My, my, just look at you, you really know your place; keep kissing ; you make me feel supreme and omnipotent.” Indeed, the sociopath was taking it all in, the longer he sucked up to her, the brighter her ego glowed.

His new mistress eventually had enough. She stood up straight, turned around and spoke, “ I’ll be back in a few moments.” The majestic female rotated and ventured elsewhere in the elegant abode. As the woman moved away, Clyde looked on and continued to admire her backside. Further, she only had her stockings on; the nylons gave her an air of mystery which she would exploit to the full upon her return. In patient reverence, our little penis awaited the return of the goddess. Naturally, he stood upon the chair in expectation.

The said moments coming to a close, Ms. Hamilton returned to the dining room. Clyde was totally transfixed by the image before him. The glorious one had dressed herself in a dominatrix outfit. Before him stood a woman in the same style of boots that Mistress Octavia had worn. However, about her elegant waist was a simple black leather corset that covered nothing save her stomach. And last but not least, she wore a pair of black leather gloves running up to and above her elbows.

Next, dominant mystique grabbed the male and placed him on the floor. Upon straightening himself up, she grinned wickedly down at him and said, “ Slave, I’m the power; I’m everything; it’s through me that all reality has meaning!” Her words were those of self infatuation, the revelation of an egomaniac with sadistic proclivities. Then, she reached for her genital area and slid her middle finger up the cavity. Consequently, moans of delight emanated with her breath as the lady continued playing with herself. “Oh yes, oh yea, me, me, me!” Meanwhile, Clyde bent his head back and looked up to the goddess. Moreover, his tiny brain agreed with all of her verbal reverberations. He just stood there, as the devoted stand before the holy alter of faith, and let her words sink to the darkest recesses of his fetish mind. Masochism was now at its pleasurable height. In addition, he now felt smaller than he had ever felt before in his life.

Afterward, the superior one finished with her eulogy of self adoration as an orgasmic burst placed her on top of the world. However, with reality slowly descending back to its place, she looked down at Clyde and smiled. The lady placed both of her hands upon her hips and spread her beautiful sexy legs apart. With the little man staring up at her cunt, she moved forward eight inches until her slit was directly above his tiny frame. Next, words came from her noble lips, “ You little piece of garbage, you’re nothing and I’m all.” Her words spoke an everlasting truth, for six seconds later she gave him a golden shower. As a result, her piss fell straight down and hit him upon the head. Soon his entire body was engulfed by her fluid. The woman pissed and pissed on him and her surrounding dining room carpet. Finally, her bladder was relieved. She made a sigh and laughed down at him saying, “ So piss ant, wasn’t that great?” Before he could say anything, she continued, “ Oh yea, little male, I think it was; however, who’s going to clean up the carpet?” Clyde just continued to gaze upward as a helpless fool when she added, “ You’re the slave, not me.” The lady turned around and went into another room. Two and a half minutes later, Ms. Hamilton returned with a pail of soap water together with a sponge. Next, she broke the rectangular object into a number of pieces and threw them down at him. Then, the dominant goddess raised the pail and dumped some of its contents upon the carpet over her piss. Lady Hamilton gave the command, “ Start cleaning; scrub that carpet with those pieces and don’t stop until I’m satisfied with the job you’ve done.”

Slave boy picked up a sponge section and began. Further, he scrubbed and toiled for hours, replacing one sponge part with another. Finally, her ladyship was content, and all the piss smell was removed from the area. Then, he heard her voice, “ Work; that’s right; you didn’t think for a minute that you’ll just sit around because you’re small; from now on, you’re going to labor away in this place.”

After her revelation of toil, the new mistress gathered the pieces and dropped them into the pail. She bent over and raised Clyde up off the carpet With Clyde in one hand and the pail in the other, our queen and empress proceeded to the bathroom. She walked in and put the little being on the floor next to the toilet. While lowering the pail to the tile, her voice boomed down at him, “ Here, take another sponge bit and start with the toilet; I want this place spotless; is that clear?”

Respectfully, Clyde looked up to the towering dominatrix and answered, “ Yes Goddess Hamilton.”

And so it came to pass. When she didn’t use him for sex, femme fatale used her pet for the lowest of cleanup jobs in her spectacular home. Clyde became accustomed to his new life. Furthermore, in the evenings when she was all through for the day, the goddess placed him in a bird cage and covered it before her greatness turned in for the night. In fact, his life was reduced to insignificance exactly the way he wanted it. Forevermore, he would obey and service Ms. Hamilton. She was the domination and the glory!

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