Kara Journey 1

Episode One of six

Tashkent hadn’t had any pussy to eat in months, and he was hungry


 As he knelt down in front of Leila, his head bobbed and moved around rapidly, small grunts coming from his throat. After more than 20 minutes of this treatment, Leila was moaning in pleasure, her thighs bucking wildly.

Their lovemaking noises echoed off the metallic walls of the Delta 5 Security Outpost.  This was an outpost on a remote planet in the Delta Solar System. Tashkent was one of three security officers assigned to the post. Most of the time, they had no idea what they needed to “secure”, and most people in the Fleet didn’t either. They were soldiers and had a duty. But like any soldier on hard duty, they got lonely for women.

The Fleet’s response to this problem was to create a series of Android Whores—perfect and lifelike, even down to the smells they emitted—and programmed to perform any kind of sex act. They came in all sizes, shapes and colors, and each had their own personality. Leila was one of the more popular models, known for her somewhat aggressive style and total lack of inhibition.

Their pussies and bodies were entirely self-cleaning, too. That meant that going down on them was always like going down on a virgin. For years, the men enjoyed their company, but some of the droids were beginning to show quirks in their programming. Nobody knew why, but occasionally, a droid would refuse to perform a sex act, or would perform a sex act not asked for, and so on. It was decided that the droids were showing signs of age, and would soon be replaced by a new series. There was a rumor circulating that some of the androids had taken it upon themselves to re-design their programs. These were known as The Renegades, and as soon as they were discovered, they were terminated.

But Tashkent had other things on his mind at the moment, like sucking the perfect, fleshy clit between Leila’s smooth, tanned thighs.
His face was buried so deeply in the musky moistness of Leila’s pussy, that he thought he might suffocate. But if he did, then what the hell. At least he’d die a happy man.
Leila pushed him to the floor and sat on his cock. She expertly positioned her dripping wet cunt over the engorged head of his dick and slowly slid downward, adjusting her hips to get just the right angle.

Then she began rocking her hips back and forth. Tashkent moaned and sighed.

“Oh God,” he cried as he came inside her, “You’re so beautiful! I would do anything for you, Leila.”

“Don’t fall in love with an android, Tash,” she said. “There’s no future in it.”

While Tashkent slept,  the beautiful android was busy. She logged into the mainframe database and began searching for information—information that could lead her to Kara, her sister android. Leila was a renegade droid. She no longer accepted her role a simply a sex slave. She wanted more. And she was going to help re-program her sister Kara to join her.

But first she had to find her…

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