Author: FK

At twenty one years of age, Carla and Grace were in college, studying a combination of biology and electronics. Being way ahead of their class, the two females worked together in writing many research papers, showing the true mark of genius.

However, despite their brains, things didn’t always work out financially. Knowing they’ll land a secure position after graduation, they nevertheless needed money to pay their bills and rent, for both were leasing an apartment off campus.

By providing sexual favors for men, the two college girls solved their finical problems, functioning as professional dominatrixes. Having dominant personalities, this profession wasn’t just something they did for money, they simply loved to be in control. The idea and action of whipping a man would turn Carla and Grace on, with sexual excitement penetrating every aspect of their being. Making a man cry and beg for mercy was something both were good at. Acting as a bitch is a noble task, and they both knew every detail of the great art.

Each dominant mistress had a male friend whom she bossed around. Not having the intelligence of the two ladies, Max and Ralph nevertheless liked the women and looked up to them. Carla in particular loved to torment her boyfriend Max, dominating him sexually, striking him with the whip, and liking every minute of it. Going further with humiliation, Carla would tie him all up, light up a cigarette, and begin burning Max until he screamed and begged for mercy. The lowder he yelled, the greater her sexual desire to torture and cause pain. Truly, sexual sadism was one of her greatest talents.

Grace, on the other hand, was more into toilet humiliation, humiliating her boyfriend Ralph by having him lick her ass clean after she took a shit. After having her behind cleaned, the sadistic cunt would always turn around and spit into his face. Incapable of breaking the hypnotic hold she had over him, Ralph took it all without complaint.

Further, even when they weren’t out performing domination action for men who paid them, their attire was always of a fetish nature. The vixens always wore black leather knee-high stiletto boots which stimulated their sexual cravings, making them feel powerful. Also, under her regular clothes, each wore a black leather waist corset, liking the the tight and straight sensation it produced. If any one of the two received a call, she would immediately go right after class and perform the session. Having all of her equipment in the trunk of their car, each cruel bitch posessed a whip, long leather gloves, and a few other utensils used to torture and strike.

At times, the dominant women would bring their boyfriends to the apartment, making the males clean up the place. Everything had to be perfect. If an item was out of place, one or both of the ladies began striking the boys until they responded as the females desired.

Being as all may, Grace was already home early one Thursday afternoon when Carla entered the flat. Looking all excited, she yelled to Grace, “ I think I found something; I could be wrong, but I don’t think so!”

“ What is it?”, responded Grace.

Still excited, Carla said, “ Remember that project we were working on last week; the one where we tried to affect the growth of any living being; well it appears the experiments are yielding some results!”

Calmly, Grace inquired, “ What kind of results?”

“ It appears as if biological organisms can have their growth and development processes reversed.”

Becoming intensely interested, Grace ask, “ What about the speed this takes place?” “

“That’s the whole problem.”, Carla replied, “ The rate’s very slow; however, I think I can make it go faster in the next few months if I get your help.”

Quickly, Grace said, “ You’ve got it.”

Next, Carla suggested, “ Why don’t we return now to the university and look at what I’ve found.”

Leaving the apartment, both she devils went down to their car. Getting into the black mustang, they drove to the school. Parking the vehicle next to the science building, Carla turned off the ignition, and they both got out. Grace and her friend walked into the complex, entering the lab. Going straight to the spot where they had their own little experiment place, the two gothic dominas sat their asses down and studied the results. Carla showed Grace all she had seen earlier that afternoon. Intrigued, Grace said, “ Interesting, how do you suggest we go about increasing the rate of reduction?” After hearing many suggestions, Grace began adding points of her own. Working late into the night, it wasn’t until the small hours when the two evil ladies returned home.

Going back to the university the next morning, they sat through their regular classes. When the lectures were finished, the felines returned to the lab and continued working, again staying late into the night before driving back home.

As time continued, the dominatrixes spent more and more days of the week in the lab working away. Eventually spending almost every evening in the research room, the two women neglected their boyfriends, not speaking with the males for weeks.

With the passage of another month, the two finally got the process working, being able to reduce any living thing to a fraction of its original size in only a minute’s time. The result pleased the women greatly. In a few days, the two femme fatales perfected a shrink ray that emanated from a small pistol. In other words, they built a shrink gun. Pointing it at anyone and pulling the trigger, the females could now shrink any person to only a few inches in height! Obviously, this invention elated and stimulated the darker impulses within the two mistresses.

Taking the devise home, Carla then said to Grace, “ Well, let’s try it out on someone; just think of all the fun we’d get when torturing a three inch high man!”

Starting to smile wickedly, Grace replied, “ Yea, let’s shrink Max and Ralph!”

“Great idea.” responded Carla.

Next, reaching for the phone, Grace called Ralph. Hearing the phone ring at his place, Ralph answered, “ Hi, who is this?”

“ Hi, its me; sorry we couldn’t spend more time with you two guys, but we were very busy; how would you like to come over today with Max?”

Happily, Ralph responded, “ Yea, thanks; I’ll call Max and we’ll both be over.”

Giggling, Grace said to Carla, “ It worked; we’ll really have a great time this afternoon!”

With the phone hung up, the evil bitches removed all their clothes except for the boots and corsets. Having each an extra pair of long black leather gloves in the apartment, they put the things on and stood erect as the perfect images of domination. Their asses and tits exposed, the ladies were naked save for the fetish attire.

Hearing the buzzer ring, Grace depressed a button on the wall, letting the two males into the main lobby. A minutes later, Max and Ralph knocked upon the door. Walking over, Grace opened the apartment’s entrance, allowing the boys in who were momentarily stunned by the leather attire. Immediately pulling out a whip, Carla said to the two young men, “ Remove all your clothes now, or I’ll thrash you to the point of death!” Obeying, both men removed everything. Fifty seconds later, they stood naked before the dominatrixes. Going over to Ralph, Grace ordered, “ Get down on your knees you scum!” Complying, Ralph went all the way down. Next, she grabbed his mane, pushing his face into her large harry cunt, yelling,” Open your mouth slave!” Forcing his face to look upward, the lady positioned his open mouth directly under her pussy, saying, “ Here it comes; I want it all consumed; and if you spill just one drop, I’ll grind my boot heel into your balls!” As she pissed, he drank it all down, doing exactly as ordered without spilling a single drop. Indeed, Ralph was a good piss drinker, for with Grace he had months of experience. Whenever he was around, she would always use him for a toilet.

Enjoying the scene before her, Carla laughed on as Grace had her nectar consumed by the inferior male. With the entire sight starting to stimulate her sadistic desires, the dominatrix snapped her fingers and motioned for Max. Like a trained dog, he immediately responded. Just as Grace ordered Ralph to his knees, Carla did the same with Max. After he went low, she turned around, sticking her noble ass directly into his face, saying,” Now kiss, and kiss good.” Obeying, Max placed his lips against her right cheek, giving her behind the utmost in respect. Turing her head back, she sadistically smiled down at the pathetic creature. Looking at each other, both women smiled in satisfaction. Being in their glee, both beauties had a slave, doing whatever the females desired.

After ten minutes of ass adoration, Carla said, “ Enough, it’s now time for you to see our true greatness!” Glancing in Grace’s direction, the evil lady said in an excited, yet assertive tone, “ Let’s do it now!”

Looking all anxious, Grace remarked, “ Oh, this’ll be fun!”

Walking over to a leather satchel, Carla pulled out what appeared to Max and Ralph to be a toy lazer gun. Saying nothing, both males simply looked at each other inquisitively. Moving back to Max, Carla pointed the devise at him, pulling the trigger afterward. A second later, he began shrinking. As his companion got progressively smaller and smaller, Ralph just stood there in terror and amazement. Finally, Max stood three inches in height as he looked up at the two leather clad women. Giving the pistol to Grace, Carla said, “ It‘s your turn, make him look up to you.”

Taking the gun, Grace aimed it at Ralph. The young man yelled, “ No, please Grace, don’t!” Grinning wickedly, the cunt only pulled the trigger. As the beam hit him, Ralph ran to the door and opened it. Moving quickly into the hall, he went for the stairs. However, when he reached the first flight, the unfortunate man was standing before what appeared to be a thirty foot drop. Becoming motionless with fear, he stood there in a state of panic. From behind, Ralph heard the errie and haunting sound of footsteps coming steadily closer, echoing off the cement walls. Slowly, he managed to turn and look. As he rotated, his eyes fell upon the lower part of two black leather stiletto boots, radiating both power and elegance. Cautiously, he looked upward until their eyes met. Seeming as a towering goddess from another world, the giantess gave him a wicked smile as she squatted down, reaching for him. While her mighty and sexy hand slowly closed itself around him, his tiny heart began pounding violently. Raising herself up with Ralph in hand, the dominatrix went back into the apartment, closing the door behind her.

After walking over to the livingroom table, Grace put Ralph upon the piece of furniture. Looking on at first, Carla then bent down, grabbing Max, and also placing him upon the table. Next, both femme fatales stared down at their property. Squatting before the oak furniture, Carla placed her face in line with the tabletop, saying, “ Well, it looks as if we’ve got ourselves some new toys.”

Laughing, Grace said, “ Yea, two little dildoes!” Reaching for trembling little Ralph, she lowered him toward her cunt. Shoving him in, the wanton began moaning, exclaiming, “ Yea, this is how it should be, oh yes, yes!” After cuming all over him, she placed the tiny creature back upon the table, laughing at the sight of him soaked in cunt juice.

Next, reaching downward, Carla grabbed Max, pulled him up, and dangled him above her face. Opening her mouth wide, the woman arched her head back. Releasing Max, he fell into her mouth and was soon overcome by the hot smell of saliva. Being hours since she last brushed, her breath engulfed the little nothing as she closed her lips. Moving her head forward to its normal position, she began working up as much spittle as possible. A few seconds later, Max was completely bathed in her spit. When Carla figured she had worked up enough, she bent forward , placing her face almost directly above the table top. Then, with a single motion, she opened her mouth, ejecting the little helpless one. After falling to the surface, he laid there completely covered in oral fluid. Upon straightening herself up, Carla and her friend just stood there laughing themselves sick.

A minute later, Grace raised her index finger to one of her nostrils, pushing it in. Moving the finger around for a second or two, she finally removed it. Glancing at her long sexy catlike fingernail, the sick bitch observed a boogger. Moving her index finger toward Ralph, she said, “ Here, take this and start eating.” At first, Ralph hesitated, but she made a fist with her other hand and brought it fast upon the table top, terrifying Ralph. He reached for the piece of nostril excrement and removed it from her fingernail. To him, it was the size of a pillow. Holding on to it, he began taking bites.

Interceding, Carla said to Max, “ I’m sure you can help out your little friend.” In total fear, Max walked over to Ralph, giving him assistance in eating the treat.

For five whole minutes, the two sadists looked on as the little males struggled in consuming Grace’s snot. However, getting bored with the scene, Grace commanded, “ Stop, that’s enough.” Both men happily complied, dropping the object to the tabletop. Bending forward, Grace flicked her bugger away. Reaching for Ralph, she next walked over to the solfa, placing him down upon the cushion, and lowering her sexy female ass right beside him. Looking down at him, she said, “ Go toward the back of my ass and crawl up the crack!” Slowly walking behind her rump, Ralph finally stood before its full glory. Arching herself forward, Grace ask, “ Well, what are you waiting for?” Moving toward her ass, he began pushing and squeezing his way in. Moving forward even further, the lady spread her ass cheeks apart, saying, “ There, now crawl up my asshole.” Ralph had no choice, for disobedience meant death. Slowly, he pushed his way into her butt, being completely overcome by the smell of shit! Finally, only his ankles stuck forth from her back door. The little man was now having a hard time breathing. However, to his delight, he felt the force of her fingers around his ankles as she pulled him out. Dangling him before her face, Grace said, “ Boy, just look at you, you’re really full of shit!” Lowering him to the tabletop, she simply released the man. Both males just sat there in fear and humiliation.

Looking toward Grace, Carla said, “ That’s enough petty bullshit for one day, let’s stick these two bugs in a container and get back to the lab, I’ve got an idea.” Agreeing, Grace got up and walked over into the kitchen, opening the cupboard. Removing a plastic container with a lid, she next took a knife and punched holes holes into the top. She reentered the livingroom and pulled off the lid. Reaching down for the two males, the gothic sadist raised them over the container, dropping both of them in. Returning to the kitchen, Grace opened the refrigerator, taking out a few pieces of bologna. She toor off a couple of tiny specks, dropping them into the plastic prison. Placing the lid back on, she snapped it shut. Walking away, the bitch left the container upon the kitchen counter.

When she returned to the livingroom, Carla said, “ I’ll go into the bathroom and get something to clean this table.” She returned with a tissue and some cleanser. Spraying the stuff on the table, the lady wiped it clean, went back to the bathroom, replaced the cleanser, and disposed of the tissue.

Going back into the livingroom, Carla said to grace, “ Let’s return to the lab, I wanna do something.” After getting dressed, both evil woman went down to the car, got in, and drove to the school.

Upon entering the research facility, they walked up to their experimentation corner. Grace ask, “ So what’s your big plan?”

Carla responded, “ Wouldn’t it be great if we could shrink everyone in the world; just think, everything would belong to us; we’d be the ultimate rulers; all history would end with us!”

Slowly nodding, Grace said, “ Yea, that sounds great, but how would we do that technically?”

“ That’s not as great of problem as one may think”, answered Carla, “ All we’ve got to do is tap into the major communication systems of the world and relay a signal, making the shrink ray emerge from all receiving devises.”

Grace responded to the idea, “ Yea, I think that could be done; I’ll just use my knowledge about the workings of the satellite system and hook into it.”

Getting busy, both mad female scientists plugged their lab computer into the phone system, overriding many codes until they had direct access to every main computer in the world. Feeding the shrink program into the system, they designed it so as not to shrink themselves. While working away, Grace interceded and said, “ Wouldn’t it be even better of all the people lost their clothes when they shrink; we’d be ruling over a world of tiny little naked people, existing only for our pleasure.” With Carla agreeing, they added the new part to the program.

When all was complete, Carla said, “ Well, all we’ve got to do is give the system the final command and the world is ours.”

The other dominant bitch replied, “ Let’s return home and do it from there.” Leaving the building, they drove home, went upstairs to the apartment, and sat down behind their PC which was already hooked via the phone system into the main network. Excited, words came from Grace’s mouth, “ Well, let’s do it!” Turning on the machine, Carla punched in a few numbers and letters. Hitting the enter button, she sent the command. About a minute later, they listened on as car crashing sounds came from outside. Going on for a few minutes, the noise finally came to an end. As one of the doomsday dominatrixes moved over and opened a window, she was overcome by an errie and heavy silence extending toward every corner of the horizon.

Turning to Grace, Carla said, “ Let’s put on our dominatrix outfits and drive to the local supermarket; we’ll make that our first stop as we inspect all our new property.” Grace agreed, and both wicked women returned into their leather attire. Once again, they were almost completely naked save for a waist corset, boots, and gloves, making themselves the perfect image of control.

Upon going down to the black car, they got in. Carla started the engine and drove to the large store. After pulling into the parkinglot and turning off the engine, the apocalyptic ladies again experienced the same haunting silence coming from all corners. Walking into the supermarket, the two she devils found to their delight hundreds of tiny naked three inch high people looking up to them and crying for help. Going up to one of the little creatures, Grace looked down at him.

In a mousy voice, he yelled up to her, “ Help, what happened?”

Giving him a sadistic look, the giantess said, “ We shrank you together with everyone else; you belong to me, you’re mine, I can do with you as I please.” Raising up her boot, the personification of death returned it to the floor directly over the tiny victim, crushing the life out of him with no effort whatsoever. Stimulated with a lust for blood, the murderess remarked to Carla, “ That was fun, let’s see what else awaits our pleasure.”

As both bitches walked down one of the isles, they saw a family of three, the husband, his wife, and their five year old child. All three naked little ones stared up in terror at the towering felines. Then, upon squatting down, Carla said to the child, “ Wanna see how momy and dady made you?” Sticking her face directly before the two adults, Carla ordered, “ Start fucking, I mean now!” Looking up into her evil eyes in fear, the couple nevertheless complied, having sex right before their child.

Watching the little guy bang away, both wicked vixens laughed with Grace finally saying, “ Away with you two pathetic worms!” Stomping both of them to death, Grace listened on as the little kid screamed at the sight of his mom and dad’s hideous destruction.

Then, reaching for the five year old, Carla picked him up between her fingertips. After standing up, the villain eyed him closely. While holding him before her evil, yet seductive, face, she exclaimed, “ You’re so cute, I could eat you alive!” Before the brat knew what happened, she dropped him into her mouth, swallowing him whole through the darkness of her throat.

Walking over to the deli, the two enemies of humanity found five little people standing there and looking up to them with total fear written on their faces. Bending down, both women grabbed all the unfortunate ones, stood upright again, and went over behind the counter to the meat grinder. Each cunt in turn dropped her share of reduced humanity into the upper funnel. With all inside, Carla pressed a button at the base of the opening, starting the machine. Mashing everyone, the dominatrixes listened on in glee as the people screamed in agony. Finally, with blood and guts oozing from the lower orifice, the ladies looked on and laughed away.

When finished, both whores decided to leave the supermarket and check out more of their new world. Proceeding toward the entrance, they passed the front registers. However, on the floor next to one of the counters, there were two little people, a register girl and a male packer. Seeing them, Carla said to Grace, Wait a second, I wanna do something.” Walking over, Carla picked up both individuals, placed them on the counter, and said, “ You two look compatible.” Speaking to the male next, the evil goddess remarked, “ Why don’t you fuck her ass?” Giving them a sadistic stare, she frightened the two into compliance. As the young man began fucking the girl’s ass, Grace walked over and also watched. Being turned on by the sight, the two dominant ones reached down to their pussies, fingering themselves to orgasm. When finished, Carla said down to the little ones, “ Hey that was great, but I guess all good things have to come to an end.” Reaching down, she grabbed the fated ones, throwing them into an open cash drawer. Slamming it shut, she simply left them there. Exiting the building, both vixens from hell returned to the mustang.

As they sat in the car, Grace ask, “ So were to now?”

“ Let’s go downtown to city hall.”

After starting the engine, she drove the few miles. On their way, the ladies passed nothing but a whole line of crashed cars and smoking vehicles, for the people inside had obviously shrunk and lost control. Finally, arriving at the main entrance of city hall, they walked in, looking down at all the little naked people, moving ever closer to the mayor’s office. Finding the office, the evil ones entered and went over to the desk. Seated upon the chair was the tiny mayor. Reaching for him, Grace raised the man by his arm up to her face. Giving him a very wicked look, she said, “ We run things here now!” Dropping him to the floor, Satan’s hand maiden brought her boot down atop the politician. He died instantly as she flattened him to the floor. Next, sitting herself in the mayor’s seat, Grace crossed her boots on the desk, saying to Carla, “ Isn’t power great; we’ve got the whole world at our feet.”

As she took in Grace’s words, Carla went over to the window and looked out at the silent city. Remarking with a metaphysical air, the dominatrix said, “ To think, it’s all ours, we can do whatever we want to whom ever we want.”

Fifteen minutes later, both women left the office, moving toward the main conference hall. Entering, Carla said to Grace, “ Let’s search around this whole building and find as many people as we can and bring them to this room and place them on that table overthere, I’ve got an idea.” Going all over the structure, Grace and her friend gathered up two hundred little citizens of the new dominatrix order, bringing the people into the conference hall and placing them upon the long table. Afterward, both rulers made a speech to the captives. Grace spoke first, “ From now on, there’s but one truth, me! you’re all to worship my perfection, for I’m a goddess and you’re my property.” Continuing, the female finally exclaimed, “ I decide the value of life!”

Next, Carla made a statement, “ We’ll rule over you as no one ruled before; the whole world is now ours; you’ll all kiss my ass, and I mean that literally!” Turning around, she placed her magnificent posterior against the table’s edge, ordering, “ Stand in line, each of you is to give my beautiful ass a nice long kiss!” Complying, the frightened people formed a straight line. After each in turn kissed Carla’s ass, they moved to the other end of the table where Grace too had her ass ready to be worshipped. All two hundred of the little people kissed and kissed until the two dominant ones had enough.

Finally, while walking out of the building and proceeding toward the car, Carla said, “ So, we’ve got a whole world to explore, and it’s all ours; well, let’s get busy; billions are just waiting to kiss my ass!”

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