The Boy Next Door

Author: Cecilia

Carrie and Daniel, a newly wed couple, had just settled into their new home about a week ago. Waking up covered in sweat, they realized that their air conditioner had stopped working. Being a Sunday morning, they’re were not any heating and air companies that could come out and repair the work, so they just decided to make do until Monday morning. It was easily 98 degrees outside and even hotter inside.

Hearing the doorbell ring, Carrie got up and went to see who could be ringing the doorbell this early in the day. She opened the door and was pleasantly surprised to see a very attractive, young man standing on the doorstep. He was about six feet tall, had broad shoulders, full lips, aqua colored eyes, sandy blonde hair, and an ass to die for. He was holding a welcome basket in his arms, filled with fruits and desserts.

“Hello, I’m Andy, and I live right next door. Sorry it’s taken so long for me to welcome you, but I’ve just been terribly busy.”

“Oh, that’s quite all right,” said Carrie, looking into Andy’s unusually colored eyes.

“So, how do you like your new home?” asked Andy, trying to make conversation.

“We really love it, only our air conditioning has already gone out,” replied Carrie

“That’s a shame. Well you can always just come hang out at my house, right next door, until you get somebody out here to repair your AC.”

“Okay, that sounds great. Let me just go get my husband and we’ll be on our way.” smiled Carrie.

Carrie went, told Daniel about their neighbor’s offer, and they set out across the yard to Andy’s house. Andy opened the door to let them in and Carrie and Daniel followed him into the house. Carrie noticed the abundance of nude photographs of women and men on Andy’s walls and proceeded to ask him why they were there.

“I am a photographer and always looking for new models. We are running a couples print in the magazine I work for and are paying $1,000 a picture that is printed in the magazine,” said Andy.

Carrie looked and Daniel and thought that they could use the extra money, being newly wed and all…Especially with the AC going out. She took Daniel into the hallway and talked to him about it. He agreed to ask Andy if it would be okay if they posed for him, providing he could guarantee at least one printed picture.

They went to Andy and made the proposition to him. He agreed and showed them down the hall to his studio. Not wanting to waste any time, Andy instructed Carrie and Daniel to strip and to get on the bed. Carrie and Daniel complied and took off their clothes and sat on the edge of the bed. A little nervous at first about being intimate with each other in front of a stranger, they hesitated, but once they got going, it became much easier.

Daniel started by kissing Carrie softly on the lips, gently pinching her nipples with his hands. She let out a moan and his grip on her nipples tightened. He kissed her neck, softly nibbling on it, knowing that was her spot. Carrie could feel her pussy begin to get wet as Daniel made his way down her body. Kissing her stomach, making Carrie arch her back, Daniel slowly inserted a finger into her soaking wet pussy. Andy had never seen such intimacy between two people in his photo-shoot. Like it was the most natural thing in the world to do, Andy stripped off his clothes, walked across the room, and kissed Carrie long and slowly on the lips. Daniel, always being open to new things looked up and smiled at Andy.

Daniel made his way down to Carrie’s pussy, kissing it and letting his tongue flicker across her clit. Eager to get inside her, Daniel positioned his 8 1/2 inch cock at her opening, his cock dripping with pre-cum, slowly sliding it inside her. Daniel moaned at he felt her pussy tighten around his cock. He thrust his cock slowly, all the way, deep inside Carrie’s pussy. He could feel the juices lubricating his cock, making it easier for him to slide in and out.

Carrie took hold of Andy’s hard cock and licked the pre-cum off of the tip of it. Slowly she let her mouth encircle the head of his cock, wanting it to be all the way down her throat. Andy let out a moan as her tongue massaged the head and base of his cock. He could feel it sliding into the back of her throat with ease. Carrie, moaned onto his cock, sending vibrations up the base, making Andy let out a groan of ecstasy. Bucking her hips slowly, meeting the thrusts of Daniel’s cock and swallowing Andy’s cock, was almost unbearable. Andy straddled her chest, feeding his cock down her throat.

Daniel grabbed Carrie’s hips, pulling her so that he could be all the way inside her. Hearing the sound of his balls slapping up against Carrie’s ass was amazing. Daniel started rubbing Carrie’s clit as he pounded her pussy, making her buck even harder against his cock. Seeing his wife suck off another man, while fucking him was so amazing that he felt his balls begin to tighten. On the brink of orgasm he let out a yell. He looked up at Andy, thinking that it would be amazing if Carrie would receive both loads at the same time.

Andy could feel that it was almost time… Carrie had the best mouth of any woman that had ever sucked him. The heat of her throat and the massaging of her tongue made Andy’s balls tighten and he could feel his load building up in his balls. He couldn’t hold back any longer. He shot stream and stream of hot cum inside Carrie’s mouth and down her throat. Carrie swallowed all of it eagerly, some of it dripping out of the corners of her mouth. She felt Daniel’s cock pounding her even hard and then felt a hot load of cum fill up her pussy. Taking Andy’s cock out of her mouth and licking it all up and shaft, she screamed in please, feeling her own juices soak out onto Daniel’s cock.

Daniel grunted and moaned, feeling Carrie’s juices soak his soak his cock and loving the feel of shooting his load deep inside of her. Pulling out, Daniel smiled at Andy and Carrie, knowing that this was the best sex of his life and knowing that it had to be done again. They got up and all got into Andy’s shower together and rubbed each other off with soapy water. After drying up they made plans to have the “air conditioner go out again” at least once a week.

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