Making Copies (Part 1)

Author: Cecilia

As I finished typing a memo my boss had handed to me earlier and looked up at the clock. It was 11:30am already. “I’ll never get all this stuff done today, unless I work through lunch.” I began to shuffle through the piles of papers on my desk and sighed. At least it wouldn’t be too hard, just a lot of copies to make. As I got everything together that needed to be copied I noticed Mathew’s workload was about the same as mine. With the merger closing in a week, just about everyone was over loaded.

Lunchtime finally arrived. I figured since almost everyone would be out of the office, I’d be able to get all the copies made without having to wait on anyone else. I quickly grabbed the stack of papers and held them close to my chest as I hurried off to the ‘closet’ as it was affectionately called. The copy room was really nothing more than a closet that happened to have a copier machine and its accessories in it. I was large enough to fit several people and we’d often sneak short coffee breaks two or three people at a time.

As I opened the door, to my relief no one was in there. I began to sort through the papers, getting them in order when part of the stack fell. I swore under my breath, put the other papers on the little table next to the copier and bent over at the waist. As I bent over, my short skirt hiked up and I felt a gentle breeze. I disregarded it as just my skirt rising up to my ass. That’s when I felt his hands glide around my slender hips as he pressed his hips against my ass. I gasped loudly, but didn’t turn around. This was so arousing, I felt myself grow wet as I noticed his cock was semi-hard between my spread ass cheeks. I hadn’t worn any underwear that day, I frequently didn’t.

He began to shift his hips side to side, grinding himself against my nearly bare ass. I pressed back against him and arched my back. I was so wet by now and just wanted to feel his cock fill my wet shaven pussy. One of his hands left my hips and I heard him fumbling with something, and then heard a familiar unzipping. I bit my lower lip as I realized he was pulling out his hard cock. I spread my legs for him, which caused my skirt to rise a bit more, revealing my ass and pussy to him. I heard him moan lightly as he began to tease my pussy with the head of his throbbing cock. I pushed back against him again, aching to feel him inside me, wanting to be fucked by this anonymous man.

His cock slipped into my tight pussy, I squeezed around it, gripping it with my inner walls. He pressed forward against me and I moaned as I felt him fill me completely. His hairs tickled my ass cheeks as he worked his hips from side to side. Grabbing my hips firmly he began to pump against my ass cheeks, slow steady pumps, letting his cock slip completely out, then slide all the way back in. My clit was so swollen that every time his slid his cock in; it grazed my clit, sending waves of pleasure down my spine. We both became lost in the experience. Then all of the sudden the door opened.

It was our boss, Mr. Henley! We tried to cover up what we had been doing, but it was fairly obvious. The smell of sex in the tiny room, his pants undone and my skirt hiked up to my hips. As I turned around I noticed who it was that was fucking me. That wonderful cock belonged to Mathew. I smiled to myself because I’ve wanted him for the longest time. I squeezed my thighs together, making my clit quiver. My boss looked at both of us and smirked. He crossed his arms, “I don’t suppose you’d tell me what the both of you are up to?” Mathew and I looked at each other, completely speechless.

I looked back at my boss and bit my lip as I began to come up with some lame excuse, but before I could get a word out he stopped me. “I don’t want to hear it little missy, I just expect you to fuck me as well.” Now I didn’t hear those words at first, I heard something like “I just expect to not to do it again.” Once the words hit me, I felt shivers go down my spine. I’d never been with two men before. This was going to be the best lunch I’ve had to work through ever!

Mr. Henley grabbed my hand and told Mathew to follow. He led us to his large corner office. My pussy was still soaking wet and Mathew was walking a bit funny because of his erection. Mr. Henley let go of my hand as he shut the door to his office. He told Mathew to draw the binds shut. He then looked at me and grinned again. “Sasha, I want you to strip for the two of us.” I felt my heart leap from my chest as I heard the words come out of his mouth. I slowly unbuttoned my blouse and pulled it out from under the tight waist of my skirt. I turned to stand facing Mr. Henley and Mathew, pulled the sides of my blouse apart, revealing my full breasts resting in my lacey white bra. I let my arms fall to my sides as my blouse slipped off and onto the floor.

I slowly reached to the back of my tight skirt, unzipping the zipper causing my chest to stick out further. I then ran my thumbs along the inside of my skirt waist band, loosening it and bent over slightly, letting my long dark hair spill over my shoulders and onto my chest I smiled up at Mr. Henley and Mathew, who were watching completely intently as they rubbed against their cocks and began to work my skirt down past my hips. I let it fall to the floor and stepped out of it. I giggled lightly as I reached back to the clasp of my lacey bra and with a small flick of my wrist my breasts were released. I lowered my arms, feeling the bra straps slide down my arms and let it fall to the floor. I stood there completely naked in Mr. Henley’s office, both men staring at my naked body.

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