The Pier

Author: Belle Dimond

Eddie got a raging hard-on just looking at her. At 5’7″, she weighed about 130 pounds, and was lucious and firm from head to toe. Her cleavage strained against the pink sun dress she was wearing and her long, blonde hair tickled her shoulders & back. She had a gorgeous smile and knock-you-dead blue eyes. He knew she was wearing thigh-high stocking with garters under that dress, because that’s what she always wore to meet him.

She was making her way towards him through the crowded pier and he just smiled and leaned against the wooden rails along the edge that separates people from the water at the edge. When she finally reached him, she grinned hello and his arms engulfed her. The smell of the ocean, the sounds of the water and the people all around them, heightened both of their senses as they offered each other a long, slow, tongue-kiss hello. She pressed her hips against his, and felt his hard cock straining to get at her. Her nipples hardened and she felt immediately wet.

“Come here,” he said.


“You’ll see,” he said, as he took her hand. He pushed his way through the crowd, holding her hand and hurrying as much as he could. He got to a little maintenance building near the end of the pier that was almost back on land. It was clearly marked for employees only, but he had slipped the maintenance guy a hefty $50 for access. He had noticed earlier that there was a staircase down to the area below the pier that could only be accessed through this building.

“We can go in here?” she asked.

“Just come on.” He smiled and opened the door, pulling her inside. He pulled up a door in the floor, which revealed a wooden ladder. He climbed down 5 rungs to a platform and turned back to help her down. As she slowly stepped down, he could see the patch of pink panties covering her crotch, and smiled to himself.

“Oh my God, look at this place,” she said, as she looked around. It really was incredible. It was a platform that ran the length of the left side of the pier but was only about 4 feet wide. There was another on the right side of the pier. Above them, they could hear people walking, talking and bustling. Below them they could see the waves crashing against the piles and the sand.

“I guess this is for inspecting and working on the pier,” he said, trying to sound knowledgable. He backed her up against a large wooden post about 6 feet in diameter and started running his hand up her leg.

“Yeah, that’s what it looks like.” Her breath was quick and shallow, as she felt him press against her. His hand ran up her thigh and moved the fabric of her panties to the side. She looked down and saw the surf crashing and receding; it was a little frightening but so exciting.

He dropped to his knees and pulled her panties down. They draped around her left ankle after she stepped her right leg out of them. He dropped to his knees and began eating her pussy with all he had. Licking her beautiful lips and tonguing her clit mercilessly. In a moment of elevated desire, she raised her left leg over his shoulder to press his head closer to her pussy, and her panties flew off her ankle and into the water. She watched it become a part of the ebb & flow, moving in and out – in and out. It was more than she could take.

fuck me now!” she almost screamed!

He stood up and pulled at his belt buckle, letting his pants and jockeys fall around his ankles. He pressed her against the pile, lips locked on hers and drove his cock into her hot, tight, soaking wet pussy.

He gripped her hard, putting his hand between them and feeling her gorgeous, firm, round, soft, fleshy C-Cup tits; balling, squeezing and pinching them. She was moaning loud as he was grinding into her hard and fast. Looking up she could see the people walking above them through the cracks of the pier.

She closed her eyes and sucked his tongue like a cock while he pounded her. Finally, she felt his cock grow huge inside her as the head expanded, and he shot into her. He came & came, feeling his cock empty into her, as she screamed into his mouth. Her orgasm had immediately followed his.

Both of them weak from their ordeal, they sat on the narrow platform until they had regained their composure and their ability to climb back up the ladder to the pier. They both saw her panties wash up near the shore, then get pulled farther back out into the ocean and looked at each other and laughed.

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