Pulled Over

Author: mmm

Kristen hurried to her car, worried that she would be late once again. She got in, slammed the
door shut and turned on the engine in one smooth motion and raced off. “Damn!” she thought
“the light’s gonna change.”

She pressed her foot to the gas hoping she could make it and breezed through the intersection.
A block later her stomach sank when she saw the lights behind her flash. Sighing she straightened
her skirt and hair while the officer walked up to her car. “Good morning Ma’am, did you know
that was a red light back there?”

She stammered as she answered him ” Y..y..yes Officer.” She went on in her soft cultured voice
“It’s just that i’m going to be late to work again and my boss is so strict.” She looked up to see
the the cop staring at her long legs and shifted uncomfortably.

“Step out of the car, Ma’am.” He looked at her lewdly and motioned for her to get out.

She could feel her heart pound as she stepped out of the car. “Put your hands on the hood please.”

She blinked in shock at the tall dark haired man and did as he asked. Her long blonde hair fell
down her back just touching her shapely ass. “Can’t you just give me my ticket so I can go, Officer?”
she asked, realizing there would be a lot to explain if he decided to frisk her.

“What’s your hurry?” He asked. ” I still have to run your license and plates.”

She turned to face him and he barked “Put your face on the hood!” She felt his hand trail over her
ass as he walked to his own car to run her plates. Five minutes he came back and said “Looks like
we have to wait, the computer is down.” He licked his lips and looked around.

She lifted her eyes and scanned the street the best she could with her head on the hood, and realized
the street was practically deserted. “Everyone must already be at work and school” she thought with a start.

She felt her head being pushed down to the hood all of a sudden. “I thought i told you to keep your head
down, I guess I’m gonna need to detain you” He yanked her arms roughly behind her and she felt the
cool metal go around her wrists. She heard the click and felt ill. All of a sudden he was patting her down
she could feel his hands moving up her legs and felt her dick stir as if to spite her.

He roughly pawed her tits and scoffed, “Padded huh? It’s ok, some of us like small titties” He was at
her waist now and then back to her legs, he trailed his fingers up her thighs and felt her shudder lightly.
“You like that don’t you?” Kristen stayed quiet and prayed her dick would stay limp as the cop worked
his way up half patting her down half feeling her up.

Her stomach flopped when he touched her balls. She expected him to pull away, to hit her maybe…
something, but all he did was fondle her balls for a moment and then his fingers found their way to
Kristen’s 7 inch cock. She got hard as he stroked her cock through her silky peach panties. She always
loved the way silk made her feel, so feminine, so much like a woman.

She knew she had to do something. “No, don’t” she said quietly but it really was quite half hearted.
The cop paid her no heed. He pressed his body up against her ass, she could feel his cock straining through
his uniform. Kristen sighed with relief when he let her throbbing cock go but was shocked to hear him say in
a deadly serious voice “Get on your knees.”

She had no choice but to comply. She dropped to her knees, her cock now almost soft, she watched in
horrified fascination as he undid his pants and freed his cock from the confines of his grey cotton briefs.
She tried to tell herself it wasn’t that bad. Maybe he was just toying with her, and besides he was handsome
enough. But she knew it was no joke as he guided his huge cock towards her mouth. “suck it good now” she
heard him say just before he pushed his cock between her lips.

She tried to protest but he just grabbed her hair and fucked her face. He pounded into her mouth as deep as
he could force his cock. Kristen felt her cock jump back to life as he slammed his cock into her mouth. All of a sudden he stopped and yanked her up to stand. Without a word he tore her beautiful panties off and started
stroking her cock and balls.

She moaned quietly, he squeezed her balls tighter to warn her to stay quiet. A moment later he was on his
own knees in the dust and sucking her cock with vigor. He let his tongue slide over the head and down her
shaft to her neatly trimmed pubic hair and back again before he put his lips over the tip and began sucking it,
his lips hitting the corona with every suck, producing this overwhelming pleasure for Kristen. She groaned and
lost her balance just as she was cumming and shot all over the his face and uniform as she was falling to the

He jerked her up and ordered her to lick his face clean. She licked her cum up with relish and fell to the ground
on her knees easily when he pushed on her shoulders. With her hands cuffed behind her back she pressed
forward and took the policeman’s cock in between her pretty pink lips and sank forward to take him all the way down her throat, she bobbed on his cock for five minutes, using her tongue and lips and throat muscles. As
he began cumming she closed her lips around his huge cock to form a seal and swallowed every bit of his cream.
In the blink of an eye he yanked away from her, she looked up in surprise and then heard the car drive by.

He uncuffed her hands, pulled up his dark blue uniform pants, dusted off the knees and walked back to his car. Without a word he handed Kristen her ID and registration. He Picked her panties and tucked them into his
pocket. And walked back to his squad car. Kristen fixed herself up the best she could, applied new lipstick
and drove away.

“Kristen, You’re an hour late!” hollered her boss the minute she walked in the door.
“Come into my Office right now for your punishment.” he said a little more quietly.

Kristen smiled – this was turning out to be on hell of a day.

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