Busting Ben’s Cherry

Author: Goblin

I belong to a fraternity and for fun we had a “Sex Scavenger Hunt,”
where various acts would earn us points.  I’m always up for some good
kinky fun and I was looking forward to checking off as many things on the
wild list as possible.  As soon as I saw that fucking a virgin was
on the list, I knew exactly whom I could seduce to fulfill this requirement
and get 150 points.  There is another gay guy who graduated with me
(he was in my homeroom) and I knew for a fact he hadnТt messed around with
anyone yet.  We were friendly toward one another, knew the other was
gay, etc.  Every so often I send Instant Messages back and forth with
him online.  Sometimes I get a little frisky and try to get him to
submit to me and let me take his cherry.  No luck.  So far.
His name is Ben and heТs just as cute as one can be.  He was one
of the Уdrama geeksФ in high school but he really grew into his looks during
our last year in school.  He is tall and lanky with big brown eyes
and a head full of soft brown curly hair.  Every time I see him in
person I just want to run my fingers through those curls.
I know where Ben was working so I dressed in a very loose pair of nylon
running shorts and a baggy tank top that showed off my arms, back and even
my nips.  The place Ben works is an ice cream place.  I had a
plan.  I jogged down to the ice cream place and really worked up a
sweat.  Ben was working with two younger girls who giggled nonstop
at me as I made small talk with him.  As luck would have it, he only
had 10 minutes left in his shift before he could leave.  I ordered
a jumbo chocolate cone and said I was going to sit at a picnic table outside
and wait for him.  I told him when he was done to come find me, that
I wanted to ask him something.  I took my cone and resisted the urge
to reach through the little window and stroke that hair.
I gave my cone slow licks, making sure I didnТt eat too much of it before
Ben showed up.  It was part of my plan.  It took him awhile,
but he finally showed up.  I had spent most of that time trying to
keep the ice cream from running down my hands and arms.  He sat down
and I put my plan into motion.  I pushed the bottom scoop of the ice
cream with my tongue and let it fall off the cone.
 УFuck!Ф I yelled.  It had worked perfectly, leaving a huge
brown spot in the center of my tank top.  I tossed the remainder of
the cone on the ground and made sure Ben was watching.  I peeled off
my stained tank top and let him get a good look at my naked upper body. 
I flexed my pecs and smiled.  I leaned back on the table and turned
my face to Ben.  He was looking at me like I was some kind of centerfold
in a porn magazine.  УI shouldnТt have eaten that ice cream. 
Now IТm sick to my stomach and wonТt be able to run home.Ф
УThat sucks,Ф was all Ben said, his eyes sliding from my chest, to my
arms to my belly.
I spread my legs a little and put my hand on my shorts, giving my dick
a subtle rub.  УDonТt suppose you can give me a lift home?Ф I asked,
staring right into his sexy brown eyes.  God, I wanted this virgin,
points or no points.
УSure.  No problem.Ф  He looked away, embarrassed to have
been caught ogling me.
УThanks.Ф  I turned around to face him.  УI need to grab a
shower, but maybe we can go see a movie if you arenТt doing anything. 
I am bored shitless and need something to do tonight.Ф
Ben nodded.  УWhatever.Ф
We walked to his car and he drove back to my place.  My mom (sheТs
divorced) wouldnТt be home for at least two hours.  That was plenty
of time to bust BenТs cherry.  I invited him in and let him play a
video game in my room while I went into the bathroom to shower.  I
left the door open.  As soon as I was finished, I yelled out to him. 
УHey Ben!  Could you grab me a towel, bud?  I fucking forgot
to bring one in with me.Ф  This was a lie.  There was a whole
closet full of clean towels.  I told Ben to grab one from the hall
closet and made sure I had pushed back the shower curtain before he walked
into the bathroom.  He nearly fell backwards and landed on the toilet
I made sure he got a good look at me naked.  I grabbed the towel from
him and slowly began to towel off, shutting the bathroom door.
УSorry, thereТs a draft,Ф I said.  Another lie.  It felt about
100 degrees in the small bathroom.  I wanted Ben to watch me toweling
off with no means of escape.  I pointed at the empty shower. 
УWhy donТt you grab one dude, before we head out?  No offense but
you smell like fried onions.Ф   He didnТt really, but I wanted
him in the shower.  He took the bait.  Sort of.
УWhy donТt I run home and shower and change?Ф  He stood up and
reached for the door.
УJust use mine.  I have tons of shit you can wear.Ф  I walked
over to the door and opened it, loosely wrapping the towel around my naked
waist.  УIТll grab you a towel and IТll wait in my room.Ф  Luckily
Ben took the bait.  After I got him a clean towel, it was nearly five
minutes before the shower was running again.  I didnТt bother to get
dressed.  I walked down to my momТs bathroom and flushed her toilet. 
Sure enough, five seconds later I heard a yelp from Ben.  I went running
back to my bathroom.  УWhat the fuckТs the matter man?Ф
УNothing.  Water just got really hot all of a sudden.  ItТs
back to normal now.  IТll be out in a minute,Ф he said.
I walked over to the closed shower curtain and pulled the end back. 
Damn, Ben had one hell of a sexy bubble butt.  Nice and white, defined
by tan lines all around.  I looked at him for a few seconds and then
saw his hard on.  Damn!  УYou sure youТre okay?Ф
Ben jumped at my voice and nearly slipped on the wet tub floor. 
One of his hands dropped the soap and rush to cover his boner, which was
too big to hide behind his large bony hands.  УWhat are you doing?Ф
УJust looking at your fine cock.  Jesus, let me see that thing!Ф 
I knew he wouldnТt invite me in to share the shower so I just climbed in,
sinking to my knees so my eyes were level with that big beautiful dick. 
My mouth was already watering.
УMan we canТt be doing this,Ф Ben said, his voice an octave higher than
normal.  УSomeone will catch us.Ф  His body was almost totally
smooth, save for a small wedge of brown pubes and some nice armpit hair. 
His beautiful curls were matted down and sticking to his forehead and the
sides of his face.
УCatch us doing this?Ф I asked, sliding between his legs and swallowing
half his cock.
Ben moaned and grabbed my shoulders, telling me to stop.  Then
he moaned again and told me not to stop.  УThat feels so good!Ф
I pulled my mouth off his cock long enough to say, УSee what youТve
been missing?Ф  I sucked him off for a few minutes and felt him erupt
in my mouth.  His dick didnТt loose any of its stiffness.  I
spun him around and told him to put both hands against the far side of
the shower wall.  I pried open that hot bubble butt and nearly wept
when I saw how pretty his smooth pink (virgin) hole was.  I worked
it with my tongue for a bit, and then gave him a finger once he was good
and ready for it.  He was going crazy and I knew he was going to be
a hot fuck.
I stood up and wrapped my arms around BenТs naked, wet upper body, tipping
his head back so we could kiss.  When our lips broke apart I said,
УWe need to get out of the shower and go into my room.  You need to
be fucked and I donТt want to risk getting hurt by doing you in the shower.Ф 
He looked at me strangely for a minute and then, without speaking, kissed
me again.
Ben and I dried each other off, somewhat, and dove into my bed half
wet.  I wrestled him onto his belly and stroked his smooth back, watching
as his ass reared up like a horny cat.  УWe need to do this first,Ф
I told him, reaching into my bedside table for a rubber and my big bottle
of jackoff lube.  Ben watched as I rubbered up and greased up my hard
dick.  I pumped a couple good squirts of the lube on his pretty pink
hole and massaged it inside.
He turned his face to me, his brown eyes looking so sexy and his curls
Ц half damp Ц still clinging around his head.  I nearly came before
I even put myself inside him.  УAre you going to fuck me?Ф he asked,
his voice a mix of trust and nervousness.  I could feel his heart
pounding and I kissed his back and shoulders.  I just smiled.
I put the tip of my greased cock against his virgin hole.  It barely
stretched.  I pushed a little harder and felt the ring of muscle start
to part and let me inside.  Ben was moaning and taking extra deep
breaths.  I caressed his bare skin and coaxed him into relaxing, feeling
my dick sink deeper into his cherry slot and his ass muscles flutter around
my shaft.  I pushed at least half my dick into him and heard a loud
gasp.  Deeper I went.
УDonТt put too much in me, please,Ф he begged, moaning the whole time.
I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around his chest.  I placed
a kiss on his right ear and gave him a little lick.  УItТs all the
way in, dude.Ф
We began to fuck.  I took it easy since it was BenТs first time,
but he was able to relax surprisingly fast; within ten minutes I was already
thrusting Ц slowly, but deeply Ц in and out of his hole.  It took
all my concentration not to pop and Ben seemed to be growing closer to
some sort of big climax.  Either that or he really knew how to get
into being a good bottom!
With my dick still inside him, I turned him onto his back, putting his
legs over my shoulders so I could lean in and deep kiss him while I pounded
his tight hole.  His ass was going to make me cum.  I felt it
tighten like a fist around my dick and suddenly BenТs dick was squirting
like a broken pipe.  His eyes grew like saucers as he realized what
a mess he was making.  I was probably the first guy who had ever seen
him cum.  It was hot watching him cum so hard, but Ben seemed almost
embarrassed by it.
УWatch me,Ф I said, sliding out and pulling off my rubber.  My
dick didnТt do anything for a minute.  Then it began to unload with
as much force Ц or more Ц as BenТs had, soaking him even more with hot
cum.  I was so drained by the time my balls were empty that I collapsed
on top of Ben.  We were both a mess, a thick layer of our cum between
our bodies.  I was about to make a naughty remark but Ben beat me
to it with his own dirty thoughts.
УLooks like we need to take another shower.Ф  I gave his ass a
playful snap as he headed back to the bathroom.  I would join him
in a minute, but I wanted to put a check next to the “virgin” item on my
scavenger hunt list.

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