The Hot Tiub

Author: Belle Dimond

I had never met anyone from online before for sex, but I was so horny this night, I decided to try it. I had been flirting with this guy online for about 45 minutes and had exchanged pictures with him. The talk had gotten pretty steamy and finally he asked if I wanted to meet him at the hot tub place. You could get a private tub/sauna/massage bed for $16.95 for an hour.

Impulsively I said yes, and we both signed off.

I found the place and waited until I saw him get out of his car. I got out and we casually said, “Hi” and walked inside. He paid, which I thought was gallant of him, and we went to our room.

It was nice and steamy and more roomy than I thought. very private and there was even music playing. We both got undressed and slipped into the hot tub, smiling shyly at each other and making silly small talk.

I settled down on one side of the hottub and he on the other. We talked a little and he put his foot up on the seat in the hottub that I was sitting on. I reached down and started moving my hand up and down his calf and shin, smoothly carressing it and moving my hand higher and higher.

As if this flipped a switch, he moved across the space between us and was up against me in a flash. He moved down and started licking my breasts; my nipples were right at the surface of the water. He sucked hard and lustily, moving his hands all over my body, and up between my legs.

The water was so warm and soothing and it made our skin feel so good against each other. So smooth and inviting. His fingers began turning me on even more and I was making cooing noises and running my fingernails over his shoulders and back.

He tried lifting my legs up over his shoulders so he could go down on me, but that didn’t work. So I bent over the edge of the hot tub, my ass in the air, and he went down on me from behind. He was so eager, but his tongue just felt so good. Pretty soon he calmed down and really got into it. He was running his tongue all over my pussy and circling my clit and licking it really good.

He held onto my hips and I came so hard. It was so amazing, meeting this stranger in this kind of seedy atmosphere, cumming so hard from pure sex, no strings attached. It was great.

I slipped back down into the hottub and smiled dreamily at him; he still had a crazed look in his eye and huge hard on. I made little circles on the surface of the water with my fingers while he got out, dried his dick, and put a condom on.

He got back into the tub and sat on one of the pre-formed seats. “Come here,” he said, and I went over to him. I put my hands on his shoulders and my knees on the seat on each side of him and straddled his cock.

He guided his cock in as I lowered my hips. I closed my eyes and felt his cock stretching my vaginal walls, entering me and making me horny again.

He groaned and pulled me hard against him, finally reaching the hilt. I raised up and he pulled me back down, over and over, until we got a wonderful rhythm. The water was splashing out of the tub and he had caught one of my bouncing tits in his mouth and was sucking it hard.

I ground my clit against him so hard with every thrust and after awhile we were both moaning and cumming against each other. His cock head swelling and then bursting with cum. My pussy sqeezing and spasming against it.

He released me and I floated back to my side of the tub. We recovered and talked about the internet for about ten minutes. Then I said, “I am getting way too hot in this tub.”

And he said, “Yeah me too,” and so we both got out and got our clothes on and left. So I guess that was a good first experience in meeting someone from online.

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