Surf, Sun, Sand, Sweat & Sex

The beach was quiet now, most of the guys had left to hit the bars and
start partying.

Shaun lowered me down so my feet touched the sandy bottom, but didn’t let
go of me. He hugged me close, and it was fantastic to feel him all over
me – his chest against mine, his abs against mine, his cock against mine.
Our organs hardened at each other’s touch, as if they were independent of
our bodies.

I looked at the handsome sexy man that was holding me in his arms. His
eyes were intoxicating, I felt like I could lose myself in them, as corny
as that sounds. I was almost swooning with happiness and desire.
Shaun kissed me then, bringing his lips to mine in a way that was both
passionate and gentle. His lips were firm yet soft, his mouth strong but
tender. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and I met it with mine. We
explored each other like that for a while, our mouths, chests and cocks
pressed together, feeling each other on the outside and the inside.

Then he broke the kiss and reached down between my legs and took my cock in his hand, and it felt fantastic. I stared at him, and he smiled at me.

“You’re so fucking incredible,” he said. I laughed.
“Me?” I said. “You’re the sex god.”
“Well, I’m your sex god then,” he said.
“Did you just say what I think you said?” I asked.
“Yeah,” he answered. “I’m yours if you want me.”
“Are you fucking kidding?” I said. “Let me show you how much I want

I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him hard. He returned the kiss,
playing with my dick as he did. I squeezed him hard, crushing his
muscular chest to my own. He let go of my cock and took one of my ass
cheeks in each hand and squeezed them hard.

I broke the embrace and took his hands in my own and pulled him back
toward the shore. When the water was about ankle deep I dropped to my
knees and nuzzled his crotch with my face. I loved the feel of him
against me, his big full balls and his large cock almost hard again. Shaun
put his hands in my hair and massaged my head. I didn’t care who saw us,
I didn’t care if anyone was watching. All that mattered was Shaun, and
making him feel good, making him feel as good as he was making me feel. I opened my mouth and he guided his dick into it.

Having him inside me was amazing, as it had been earlier. I sucked his
cock lovingly, covering every inch of it with the sensual softness of my
mouth, caressing and worshipping it.

“Mmmmm…” he said above me, “oh fuck yeah…”

I put my hands on his butt and kneaded the hard flesh there, holding him
in place. Shaun started lowering himself down, and I moved with him. I
kept his cock in my mouth the whole time, never letting it all the way

My sexy man sank down to his knees and then slowly laid down on his back
on the sand. I continued my blowjob, stopping only to lick and suck
gently on his balls before returning to his dick.

“I’m going to come,” Shaun said, and I went all the way down on him.
“No,” he said, “not yet, get up here,” and he pulled me off his cock and
on top of him so I was laying on him. “I want us to come together,” he
said, and kissed me. He stuck his tongue into my welcoming mouth and
started moving his hips. Our dicks rubbed together and it was
in-fucking-credible. My hard rod pressed against Shaun’s and the friction
was awesome, it felt so good. I thought about how it felt to get made
love to by this man, about being carried by him, and about how wonderful
his kiss was.

“Are you ready?” Shaun asked breathlessly.
“Do it, man!” I said. “I’m with you!”

Through some sexual ESP we both thought the same thing at the same time,
and Shaun grabbed my cock just as I grabbed his.

We jerked each other ecstatically, and went to paradise together in each
other’s arms. Our semen shot out of our cocks, mixing together as it
splattered all over us. Our orgasms flowed through us, and together we
rode a wave more powerful than any the ocean could make.

“Oh…” I started.
“…yeah.” Shaun finished.
The spectacular bliss coursed through us, and we let go of each other’s
cocks to wrap our arms around each other again.

Suddenly I was aware of everything – the water beneath us, the smell of
the ocean, Shaun’s muscular body under mine, the warmth of our spunk on my skin, the last of the light fading as the sun sank beneath the horizon,
the breeze all around us.

“I can’t imagine things getting any better than this,” I whispered in
Shaun’s ear. He chuckled softly.
“But they will,” he whispered back to me. “They will.”

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