Surf, Sun, Sand, Sweat & Sex

Yes, I was getting fucked by a total stranger on a public beach in broad
daylight surrounded by men, and I loved it, it didn’t feel strange at all.
It was right – the right thing to do at the right time to do it.

The man made love to me then, tenderly, gently, but with urgency and
desire that was passionate at the same time. My own cock rubbed against
the towel beneath it, totally excited and erect. His breathing quickened as he screwed me, shoving his cock into me and pulling it out again and again. It was totally amazing – our two bodies fused together with passion, our sweat and my tanning oil making our skin slick and smooth as it slid against each other.

My whole body was flexing, stretching, tense with exertion and ecstasy.
I squirmed my butt around like I had before, and like before the man doing
me loved it.

Baking in the sun, perspiring from being under the towel we couldn’t have
had a better time. I didn’t know who he was, but it didn’t matter.
All that mattered was that I loved how he was making me feel, that I
loved his cock in my ass, and that my own dick was throbbing with
excitement and probably leaking enough pre-come to soak through the towel into the sand beneath.

I could’ve gotten fucked by this guy all day, but he couldn’t maintain
intensity this high much longer. He was making little groans of satisfaction and pleasure in my ear as he plowed me faster and faster. I pushed my ass back on his cock because I knew maximum penetration equals maximum pleasure.

“Oh, man,” he moaned, trying to keep his voice down. “I’m gonna do it,
man, I’m gonna come!”

“Yeah!” I answered, “Go for it, dude, shoot! Come in me! I want it, I
need it!”

“I’m coming!” the man told me, and I felt his whole body contract with
bliss as his hot cock emptied itself inside me.

“Yeahhh…” he whispered, drawing the word out into a long sigh of
ecstasy and release. He held his tension as long as he could before
giving in to relief and collapsing on top of me. I loved his weight on
me, and the feeling of his still-hard cock deep in my ass.

Slipping my hand under myself I took hold of my own stiff rod and
squeezed it tight. It felt hot as a pistol in my fist, either from the
heat of the day or the heat of the sex, or both. I started jerking myself
off then, marveling at the incredible situation I was in – a hot man lying
on top of me, me full of his come, my blood boiling in my veins and in my
engorged cock – it was fantastic, and a second later the come churned into
a frenzy and shot through my shaft and out through the piss-hole of my
cock-head. I gasped with ecstasy as my orgasm burned through me like
fire, sizzling into every part of my body, heat bleeding from every pore.
I sighed in exertion and pleasure as my semen finished splattering onto
the towel beneath me.

My whole body shuddered and I felt the man on top of me gently pull his
cock out of my ass and roll off of me. Exhaustion from our sex suddenly
overcame me, and I felt sleep coming quickly. Despite the heat, it was
still amazingly sexy and comforting and reassuring to feel my unseen man
put his arms around me and pull my back to his chest. I fell asleep, the
noise of the men and the water like a lullaby in my ears.

The sun was still shining when I drifted from asleep to awake, but it had
sunk low and was almost touching the ocean. The arms of the man who’d
fucked me were still around me and I was sticky with sweat, sand and sex.
Two indistinct figures were standing over us, looking down at me and the
man holding me.

“Hey,” said one of the figures in Peter’s voice.
“Hi,” I answered dreamily, “Did you guys have fun?”
“Not as much as you, apparently, ” Jimmy said. The man holding me
shifted and sat up behind me.

“Hey, guys,” he said,
“Hi, Shaun,” Peter and Jimmy said at the same time.
What the fuck? I thought. Shaun?!? I’d spent the last few hours being
magnificently made love to by, and slept in the arms of, fucking Shaun

Was I still asleep? Dreaming?
No, the sunset was too vivid, the sand between my toes too gritty, and
Shaun’s body next to mine too real for this to be a dream.

“Well, we’re heading home,” Jimmy said. “Are you coming?”
“Uh…” I said, turning over and seeing Shaun in all his glory. Muscular
chest, big biceps, model-handsome face, fantastic hair and heart-breaking

And naked, oh my fucking god, I thought.
“No, stay,” he said to me.
“Uh…” I said again, like an idiot.
“We drove him here,” Jimmy said, “can you drive him home?”
“Sure,” Shaun said. “No problem.”
“Do you want to stay?” Jimmy asked me. Peter slapped him on the

“Are you fucking kidding?” he asked Jimmy. “Of course he wants to stay.”
“Oh, right,” Jimmy said. “Okay, see you guys later.” Peter pulled him
away and they headed for the parking lot.
“Later, guys!” Shaun called after them. They waved.

Shaun turned back to me.

“Hi,” he said.
“Hey,” I answered. There was a moment of silence where we just looked at
each other. Finally I had to say something. “Did you know it was me when
you sat down?”
“Of course!” he said, laughing. “It was finally my chance to get you
“What do you mean?” I asked.

“You’re always with your buddies,” he said. “I’ve wanted to spend time
with you for a while, but I’ve been too shy to talk to you with your
friends around.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.
“Wait a minute,” I said. “You were too shy to talk to me?”
I stared at him.

“You realize, don’t you, that you’re saying all this as if you were a
normal person?” Shaun’s brow furrowed when he heard this.

“I’m not a normal person…?” he asked.
“No, man!” I said playfully. “You’re a fucking sex god that every guy in
town wants to sleep with -” At this point he laid back down on the towel
next to me, laughing. “-and you’ve been waiting for months for Peter and
Jimmy to leave me alone so you could come put lotion on my back and make unbelievably awesome love to me on a beach?”

“Uh, yeah,” he said.
“Well, that’s crazy!”
“No, you’re crazy!” Shaun said as he jumped to his feet and pulled me up
with him. “I think you need to cool off!” he said as he tackled me. But instead of knocking me down, Shaun picked me up, tossed me over one shoulder, and headed for the water.

“Whoa! Hey!” I said. “What’re you doing?” I struggled, but he held me
tight, his strong arms wrapped around my legs.
“We’re going for a swim!” he said.
“Uh…we’re naked,” I said.
“What if someone sees us?”
“I don’t give a crap,” he said, “do you?” and I realized I didn’t.
“I can walk, you know,” I said, even though getting carried by Shaun
Riley was pretty fucking awesome.

“It’s more fun this way,” he said, and I couldn’t disagree. Shaun
carried me into the water, and when he was in waist-deep he turned around.
From my vantage point slung over his shoulder I saw that a spectacular
sunset was lighting up the evening sky.

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