The First Recording On Camera

“Have you ever wanted to make a porno video of yourself having sex?” Ray asked his girlfriend Tammy with a mischievous grin on his face.

“Who said I never have”, replied Tammy.

Tammy’s response left Ray speechless. He wasn’t sure if he should feel excited about the potential fun that was in store for him or if he should feel worried about his partners’ sexual past. After giving his possible dilemma a quick thought, Ray decided that his girlfriend might be pulling his leg.

“Well, have you?” asked Ray

“No” said Tammy. “But I’ve always wanted to, it’s one of my biggest fantasies.

Ray could instantly feel a sense of relief come over his entire body as he said, “Good, I was hoping to be your first porn experience”.

Tammy could feel the sexual tension in her body rising as a gigantic smile came across her face. She said, “Do you have a camera? We need it to make a porn video for tube”.

Ray could also feel the sexual tension between the two lovers as he responded. “Of course I do”.

“Got get it” said Tammy.

Before the words had even left Tammy’s mouth, Ray was already walking toward his bedroom to get his top of the line video recorder. When he returned to the living room, he was instantly aroused as he saw his girlfriend sitting naked on the couch playing with her clit.

“Turn on the camera” said Tammy.

With a flick of a switch the camera was on and Ray was watching Tammy masturbate through the lens of the recorder. As she continued to tickle her twat, Tammy’s moaning became slightly heavier and louder. Ray could not believe his eyes. “You’re fucking sexy” Ray said to his partner.

“Come here”, said Tammy. Ray did not hesitate as he sprung toward Tammy with the camera still watching her every move. He was so focused on the beautiful, naked body in front of him that he didn’t even realize that he was fully erect; his cock throbbing. With what seemed like one quick motion, Tammy had Ray’s belt
unbuckled, pants off and rock hard cock in her mouth. Still focusing on his companion, Ray could barely hold the camera still as Tammy slowly glided her full lips over his dick with her warm mouth. Faster and faster she went, up and down, up and down as she kept trying to force all of Ray’s meat down her throat.
It was too big though. With her greatest efforts, Tammy kept forcing it down her throat as she gagged and choked each time.

With the recorder focused on her and Ray’s dick in her mouth, Tammy said, “I want you to cum on my face“. With his toes curled, Ray could barely take it anymore. He could tell that he was about to erupt all over his girlfriend. “Keep going”, said Ray. That was all Tammy needed to hear as she aggressively bobbed up and down until Ray slightly backed up and busted a huge load all over his lovers face.

“Next time I’m going to record you cum“, said Ray with the camera still pointed at Tammy as she licked the tip of his penis dry. After fucking Tammy posted this sex video on website.

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