Shopping Day

She felt sexier than she ever had, and the crotch of her panties was soaking wet. A man was standing very close to her now, and she squatted, her face just inches from his crotch. When she stood up, her erect nipples brushed his leg, and she gasped at the feeling. She continued through the store, absently throwing items into her cart. She was very worked up now, and she had to stop frequently and squeeze her thighs together. She was on the verge of a climax. What she really wanted to do now was slip off her wet panties, but someone was always watching her.

She avoided eye contact with the men, but one of them was bolder than the rest. He had been following her, she knew, but so had a bunch of others. He finally pushed his cart around to face hers, and he gave her cart a hard bump. Startled, she looked up.

“Excuse me,” he said.
“Oh, that’s ok,” she smiled. She swung her cart to go around him, but he blocked her path.
“Um, I couldn’t help but wonder,” he went on, talking quietly, “but are you wearing a thong, or are you naked under that dress?” She was speechless. She hadn’t expected to have to talk to anybody; she just wanted to be alone in her fantasy.

“I really don’t think that’s any…” she started to say, but he put a finger to her lips.
“A thong, I think,” he said. ” I think I caught a glimpse of a thong. What a pity.”
“Pity?” she countered, not knowing what else to say.

“Yes,” he went on, “a real shame. You should be naked under that dress of yours. Totally naked,” he smiled at her. “You’re almost naked now, so, why the thong? Let’s get rid of it,” he said, still smiling. She stared at him. He was in his mid-forties maybe, good looking with a buffed looking body ; a body builder, or a fitness instructor perhaps.

“Listen, I…I,” she mumbled.
“Nonsense,” he said. “The panties, give them to me.” The words were her trigger. How could he possibly know?
“I can’t, ” she said breathlessly, “people will see, they’re watching.”
“Not for long,” he said. He glared at the people around them.

“What are you looking at?” he said loudly, “let’s move it.” Rebecca stood there, mortified and red-faced, as the aisle began to clear. In a few moments, they were the only two people in the aisle.

“There we are,” he said gently. “Now, the panties, ” he said again, “give them to me.” Rebecca stood there with her thighs clenched tightly together, and she could feel her clitoris throbbing in her wetness.

“Or, would you like me to remove them for you,” he said.
“No, no, it’s just.. just,” she was stammering.

“NOW,” he said, raising his voice. She clenched her eyes shut, reached under skirt, hooked her thumbs in the sides of her panties, and pulled them down her thighs until they fell down around her ankles. She stepped out of them automatically, squatted down and picked them up. She couldn’t look at him. He reached out and took them from her ; they were sopping wet. He held them to his nose, breathing deeply. He leaned close to her, and she could feel his body heat.

“Much better,” he whispered, and his hands moved quickly up her thighs, cupping her ass. He drew the back of a finger through her wet slit, and she moaned audibly.

“A hot slut like you should be naked,” he whispered. “What’s your name?” he asked.
“Rebecca,” she said softly. ‘Oh, god,’ she thought, ‘this is so wrong, so wrong .’ And she knew that she was powerless to stop it.

“Well, Rebecca, let’s shop, shall we? He left his cart right where it was. “I’ll push your cart,” he said. “You just shop. Just like you were doing before.” He kept her panties wadded up in his hand.

Rebecca felt the cool air on her hot, wet slit, and she was trembling with lust.
“There,” he said, pointing to an item on a bottom shelf. She bent over in front of him, displaying her breasts. “Squat down, Rebecca,” he said. She felt absolutely powerless ; she squatted sideways, facing him. “Lift your dress,” he said. She lifted her skirt, exposing her inner thighs and naked, pouting sex to the man.

“Spread your legs,” he said throatily. Still squatting in her heels, holding her skirt up, she slowly widened her stance, spreading her knees wide. She could feel her wet gash splay open before his gaze.

“Very nice,” he smiled. They were getting into aisles with other people now. She still followed his directions. “That one, up there,” he pointed. She reached up, the blouse riding high up on her ribs, her naked ass cheeks visible under the hem of her skirt. He slipped a finger into her steaming slit, and she dropped the box she had reached for. When she bent to pick it up, he ran his hand down the front of her blouse, brushing his hand against her erect nipples. At that point, she would have lifted her skirt and let him fuck her right there in the aisle, if he had told her to.

Just like her husband had, he found humor in her discomfiture at the check out stand, as she fumbled for her checkbook. He escorted her out to her SUV, and he handed her the bags as she leaned in to put them away. She stood on one leg, the other one crooked out behind her, and he ran his hand up between her thighs, a finger probing her wetness. When the groceries were all in, he closed the back doors.

“Where to?” he asked her, just as natural as could be.

“Right here, ” she said huskily. She unlocked the back door and climbed into the back seat. He stood outside the door and watched as she rolled onto her back. She lifted her skirt around her waist and spread her knees. Still he stood there, framed in the doorway.

“Please, what, Rebecca?” he replied. She draped a forearm across her eyes.

“Please,” she said again, her face burning with guilt and shame. “Please fuck me.” He got in and closed the door. He sat in the seat, eyeing the lewdly spread woman. He wormed a finger into her, and she slowly undulated her ass on the leather seat.

“Are you sure, Rebecca? Are you sure you want me to fuck you?” he asked softly, his finger driving her mad.

“Oh, yesss,” she hissed. “Please…fuck me, fuck me now, oh, god,” she wailed, right on the edge of climax. He knelt on the seat and unbuckled his pants, pulling them to his knees. His cock was long, thick, and very hard.

“Is this want you want, Rebecca?” he asked, stroking his erection. She reached between her spread legs, took his cock in both hands and pulled him to her. She guided it to her needy, gaping, wet slit. When she felt his cock-head entering her, she put her arms around his neck.
“Oh, god yes,” she moaned, “please fuck me, please.” He slowly opened her, forcing a long, agonized moan from her, as his length slid fully into her. She felt his crotch hair grinding against the outside of her shaved slit., and his ball-sac pressing against the crack of her ass.

She exploded into orgasm, bucking and twisting on the seat, her cunt muscles spasming, milking his shaft. He smiled at her ; he was still hard. He slowly pumped into her, withdrawing a few inches, and pressing fully into her again. She climaxed again, the sounds of her moaning filling the air, as he continued to thrust into her, harder now, and she felt him tense, and as she felt him flood her womb with his hot sperm, she climaxes again.

The both lay there panting, catching their breath. Rebecca had just had the hottest sex she had ever experienced, but now she just wanted to get out of there. She pushed on the man’s chest, and as he got to his knees, pulling his softening penis from her, a flood of sperm, mingled with her own juices, flowed from her, pooling on the leather seat. She sat up, and crawled into the driver’s seat.

“Christ, Rebecca,” he said. “What’s your hurry? I was hoping we could…” She didn’t let him finish.

“Please,” she said harshly, “just go.” He got out of the vehicle and she started it up. As soon as he closed the door, she put it in gear and sped off. She looked in the rear view mirror. He was standing in the parking lot, holding her thong panties up in the air. As his figure diminished in the distance, it occurred to her that she didn’t even know his name.

It took Rebecca three or four days to get over what she had done. She felt incredibly guilty, but when she played the whole scene back in her mind, it aroused her instantly. Her husband still screwed her in the mornings before he went to work, but now, after he left, she would get her vibrator out and fantasize that it was the penis of a second man, entering her sperm-soaked cunt.

When shopping day rolled around again, she found herself laying out the short skirt and the same blouse and heels. She no longer had the thong panties, but she liked it better without them. She knew that none of the men would complain. And, who knows, maybe today she’d find two guys shopping together.

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