Entertaining the best friend

Author: LOVELY

For the last couple of years my wife Alicia and I have learned to enjoy our sex life. She was really a stunning beauty and real hot to fuck lady. I never forced her to do any thing wrong. She had started to get more and more slutty but never crossed the limits. She was always loyal to me and was only limited to me as long as I was knowing her.
Last month I told wife that my best friend from high school is coming to visit for several days. I did not want him to know about my wife’s new behaviour as he was going to meet her very first time. I did not want him to take the expression that my wife is a slut and an easy to buy whore. Therefore I made her mind to behave like some sober lady. After he moved away for collage, we kept missing each other whenever we’d go back home to visit our family. As the last 8 years passed, we both moved to different towns, but kept in touch via mutual friends.

I picked him up at the airport and although he was older, he hadn’t change all that much. Bob was about my height, had kept himself in decent shape, and was still good looking. After he arrived at my house and I gave him the grand tour. He complimented me on doing so well in my life and that he had only dreamt of making as much money as I’d been able to do. We had a couple of bears and chatted a while, getting caught up on each others lives.

When Alicia arrived at home she was looking really hot in a short sun dress. Bobs eyes almost popped out of his head as he thoroughly checked out Alicia’s firm breast and hard nipples poking through the flimsy material. It was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. Alicia behaved very well, politely thanking him for his compliments; this is a common response Alicia gets from most men when they meet her for the first time. And when she excused herself to go to the bathroom, Bob couldn’t tell me enough how luck I was “finding such a hot babe to marry.”

Alicia made dinner and we had a great time talking and getting tipsy from the two bottles of wine we drank with dinner. Then Alicia suggested I get a limo and that we take Bob out on the town and listen to some bands. The night was going well and Alicia wasn’t behaving like a slut so I agreed, and we hopped in a car an hour later.

The first club was had a great Jazz band and we took some seats at the bar and watched and talked for a while. Alicia stood between us and she and Bob were chatting a lot. Because of the noise level of the band I didn’t hear most of the conversation between the two of them although I noticed they were laughing quite a bit. After about 45 minutes I started feeling really dizzy. Thinking I drank too much I excused myself and went to the bathroom. Bob followed me and in the bathroom I stood in a stall for a while thinking I might be sick. From outside the stall Bob started to go off on how great and gorgeous Alicia was, and what a hot body she had. Then he actually said that in high school he’d never imagined I’d end up with such a good looking woman.

I was feeling really tired and now a little pissed off, so I came out and told him I wasn’t feeling well so we should just go home for the night. We all got in the car and I decided to close my eyes on the way home to rest. The next thing I remember Alicia is waking me up to take me into the house. I was so out of it they both helped me in out of the car and put me in bed. As I drifted off to sleep I looked at the clock and noticed it was 4am, almost five hours after we had left the bar.

I woke up again about 10am and felt really refreshed. I heard voices coming from the kitchen and found Bob and Alicia eating breakfast. The usual conversation took place, how are you? Did you recover from last night? Soon Bob excused himself saying he was going out for his business work in the town and would be back in the evening.

After he left I asked Alicia what happened last night, “If you don’t remember then I’m kind of afraid to tell you,” she answered.

My heart sank, “What do you mean, did you have sex with him?” I asked.

“Of course, you don’t remember saying that it was OK?”

“I didn’t say it was OK, what the hell are you talking about?”

Alicia told me that after I passed out in the car, Bob suggested they let me sleep in the car and hit another club and go dancing. At the next club he started hitting on her really hard. When they were dancing he was rubbing up against her, “That’s when I found out he has a huge cock” she said, “Of course that caught my interest, so we did a little dirty dancing and I let him rub my ass and grind his hard cock on me. We had a few more drinks and while we were standing at the bar he slid his hand up under the back of my dress and rubbed my pussy through my thong; which by the way, some guys sitting at a table behind us enjoyed watching. The whole time he’s rubbing my clit he’s making me incredibly hot by describing in explicit detail how he would love to eat me and fuck me right there and in the men’s bathroom. I was getting way too hot so before I got too deep I suggested we leave.”

She said that they came back to the car and I woke up briefly. Supposedly, Alicia sat beside me and with Bob sitting across from us. He asked me to pull her dress up to my waist and he slipped his fingers under my thong and into my pussy while he kissed me. “I whispered to you asking if it were OK for me and Bob to play and you said, ‘sure’” Alicia told me. “Then you passed out again on the way to the next club.

“The next place was a wild hip hop club. But before we went in Bob asked me for my thong, and then told me to go in first and wait for him at the bar. I had to remove my thong and handed it over to him which he left with me while I was out of my conscious. That’s when I found out that Bob is a sick and kinky guy. He told me to dance with the most attractive guy who asked me, and not to ‘hold back’.”

Alicia said she went into the club and almost everyone was black. It was very dark and on her way to the bar several guys felt her bare ass under her dress, and three guys who she had no interest in asked her to dance before she made it to the bar. She said she ordered a drink and two very cute black guys started some small talk with her and bought her drink, “they asked me if I was with someone and I told them I was and he was coming later but he suggested I get warmed up on the dance floor before he got there, and in no time I was dirty dancing with one of them.”

She said he had his hands all over her and the other guy soon came over and she danced sandwiched between the two of them with their “hard cocks and roaming hands. It was very hot,” she told me. “These guys quickly discovered I wasn’t wearing any underwear and were commenting on how wet and good I felt. Of course they didn’t have to tell me that!” she laughed. “I was pretty drunk by then,” Alicia continued “and they had worked me into the corner of the club and had taken their cocks out and were trying to fuck me right there. They were cute enough and they both had beautiful cocks, but not knowing who these guys were, I told them I’d scream and make a scene if they didn’t stop.

“That’s when Bob showed up” she said. “He handed each of them a condom and told them to go ahead and fuck me! I stood there dumbfounded for a couple of moments but I was so fucking turned on I decided, what the hell? Then Bob suggested we go to the men’s room so other guys can watch. At this point I’m thinking that your friend Bob is a really freaky kink, and I’m loving it! So in the bathroom there were 4 stalls and Bob takes me to the handicapped one and orders me to strip and put my hands on the back of the toilet. I strip off my dress and in the buff do what he says. The first guy slides his cock in me and goes off almost immediately. The second guy takes his place and is fucking me so hard it hurt, but I start coming making lots of noise. I looked over my shoulder and lots of guys are standing around the door watching me being fucked by this black guy and Bob’s got his dick out standing beside me jerking off like he was next. Bob pulls my thong our of his pocket and holds it up so everyone can see what it is then shoves it in my mouth telling me to keep the noise level down. After a few minutes longer a couple of bouncers break through the crowd and pulled the guy off of me. They told me to get dressed and then throw the four of us out of the club.”

Alicia said that Bob invited the guys into the limo and while I slept they drove around and fucked her one at a time for over an hour. She said that she even sucked on my dick while being fucked by Bob but I didn’t wake up or get hard.

After dropping the two black guys off, they went to one more after hours club and she said at that club they let Bob eat her pussy then fuck her on the bar stool while about a dozen or so people watched. “Bob came inside me and when we got back in the limo to come home he made me sit on your face and rub my come filled pussy in your mouth.

“It was one fucking hot night baby,” she asked.
at that time I had got so hard that I could not hold my self so I started to fuck my wife at that point in the sofa.
When Bob came back in the evening he came to knew that my wife has told me every thing and that I have no objection so he became very happy and we all started to fuck my wife once again.
Bob has promised us that he will not to tell anyone else about this, and Alicia told him that if he keeps our secret he can visit us anytime for more fun and games.

On the way to the airport Bob confessed to me that when we got to the first club that night with the limo, he had slipped 20 mgs of valium in my drink so he could take advantage of my wife, and you know what…I’m glad he did.

I know this is all very strange, I never imagined my life would be like this, but for right now, I wouldn’t want it to be any other way.

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