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She glanced over at the clock for the tenth time in just as many minutes as the need for a cigarette was making it hard to concentrate on the typing she was supposed to be doing. She stretched slowly, arching her back as she closed her eyes for a moment to try to calm her frazzled nerves, unaware as her full breasts strained the thin material, the nipples pressed tight against it. She sighed softly and then silently cursed the fool that had insisted in going with her at lunch so she had been unable to have a cigarette.

She looked up as the office manager started moving toward her desk, a slight frown on his face as he watched her, noticing that she was not busy on the report he had given her some time ago. She groaned, ducking her head to get back to work on the boring paper that she was trying to make sense out. He came to stand beside her desk as he watched her busy herself with typing once again and then he slowly wandered off again. She watched him go out of the corner of her eye, her mind roving over his hard ass as he moved between the desks, then shaking her head at the thought that followed, a tiny wicked laugh escaped her lips. On the tail of the laugh the break bell sounded, signaling the mad rush out to the break room, everyone jumping up from their desks scurrying out for coffee, a snack or just a well needed smoke.

“Miss Harmon.” He spoke softly as he had returned to her desk while she had been grabbing her pack of cigarettes out of the drawer.

She flinched at the sound of his voice and then slowly looked up to meet his bland look. “Yes Mr. Avery? I was just going out to smoke. I am almost done with the report and will have it shortly for you.”

“I would like to have a word with you in my office, you can bring your cigarettes in there. Since it is my private office, smoking is allowed.” He replied as he moved back, waiting for her to come with him.

She walked toward his office, running over in her mind what she might have done wrong that would warrant getting called there and coming up with nothing out of the norm. He held the door open to the outer office and then gestured for her to go on into the smaller inner office as well, pausing as he watched her enter the room, turning on the light before he locked the outer door.

He followed her into the small inner office and crossed around her to take a seat at the desk that took up most of the space in the room. Her eyes followed as he sat down and then looking around she found the other chair in the room.

“May I sit down sir?” she asked before moving toward the chair.

“Yes bring it closer, the cleaning people moved it all the way over there. Yes, bring it up to the desk. I think I have an ashtray here in the desk for you to use as well.” He replied as he started opening up a drawer.

She sat on the edge of the chair, her hand fidgeting with the small lighter from her pack of cigarettes. The desire for one was strong, burning inside, but the worry about what he wanted to talk to her about almost keeping the need at bay. Her other hand had already taken a cigarette out and was rolling it back and forth between her long slender fingers as her hazel eyes continued their watch on him.

He straightened up from the reaching into the bottom drawer, a small glass ashtray clasp in his hand. “I knew I had one somewhere, here it is for you Ms. Harmon.” He said as he laid it on the edge of the desk. “Go ahead, light up, I know you have been counting the seconds out there. I could tell that you were.”

She placed the thin white tube to her crimson lips, closing them around the tip of the filter to hold it steady as she worked the lighter to get a flame. Her eyes narrowing as she concentrated on getting the cigarette light and she did not see his eyes watching her mouth capture and hold the end lightly. A faint gasp escaped his lips as he watched her draw in that first breathe and then smiling slightly he leaned back in his chair, continuing to watch her as she took several more quick puffs on the cigarette before she put it down in the ash tray and turn her full attention on him.

“Better?” he asked.

“Yes thank you. Do you smoke?” she asked him politely.

“No, my ex wife did and I enjoyed watching her smoke, the curl of the smoke, the way she held the cigarette all very well. Erotic I guess is the best word for it.” He replied.

“That is nice Sir. How can I help you?” She asked, more than a little nervous now.

“I was wondering if you would like to be my secretary Ms Harmon. As I am sure you know, Ms Bailey left to get married and I have not filled that position. You would be able to smoke in the office, as this is a private area. I know not perhaps the most appealing benefit but one at least I can offer. I believe there is a slight raise that goes with the position but really being able to smoke in here when ever you want it pretty much the biggest thing I have to offer you.” He told her.

She knew from conversations from Betty, his previous secretary that the work had not been hard and he didn’t yell as some of the other managers did at their help. The thought of being able to have a cigarette whenever she wanted to was very appealing all by itself. She found herself nodding as she said, “Yes Sir I would like that very much’

“Excellent, excellent. You can move your things in now and get the desk all set up, as you like. Give that report to someone else to finish. Ms Harmon, now I know that this is a little personal and the only reason I ask is so I know if you are able to work late at times without having to upset personal lives. Are you married, have a boyfriend? People that need you home every night at a certain time?” he queried.

“No Sir. I am single and the cat knows where the cat food bowl is. I did remember that Betty sometimes came in later and stayed later.” She replied.

“Yes sometimes I have meetings in the morning, and there is no reason for you to be here at 8 when I will not even be in the office until noon. That is good then, you will be able to come in later at times and then stay later in the evening. It works itself out I think in the long run. Well go get your things and set up the office Ms Harmon.” He said, dismissing her as he turned to other work.

She picked up her purse and then rose from the chair, crossing over to leave the office only pausing to drop her purse on the desk in the outer room. He watched avidly as her slender body moved beneath the tight skirt, his eyes glued to it until she moved around the door and back down the hall. His eyes drifted over to the ashtray that was left behind, the cigarette burning slowly down. A thin wisp of smoke curled above the chair drifting on the air-conditioning. His body reacted to that sight, growing hard as he imaged her holding the cigarette and blowing that smoke upward as he moved inside her.

A thin smile curved his full lips as he thought once more on the new woman that he had selected and he murmured softly, “Yes it will work itself out my dear Ms Harmon, work it self out very well I think.”

His hand reached down and slowly slipped his hard cock out of his pants. Wrapping his fingers around the hard shaft, the purple head exposed as he slowly stroked up and down it, his eyes closing as he once again imagined her body beneath him, a cigarette between her lips as he slammed in and out of her tight pussy, each stroke breaking the smoke up as he took her from behind. His hand sped up as he felt himself coming closer and closer to coming, the thought of her tight ass pressing back against him as he buried his cock in and out of her pussy driving him on. The force of his orgasms surprised him as he watched the stream arch in the air, striking the top of his desk, pooling there. A small smile curved his lips as he reached for a napkin to wipe the white liquid up, softly murmuring again. “Yes Ms Harmon, I am sure it work out very well.”

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