Mr Spraycan – case 2

Ms Eggers: “I told him I usually enjoyed it, if I liked the man well enough. But he was sure the first dude that had me blowing spunk bubbles for him. Both of them were laughing about that.”

Sergeant Grafton: “Did the Geek ask you for your name and address?”

Ms Eggers: “No. Would you have expected him too?”

Sergeant Grafton: “I was thinking about your belief that there’s been more of these assaults which have never been reported. Maybe he’s been sending pictures like this to the victims to make them keep quiet. If he had asked you for your details, would you have answered, do you think?”

Ms Eggers: “Oh, yes.”

Sergeant Grafton: “And would you have told him the truth?”

Ms Eggers: “Surely; that’s what I’ve been trying to explain all along. It never occurred to me not to do whatever he wanted me to. It was like the most important thing I could do, keeping him happy. crazy, hey? I mean, look at me here, getting ready to lick off his buddy’s cock because that’s what he told me to do.”

Sergeant Grafton: “So he could be using photos as blackmail material against his victims?”

Ms Eggers: “Perhaps, but I doubt it. Somehow it just doesn’t seem important enough to bother about afterwards. Not to me it doesn’t, anyway. I think it may be the same for the others. I think maybe these guys are finding out they’re too good at keeping things quiet. That’s why they’ve gotten bored and decided to show off how clever they are by sending the pictures to the cops.”

Sergeant Grafton: “Yeah, I guess that’s the way I read it to. So taking these pics is probably a new thing with them.”

Ms Eggers: “And if I don’t press any charges nobody else ever gets to see these photos, right?”

Sergeant Grafton: “Right.”

Ms Eggers: “So I guess I can’t see the ones of the other girl in the woods?”

Sergeant Grafton: “No, no way, Jay.”

Ms Eggers: “Pity . . . I was wondering if they were as good as mine. I suppose the Geek had her lick both guys afterwards as well?”

Sergeant Grafton: “I can’t say anything about that, Jay. But if I were in your position, I think I’d be worried that I was still behaving like a trained monkey.”

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