Mr Spraycan – case 2

Ms Eggers: “I was just thinking that I got offered a big banana myself. But I had to keep asking for it.”

Sergeant Grafton: “Howso?”

Ms Eggers: “Well, like, once he was inside me the monkeyman just waited there, without coming all the way in, while the Geek told me to look sexy as I was having my tits squeezed.”

Sergeant Grafton: “Did you get any sort of feeling on the relationship between the two of them? Was the Geek in charge, would you say?”

Ms Eggers: “I guess so, but not by much, if you know what I mean. I guess he has the spraycan, so that made him the boss. But I’ll tell you one thing, they sure worked like a team. Like they’d worked out everything they were going to do and it was a long way from being the first time they’d done this. I think they’ve had a lot more girls than just the two of us you know about.”

Sergeant Grafton: “Shit! You think so?”

Ms Eggers: “Now I know about this gas, or whatever, I’m sure about it. I mean, look at the way they’ve got me set up here. Hanging off the end of this guy’s cock and begging for it.”

Sergeant Grafton: “More self control than the average man, I guess. Or more practice?”

Ms Eggers: “More practice, Julie. I think this stud has gone through more women lately than Warren Beatty has had in his entire life.”

Sergeant Grafton: “I checked our records — there’s been no other reports until now of any other attacks being made using this gas.”

Ms Eggers: “I don’t think the girls involved have reported them. Not if my experience is any guide: how could I call out rape when I’d just walked off with a guy? If the same thing happened to the other chicks they wouldn’t have said anything either. And what happens when the defense counsel produces a picture like this? It looks like I’m really getting off on having my ashes hauled.”

Sergeant Grafton: “Jay, I have to say I’ve also noticed something with you that I noticed with the other girl who was photographed. I’ve noticed that neither of you seem terribly upset by the experience.”

Ms Eggers: “Well, no, I guess not. The Geek said afterwards that everything was cool and I wasn’t to worry about it, so I haven’t.”

Sergeant Grafton: “Do you think you’d feel the same if you saw the last shots that were taken?”

Ms Eggers: “I don’t know: show them to me and then I’ll tell you.”

Sergeant Grafton: “OK, if you want me to.”

Ms Eggers: “Yes, that was the way he decided to finish off. Gave me enough stroke to get me hot and happy, and then he told me to open my mouth and give him some head.”

Sergeant Grafton:”Did you try in any way to avoid giving him oral sex?”

Ms Eggers: “No, I was told to do it.”

Sergeant Grafton: “Hmmm. And how do you feel about looking at this picture?”

Ms Eggers: “Wow! And that’s all the come I didn’t swallow straight off — the guy’s balls must have been as full as balloons.”

Sergeant Grafton: “You don’t feel any anger or revulsion about a couple of men forcing you to be photographed looking like this?”

Ms Eggers: “Maybe I should but it doesn’t seem like any big deal. They enjoyed themselves, I wasn’t hurt, and the Geek said it was OK. But what would upset me is for my partner to see these. I suppose there are some more comeshots there?”

Sergeant Grafton: “Yes, several of them.”

Ms Eggers: “Yes, I remember that one: the Geek told me I had to keep on swallowing it until I’d got it all down. Slimy stuff, isn’t it?”

Sergeant Grafton: “Well . . . Jay, you said the Geek talked to you while you were waiting for the car. What did you say when he asked you if you enjoyed having oral sex with a man?”

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