Mr Spraycan – case 2

Sergeant Grafton: “Yes, if you want to. Anything you want to tell me might be helpful. Even if it’s only what sequence they were taken in.”

Ms Eggers: “I guess this is number two. That driver didn’t waste any time on foreplay. He just put me over a tree stump on my belly and came at me doggy style. And the other guy, the Geek, he was chuckling and using the camera all the time it was going on.”

Sergeant Grafton: “Did you resist, or call out for help, or ask them to leave you alone?”

Ms Eggers:”No, I was just wishing he’d waited until I was, like, ready for him. The guy was hung like a bull.”

Sergeant Grafton: “So, what happened next?”

Ms Eggers: “Let me see the pictures — yes, that’s probably the next one. When I was starting to enjoy it.”

Sergeant Grafton: “Starting to enjoy it?”

Ms Eggers: “Well, like I tried to explain, I only seemed to be able to think about what was going on from minute to minute, and I was in the mood. Like, not having a care in the world and feeling hot. And he was a real stud. When he started getting into me I did enjoy it, I can’t deny. Look, see what I mean?”

Sergeant Grafton: “And how do you feel about it now, Jay?”

Ms Eggers: “I feel a lot better knowing I haven’t gone crazy after all.”

Sergeant Grafton: “If we catch these guys, will you file charges against them?”

Ms Eggers: “Catch them first, then come back and ask me. By the time they’ve emptied out that can of bitch control gas you’ll probably have a coach load of women to choose from.”

Sergeant Grafton: “Alright, Jay, leaving that to one side, what did they say while they were with you? Can you remember anything at all that either of them said that might help us identify them?”

Ms Eggers: “No, I guess not. The guy who laid me first hardly said a word, except when he wanted me to suck his dick. And apart from what I’ve already told you, about the only other things the Geek told me was how to pose for his camera. Here, see here? He told me to turn over onto my back, shut my eyes and concentrate on feeling that big cock fucking me.”

Sergeant Grafton: “Was there any kind of accent you could detect in either voice?”

Ms Eggers:”No, none at all.”

Sergeant Grafton: “No distinguishing features?”

Ms Eggers: “Well, one’s got a big cock, and one’s got a medium sized one, and they’ve probably both got big smiles on their faces.”

Sergeant Grafton: “Doesn’t it seem odd to you to be saying something like that, Jay? Under the circumstances?”

Ms Eggers: “I’m sorry, but I can only tell you the truth. I was kidnapped by two strange men, fucked by both of them, I sucked them both off them, and came home with a belly full of donated sperm. Who they were, I don’t know, but if I see them on the street one day I’ll let you know. Say, I didn’t notice him taking this shot from this angle.”

Sergeant Grafton: “About the only thing I know for sure about the Geek right now is that he seems to know all the angles.”

Ms Eggers: “I guess he’s going to be a problem for you for a while.”

Sergeant Grafton: “A problem! Some scumbag mailing us full color pictures of his latest rape victim every week, and we can’t do a thing about it. Yes, that’s a problem, and if the media get hold of the story, it’s a problem that could put me back on traffic control.”

Ms Eggers: “Shit! He wouldn’t send the photos to the papers, would he?”

Sergeant Grafton: “I don’t understand why he hasn’t done it already. Or maybe he’s making up a good collection of victims before he finally sends them in. Does that mean I’ve finally got your full attention, Jay. Like your male friend here seems to have?”

Ms Eggers: “He’s not my friend, I told you that. He’s not even an acquaintance: he’s just a guy giving me some very good sex.”

Sergeant Grafton: “But not so good that you want to go public with it?”

Ms Eggers: “My partner’s idea of a threesome is me, him and another chick, not me and two other guys. I don’t want him to know about this.”

Sergeant Grafton: “Yeah, I can understand that. You especially wouldn’t want him to see a picture of you getting screwed by a strange guy and licking your lips over it.”

Ms Eggers: “The Geek told me to do that. And to suck the guy’s fingers when he put them into my mouth.”

Sergeant Grafton: “Oh, yes, the other guy, the nameless car driver with a face like a monkey who showed you his big end.”

Ms Eggers: “That’s it, that’s where I’ve smelt something like that blanket before! In the Zoo, in the monkey house!”

Sergeant Grafton: “I thought that might just be a possibility, but I didn’t want to suggest it to you directly in case I influenced your thinking.”

Ms Eggers: “What do you mean, Julie?”

Sergeant Grafton: “When you mentioned that the blankets smelt of animals the thought crossed my mind that maybe this guy would have had to do a lot of experiments to get his gas right to work on humans. So maybe he keeps chimpanzees or monkeys for the same reason a lot of labs do, because they’re the closest animals to humans.”

Ms Eggers: “That’s smart thinking.”

Sergeant Grafton: “If I was smart, I’d have thought of it days ago. What are you smiling at?”

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