She rubbed her cold tits, then reached up and slid her wet clothing into the ridge above her. The bra dangled enticingly near Jason’s face. He leaned close to it and inhaled.
“Sniff all you want, I want what comes off next,” the First Mate said, looking at her ass. She smiled and shucked off her shoes, then rolled down her socks and handed them to the First Mate. He scowled and tossed them against the side of the tent.

Mandy grabbed the belt on her trousers, then stopped, looking around the spacious raft.
“Well?” she asked, looking from one face to another.
“Well what, do you want us to turn around?” the First Mate sneered.
“No, but I don’t see why I’m stripping alone.”

“Because you are the best form of entertainment for hundreds of miles around,” the First Mate said, but he began pulling on his shirt. The other’s followed his example.
Mandy forced her pants down and off her ankles. Sitting naked and cold in her white panties, she suddenly felt dirty. She looked through the opening of the tent, only to see the white flesh of the Captain bobbing outside the door.

“We really do have to get rid of him,” she said in disgust. “I want to take a bath.”
“I’ll take care of it,” the First Mate said. He laboriously hacked off a hand, stuck it in the compartment outside, with the life ring, then pushed the body away. The wind had picked up again. It quickly separated the raft from the waterlogged body. With a shiver, Mandy slid over the side, into the freezing water. She washed quickly, under her arms and between her legs. In seconds, she was scrambling up the small four runged ladder. She fell into the raft, shivering. Jason quickly covered her shivering body with her plastic rain jacket.

“You are beautiful,” he whispered in her ear. She looked at him, shivering half to death, and gave him a brave smile.
“So who’s first?” the First Mate asked casually.
“I… Jason,” she shivered, turning to face the men. “I want Jason to fuck me first, but I will go down on one of the other three.”

“I’m all for that,” the First Mate smiled. She nodded and crawled near him.
“Wh… what do I do?” Jason asked nervously.
“Here, I’ll talk you through it,” Mat said eagerly.
“Oh, oh, he’s in trouble now,” Peter joked. He moved closer to Mandy and took her hanging breasts into his hands.

“Oh hell, that feels good,” Mandy gasped, looking down at his gently kneading hands. The First Mate was now naked. He spread his legs and coaxed Mandy forward. Mandy crawled between his legs and lowered her mouth to his cock. It had gotten hard in anticipation.

Mandy felt her panties being jerked off her ass. She closed her legs so the panties could be taken off without destroying them. In a moment she lifted her feet and the panties thrown across the tent. Naked, but not overly-cold, Mandy spread her legs wide. She felt several hands caressing her perfectly rounded ass. In another moment one mouth glued itself to her pussy and began sucking. The tongue began probing her young, tasty pussy flesh. A second mouth began kissing the rounded cheeks of her ass. It licked and kissed her pleasantly-shaped ass liberally, then concentrated on licking her asshole. She moaned in delight. This elicited a sympathetic moan from the stolid features of the First Mate.

Peter pushed the First Mate’s leg aside and laid beneath Mandy. His mouth began feasting on her ample left breast.

Mandy was in absolute heaven. She desperately wanted to feel a cock plunge up inside her pussy, but the combined forces of three mouths was pleasure enough for any woman. She knew that a cock in her pussy, would preclude a mouth on her ass. She liked the mouth reaming her asshole. Nobody had ever done that too her before. It created a warm, pleasant heat in her ass.
Peter’s mouth on her breast was absolute heaven. The warmth and electric thrills from his mouth spread throughout her chest and down to her pussy. The mouth in her pussy licked her and there, as if tasting every little portion of her woman sex. It finally concentrated on her clit and began licking it brutally. Mandy moaned and nearly bit the First Mate’s cock. He felt the teeth on his cock and hissed. His hand went to the back of her head, then rested there as she bobbed up and down on his stiff manhood.

Mat pulled Mandy’s ass cheeks apart and tried to stick his tongue inside her ass. His forehead was pressed against Jason’s, who eagerly licked he clit, occasionally sucking it into his mouth. Finally he dropped his mouth to the lower part of her cunt, inserted his tongue into her vulva, and tongue fucked her as quickly as he could. He could taste her abundant juices. The combination of sea salt and her natural sweet lubricant were amazing. He had never smelled or tasted anything so erotic.

“I need to fuck her,” Jason gasped. Mat reluctantly backed away. He crawled on his knees around Mandy and laid on his back so he could nurse on her right breast. Mandy loved this change, but not as much as she loved the touch of a hard cock at the entrance to her pussy. She paused, waiting for that first initial thrust. When it came she cried out around the First Mate’s cock and sank all the way down to it’s base, like a sword swallower. He moaned and held the back of her head, forcing her to stay down for several minutes. He finally released her as she began to struggle for breath. By that time Jason was pounding away at her ass. She was heating up quickly, about to have a major orgasm. She was afraid that Jason just wouldn’t care. He would continue on until he was satisfied. She clamped her pussy shut around him, trying to hold him in place for a moment and slow him down. It only served to intensify the feeling inside her womanhood. The thrill she received from the cock plunging in and out was enormous. At times she even forgot to pleasure the First Mate. He didn’t seem to mind, he knew that prolonging his blowjob would only intensify his orgasm.

Mat and Peter nursed on her tits like a pair of twins. They sucked and caressed her soft flesh, intensifying her pleasure even more. She was in absolute heaven. Nothing had even come close to the pleasure she was feeling. Now she saw the advantages to an orgy, and knew why it was so popular. She didn’t know it was possible to feel so much pleasure, from so many different areas. Even the blowjob she gave the First Mate, gave her pleasure. She needed something to suck, while going through so much intense enjoyment. Everything felt absolutely perfect.

It was no wonder that her orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks. At one moment she was marveling at the heat and electric jolts of pleasure in her lower body, then her orgasm hit her instantly. She screamed, holding the First Mate’s cock in her hand and pumping it absently, while her pussy spasmed around Jason’s cock. He continued plunging in and out of her pussy, even while she was coming. She cried softly, enduring the savage thrusts of Jason’s cock, his pounding hips, and the wonderful way his balls pounded against her clit. As she became sensitive, she tried to pull away for force him back, but he ignored her futile efforts. Suddenly he cried out and stiffened, jerking against her lush ass and moaning loudly, while his cum filled her hot pussy. The juices combined to create a great heat in her womanhood. Her loins were boiling, already anticipating a second good fucking. She continued to fist the First Mate’s cock. He began moaning and tried to force her hand down on his cock. Suddenly realizing why he was so urgent, she dropped to her elbows and engulfed his cock with her open lips. She was just in time. His cock began spurting thick white cream into her waiting lips. She swallowed urgently, until she caught up with the spurting liquid, then sucked gently until his orgasm stopped and the flow of cream as well. She sucked for a moment, despite his objections, then licked the head clean, before sitting up on her heels.

One good thing about making love in a raft, was that her knees didn’t hurt. They were well-padded. Mandy went to the opening in the tent, sat on the rubber inner-tube, and spread her legs wide. With four eager eyes watching, she managed to wash her pussy clean. She slid back inside, then noticed something pulling on the rope, surrounding the raft.

“The rope is moving,” she pointed.
“The fishing lines,” Mat gasped, racing forward. He wrapped the line around his knife handle so he could pull the fish into the boat. It was a very large fish, a variety of drum.
“Food,” Mat said joyously.
“We won’t starve today,” Mandy said happily.

“Our turn,” Peter said anxiously, grabbing Mandy’s right breast. Mat nodded in agreement. He checked the now frayed piece of the Captain’s arm, then tossed the line over the side. The fish flopped on the raft floor near the First Mate. He retrieved his knife, from the sheath on his belt, held the fish by the gills, and skewered it’s head. He tossed it into the unused side of the raft, while refolding his knife.

“He’ll probably go fifteen pounds,” he said in satisfaction. “Could last us for several days.”
“We can’t cook it, should we dry it?” Mandy asked.
“Naw, we need all the moisture we can get. Dip it in salt water for a while and it will taste just fine. You’ll be surprised.”
“Our turn,” Mat said urgently.
“Yes, I’m sorry,” Mandy said sweetly. She had been told once that if a man needed sex badly, his balls would hurt. The way Mat was holding his hand on his crotch, reinforced that theory.
“While you guys are fucking, I’m going to eat,” the First Mate said, crawling toward the fish.
“Let me wash up first,” Mandy said, then giggled when she saw the First Mate pause with the fish in his hand. He smiled and shook the fish, then flipped out his knife.

“I would like to eat you,” Mat said hesitantly.
“I just fucked her,” Peter said in disgust.
“Hey, that doesn’t ruin it, you know,” Mandy said. “All is need is somebody to hold my feet while I wash it out.”
Mat nodded and moved closer. Mandy sat on the inner-tube, in the opening, and slid her ass out over the water. While Mat held her feet, to keep her from falling, she opened her pussy with the fingers of her left hand, while flushing it out with her right.

“That’s fucking cold,” Mandy growled.
“I’ll warm it up again,” Mat promised.
“BBBBLLLLLLLAAAAAATTTTTTT!!!” the raft vibrated under the blast of an air horn. Mandy screamed and pulled herself into the raft. She peeked out to see a huge oil tanker bobbing to the South, less that a mile away.
“Holy shit,” she said, grabbing clothes and throwing them on. “It’s a ship!”
The First Mate stopped chewing. He looked at the raw fish in his hand and tossed it across the raft. He wiped his hands and started dressing as well.

“But it was our turn,” Mat objected as he watched Mandy’s smooth ass sliding into a pair of pants. She gave him an amazed look and buttoned her shirt.

“The world is full of ass, fuckhead, but the ocean is not full of ships,” the First Mate said, pulling on his shoes. “Which would you rather do, fuck and die, or live and pick up a piece of ass later?”
Mat looked from Mandy to the First Mate, thinking hard.
“I’m flattered,” Mandy laughed. “There’s a boat coming.”
The First Mate destroyed the raft before stepping into the lifeboat. He watched with a sad look as it sank from site.

“It’s only a raft,” Mandy said, putting an arm on his shoulder.
“No, it’s the last piece of the Victoria, and the last we will see of the Captain. I suppose we should have returned his arm for burial, but I’m not touching the damned thing.”
They were welcomed aboard. The crew was immediately ushered to their own quarters, a stateroom for Mandy, and berthing with the crew for the guys. It was good to get warm and full. It was good to see bright light and people. But Mat still had one grip.

“Oh, ok,” Mandy said as they sipped coffee. “Get Jason and come down to my cabin,” she said with a forlorned look. Mat jumped to his feet and ran off. Mandy smiled and finished her coffee.
“You finally told him,” the First Mate said, walking up behind her.

“Yeah. I figured he’d suffered long enough. You dropping by later?”
“Sure, I could use a good fuck, and you certainly are a good one. We are three days from New York, have fun,” he said, walking off chuckling.
“Oh I will,” she whispered, looking around the mess decks at the crew, who looked back at her with a great deal of interest. Of the thirty faces around her, only three were women, and two of those looked interested.
“Oh I certainly will,” she sighed happily.

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