Liana’s 2nd date with the unknown man

Author: tmatnb

Title:: Liana’s 2nd date with the unknown man

As you recall from the blind date story, Liana had with Bill from the BBW site, he got Liana off with his finger, there was no sex although he had a nice hard dick for her. The tease she is left him hanging. I just hate it when she does that to me. Well this time she went further.

My girlfriend Liana is a cute white BBW, curvy in all the best ways and quite a busty chick, standing 5’11, age 30. She is an intense, passionate erotic woman, with a naughty side to her. She has her own home in a small southern town. Liana and I have been together for almost a year now. We have an on and off open relationship. We are similar people, both being naughty, intense, caring for one another’s interests and we are absolutely wild sexually. I have a voyeuristic passion for her naughtiness and this story describes her second date with Bill.

Liana’s date Bill stands 5’8, he weighs about 200 LB, average looking middle aged guy. I saw some of their chat logs and pictures, he sounds like he could be able to teach Liana something from his experiences. He got her off on their first meeting and she left him with a boner, wanting her even more.

Her first date was 2 weeks ago with Bill, since then we have screwed a few times and now he has begun calling her for more. She said to me, he misses her and she likes the attention of another guy wanting to have her. I was kind of jealous yet also quite turned on by her newly found friend. I’m sure she knew it, since we openly discuss things in our relationship. Liana has set up a second date for this weekend, and i’m OK with her fucking another cock, as long as she tells me im still the hottest lover to her and allows me to see others.

When Liana and I are together, we have wild passionate sex with great orgasms, together and separately. I will never forget when she demanded that I eat her sweet pussy the first time. We were passionately making out for a long time, feeling each other up and down and she wanted my skilled tongue to take her ‘over the edge’ and I was all over that. Until this, I never had a chick tighten her pussy up enough to experience a screaming explosive orgasm where she actually squirts all over my face as im licking her hot wet sweet hole. After the first wild orgasm I gave her, we both knew what wild sex we would engage in, and we sure have had a lot of fun together. I will admit, I have some jealousy towards her and this guy Bill, I always want her to see me as the kinkiest dream lover in her world and I do what it takes to keep our sex lives wild unpredictable and HOT!

Last night I made sure she would have a challenge from him to out do me. I just love eating her pussy especially after we shower together and get nice and clean thus allowing our mutual oral fetishes to flourish. I just had to have her, she was so horny, and her wild side was coming out, days before she went off with Bill. We went to the bedroom and went at it, I need to cum, as she whispered in my ear while licking it so gently. I gave her the treatment she so deserved as I let my tongue do what my mind thought dreamed of. I love to kiss her thighs and rub my thumb on her clit and she squirms and then just stop cold as she is getting into my rythm. I am in full control, she knows it, loves it and gets so mad at me for holding her off, but it leads her to even more explosive orgasms. As I begin kissing and taking some nice long licks on her sweet wet creamy pussy, I’m taking her to the height of ecstasy and then slowing down again. Suddenly, I took my tongue and flicked it on the sides of her big wet clit as I sucked it into my waiting mouth and heard her moan, I again slowed the tempo as I began to move lower with my tongue. This time I blew her away as I took my tongue below her pussy hole into the spot, which is forbidden fruit, the land between her anus and pussy and made her shake as it tickled her so nicely, it was so fucking hot. I kept her there for a moment and she begged me to make her cum, she was in heat, I LOVE IT! I then went all out forcing her legs as high as I could and she grabbed her ankles and held wide open for me as I took my wild tongue and licked her anus. YES YES YES she screamed, she went into convulsions as she came so intensely squirting juice from her pussy for 10 seconds straight all over my face!! This was so hot, I had to fuck her hard after that and we both came again at the same time during 15 minutes of hard pounding, while making out passionately. I was a bit jealous of her upcoming date and do not want Bill to be better than I. So I left her with this mind blowing session before her date later in the week. She is the just the wildest lover, I’ve ever imagined doing.

Well here is what she said to me about how their second date went. He came to her house and they had a couple drinks and were kissing wildly again. She said he was hard in no time, no wonder, she left him hanging from the first date. She likes to kiss and suck cock, so soon enough Liana has his dick in her mouth and gets him real hard and leaves him hanging, yet again. She will not let anyone cum in her mouth, only those few she really likes to be with, im one of the lucky ones and I know it.

She releases him from her wet mouth and kisses him, he is turned off by that. What a wuss! So she puts a condom on his boner, and has him fuck her while she is on her back, with her legs spread wide. She describes in detail how he pumps her pretty good and cums, she does not, he cannot hold it, lasting 2 minutes at best. Im laughing at her as were kissing away while she tells me her story, It’s now 3 days after they fucked.

They sit for 30 minutes, kiss a little and talk. She likes the closeness after sex, it also gives him time to get aroused again. She gets horny again, needing to cum, rubs his cock until it’s hard and she tells Bill to lick her wet pussy. He does not want to, but he fingers her as he did on their first date. I sure would have dove into her gooey used pussy, I love it when she gets downright nasty and super horny, what a bum this guy sounds like. She puts on another condom and tells him she needs to cum this time. Liana tells him she likes sex a little naughty, unlike the first quickie. She takes charge and is stroking his dick nice and hard under the condom. I saw in a picture a couple weeks back of his hard dick, it is a bit smaller than mine but still around 7” long. He responds as she makes it clear how she likes it rough, but just a bit.

When we are together, she likes me to give her a surprise spanking and have her beautiful hair pulled as her head is forced back while on all 4’s with her nice sexy ass in the air. One time I stuck my finger in her ass as we fucked doggie style, she went nuts as I smacked her ass, putting her into an orgasmic bliss!

She gives the details to me, being laid out doggie style for Bill, as he enters her hot wet hairy pussy from behind. She is loose from the first round, he goes nice and deep. She said to me, he liked to talk dirty and was calling her hot and slutty, describing how she gets so nasty on the phone when they talk. Telling her how hard his cock gets during her graphic late night chat sessions. She loves the naughtiness and control as she smiles to me, fully knowing how much I absolutely love the chat sessions we have had. Liana is really getting fucked good as she talks dirty to Bill telling him what angle to fuck her at. She said at one point when she began to beg for him to go harder, he reached foreword and stuck his finger in her mouth shutting her up. She really appeared to like that, and detailed to me, how his forceful big dick pounding her pussy while she was sucking his finger, which was in her pussy earlier, suddenly put her ‘over the edge’ and she squirted as he went harder into her womb and he cums from her tightness. That got me hard as she described her crazy orgasm and winked at me. I just rammed my tongue in her mouth and we made out for a while. How kinky and hot this is, as she tells me about another lover fucking her silly. The best part was when Liana said, she squirted while visioning me rubbing my cock in the room watching them. How hot, she was thinking of me as he talks dirty to her while fucking her. This was a real good fuck she told me, I smile and say, now I have a challenge to beat. She smiles knowing it’s gonna be fun for sure as we continue to make out.

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