Leslie and Victoria

However, when he finished the dishes, he felt the need to take a piss. Therefore, he walked out of the kitchen and went into the bathroom. Obviously, as he walked into the bathroom, the line uncoiled even further. Consequently, this told Victoria that he was moving about and going elsewhere in the place. She got up and recoiled the line as she moved, following it to the bathroom. When the lady arrived, she saw him standing in front of the toilet bowl with the seat raised and taking a piss. At first, Victoria just stood and watched him piss until he finished. She stood there also as he flushed the toilet. Then, a look of anger started to glow from her. He gazed at her in fear. Afterward, she grabbed him by the hairs on the top of his head and pushed him down to his knees. She slowly went down with him also. Next, she screamed into his ear, “ Lower that seat!” This he did. She yelled with complete fury, “ If I ever see that seat up again, there’ll be hell to pay!” Victoria pointed her index finger at the bowl and said, “ Never, never, ever do that again!” She spoke further, “ From now on, whenever you take a piss, you sit on the seat and stick your cock between your legs; is that clear?”

His humble reply was hardly a whimper, “ Yes mistress.”

Then, the lady yelled, “ Nothing infuriates a woman more than the sight of a raised toilet seat!” She pushed him upon getting up. He fell over, and she walked out; the sound of the line uncoiling was the only thing that could be heard.

Later that evening, she took a shower and he after. Both of them turned in upon the king-sized bed. However,. before they fell asleep, she said, “ Lay straight on your back.” This he did. She pulled down her pajama slacks and sat on his face. Next, she ordered him to explore her pussy with his tongue. He did so until she was gratified. Finally, she got off his face, pulled up her slacks, and went to sleep.

The next morning the alarm rang and they both got up. She got dressed for work. Victoria walked over to Leslie and placed the collar and chain around his neck. Next, the evil dominatrix removed the coil box from the end of the chain. Mistress said, “ When you’re alone, you simply have to have the collar on and the loose chain dangling. However, when I’m here, the coil goes back on so I know where you are.” After placing the collar about his neck, she walked out to her desk and picked up the title. She placed it into her pocket and then went into the kitchen. Victoria yelled while sitting behind the kitchen table, “ Get over here and prepare some cereal and coffee!” This he did. She drank the coffee and ate the cereal. After she finished, she got up to leave. The career lady took her brief case and said, “ This place better be perfect when I’m back tonight.” The dominant lady left for work. Also, she past his car on her way toward her vehicle and placed the title where she said she would. Next, Victoria went into her car and drove off.

Back upstairs, Leslie made breakfast for himself and drank some coffee. Then, he started to familiarize himself with every detail around him. Further, he made sure he’d become the perfect house boy. Finally, he had a system set up, such that every Thursday afternoon he would have to do the shopping. This would cause him to come back around six o’clock every Thursday evening. Also, that morning, he called the towing company. An hour later, from the condo window, he watched his car being lost forever by the tow truck.

That evening, she returned home. She seemed pleased with the way he took care of all the housework. She continued to order him about over everything. However, he simply obeyed and life went on. Further, she told him to check his answering machine at his apartment. He did that. There was a message inquiring as to the furniture’s for sale. Victoria told him to give her the keys; she would go there on Saturday and sell the stuff herself. Afterward, the woman called the interested party and made an appointment for the next Saturday morning. The lady went there and sold everything. Further, she kept the money. Also, she contacted the landlord and told him Leslie had moved and the apartment could be rented to someone else.

They got married. The weeks turned to months. As time went by, Leslie noticed that she became more and more demanding. In fact, she became completely self indulged. The slightest mistake on his part would bring down her wrath. He took it all with total humility. The more submissive and docile he became, the more assertive and dominant she became. Further, if the egotistic female had a bad day at work, she would let all of her frustrations out on him.

So was the case one evening after work. Things just didn’t go very well at the company. Mistress came home visibly agitated. As she entered the condo, she threw her briefcase upon the solfa and walked into the bathroom to wash her hands. As the lady left the bathroom, she angerly yelled, “ Dinner better be ready!”

From the kitchen she heard, “ Yes mistress, you can come and eat.” She walked into the kitchen and sat down behind the table. Next, Leslie sat down at his side. Both of them picked up their forks and started to eat.

Leslie finished a few bites when all of a sudden he was startled by the sound of her fork crashing down upon the table top. He looked up straight into her diabolical fury. Then, she yelled, “ You fucken asshole, can’t you do anything right!” Leslie was now frightened. She continued, “ All day I gotta work with idiots and morons. When I come home, I expect everything to be perfect!” She screamed on, “ You fuck, this stuff tastes like shit!”

Leslie replied as a frightened child, “ I cooked it like the directions said.”

“ You cooked it like the directions said!”, she angrily repeated after him.

The female slammed her fist upon the table. Then, she got up and raised her plate of food. She quickly carried it to the kitchen sink and threw the whole plate into the basin. As a result, the plate broke into fragments. Afterward, she turned around and walked back to Leslie. She grabbed him by his collar and pinned him up against the wall behind his seat. Sticking her face into his, Victoria screamed, “ When I come home, I want the food done right; there’s no way I’m coming home from a day in that place and have to eat shit!” She started to shake him and yell, “ Do you understand, there’s no way I’m gonna eat shit!” Letting go of him, she moved back a step. Leslie just sank to the floor and sat there feeling small and ashamed. However, as she looked down at his pathetic frame, a short but wicked grin crossed her face. The vixen quietly said, “ There’s only one person in this place who’s gonna eat shit tonight, and it’s not gonna be me.” Leslie just sat there looking bewildered. Then, she turned around and walked over to his plate of food. She picked it up and returned, placing the dish down upon the floor right before him. Next, the dominant wife turned around directly before the plate. She opened her skirt and let it fall to her boots. Afterward, she pulled her black panties to her knees. Finally, she squatted over his plate, placing her lovely ass above it. A second later, Victoria shit directly on top of the contents of his meal. Next, she stood up, raised her skirt off the floor a few inches, walked backwards with the food plate between her boot soles, and then stuck her ass directly into his face. Only one word came from her mouth, “ Lick”. Leslie stared at her ass; it was beautiful and deserving of all respect. However, kissing a woman’s ass is one thing, licking it clean after she just took a shit is another. As this thought ran through his helpless mind, he heard her dominant voice, “ If you don’t lick my ass clean, you can kiss this marriage together with my ass goodbye.” Leslie now had no choice; for if she divorced him, he’d have nothing. Moreover, he only had one set of clothes to his name, the set he used to go shopping with; she threw away all the other clothes which he brought with him. Therefore, the male obeyed and licked the female’s ass clean. After she felt clean, she pulled up her panties and skirt. Victoria turned around and looked down at him for a few moments with satisfaction. Then, she turned around again and went to the table and picked up his fork. The mistress gave it to him and said, “ Stir all my shit up together with your food and eat it all; I want that plate clean.” Leslie felt revulsion but nevertheless complied. Doing as she ordered, he consumed all the food and shit! To his surprise, it wasn’t as bad as it smelled. After completing his most humble task, she looked down and said, “ Get up and fix me something right.” He obeyed and got up. Next, he started to prepare something else that he had in the refrigerator. Finally, Leslie finished making it as she sat on her kitchen table chair and looked on. He set the plate before her, and she started to eat. This time the meal was to her satisfaction. She completed eating, got up, and walked in the bedroom. She returned with the coilbox and placed it back on the end of his chain. Next, the dominatrix walked out into the livingroom as the line uncoiled. Finally, she sat down on the solfa, reached for the remote on the cocktail table, and turned on the television to watch the evening news.

As she viewed the set, Leslie bent down and picked up his plate. He threw it into the kitchen waste basket together with the food remains of the dish she had previously thrown into the sink. He quietly cleaned out the basin of the residue, throwing the broken china pieces into the basket. Next, Leslie simply washed the remaining dishes after removing them from the table. He proceeded to clean everything else also. Further, while washing the china, he dropped a fork in the sink. Victoria looked toward his direction with a hateful glance and then turned her attention back to the television after slightly increasing the volume.

As he cleaned the kitchen, commercial time came upon the tube. In fact, a particular commercial came forward. It was an add for a video about the Third Reich. She looked on attentively and watched. Moreover, a scene came on with an entire company of German soldiers goose-stepping down main avenue. Their boots made a tremendous sound as they moved forward. Instantly, Victoria felt a sexual rush at the mighty sound of leather footwear striking the concrete. As the commercial came to an end, she yelled to Leslie and pulled on the chain, “ Hurry, go to my desk and get a pen and paper and copy down that 800 number!” Leslie moved as fast as he could. He got the paper, grabbed a pen, and copied the number as it came upon the screen. She said, “ Leave it there and get back to work.” Consequently, Leslie returned to his domestic chores.

With the news over, she turned off the television. Leslie was also finishing up his kitchen duty. When he finished, she said, “ Go back and get that number and order the video.” He did as he was told and ordered the video with one of her credit cards. This completed, they both finished the day with whatever trifles came their way. Finally, night arrived, and both turned in. Also, Leslie felt a little sick to his stomach that night, but the succeeding day everything was back to normal.

The next few weeks went by with her usual abuse every evening. However, upon arriving down in the lobby of the complex one day after work, she opened her mailbox to find the video inside. She pulled it out together with the rest of the mail. She went upstairs and entered the condo. As usual, Victoria found Leslie standing there naked with dinner ready. She got herself cleaned up and sat down to eat. She ate dinner in relative ease and then went into the livingroom, opened the package, and placed the video into the VCR. A few moments later, the image of Hitler appeared with the sound of his voice screaming throughout the condo. She sat on the solfa transfixed and watched until the marching scenes started. There it was, hundreds of SS soldiers in black uniforms marching in perfect formation down main avenue. The image excited her as the boots made that sound which dug deep down to the core of her inner being. Then, she got an idea. Her entertainment center in the livingroom was quite technical. There were many things that could be done with it. Stopping the video, she rewound it back to the beginning of the marching. She plugged in the recording jack for sound only so as to transfer the sound upon a cassette. Next, the lady took one of those cassettes that run continuously, that is, after one complete revolution, the tape simply runs back to its beginning without stopping. Hitting the record button, Victoria started the video, recording the entire marching sound as to fill the whole tape. Now, she had the continuous sound of march nonstop. If the woman wanted to, she could listen to it for hours.

Next, she transferred the tape to the main cassette drive of the stereo. She turned it on; the sound came. Turning up the volume, Ms. Oppenheimer just stood there listening to it. Furthermore, goose bumps began to envelope her. Afterward, her vaginal cavity started vibrating in harmony with the footsteps. Moreover, her crotch was becoming hot. In fact, she felt a power sensation in combination with a sexual urge. As a result, she proceeded to remove all of her clothes. Finally, our lady stood before the blaring speakers completely naked save for her beautiful sexy higheeled leather boots. The marching sound continued. Next, mistress started to finger herself. After a few minutes, she reached an orgasm.

As all of this went on in the livingroom, Leslie finished with his humble cleanup task. He looked on as she bathed herself in her glory. He gazed at her in awe as she finally fell back into the solfa after orgasm.

However, one orgasm is never enough for the clear sexual superiority of women. As she sat on the solfa with the tape still going, the gothic lady ordered him to come forward. This he did. Standing before her, she said, “ Get down on your knees slave and start licking my boots.” Leslie did as she commanded. He began to lick and lick. As he licked away, Leslie noticed that he too was beginning to be affected by the sound of the tape. The boot noises penetrated ever deeper into his mind as he adored her magnificent black leather footwear. With the tape going, and the sight of her stiletto boots, he felt the power radiate from her very being. Further, her greatness completely engulfed him. Also, the feeling of humility became so intense that he almost blacked out for a moment. However, he regained himself and continued with the worship ritual. This all went on for two hours nonstop as she let the tape play. At last, after she fingered herself to several orgasms, mistress finally got up, pushed him aside, and turned off the tape.

For the rest of the evening, she would glow with a total feeling of self recognition.

The next few weeks went on in a basic routine. Everything continued with the fundamental format of their subject-object relationship. Also, at work, everything proceeded with nothing exceptional. Nevertheless, a few more weeks would bring new frustrations for Victoria. Many of the people at work were starting to give her trouble. In fact, she could easily sense that there was growing resistance to her tyranny. Therefore, she reasoned that certain people had to go, for they became progressively more open in their defiance of her. She had to do something.

Upon driving home one day, diabolical dark hairs continued to think of her problems at work. Nevertheless, as she entered the parkinglot of the complex, she got out of her car, entered the building, and went upstairs to her condo door. Victoria reached into her jacket pocket, producing the remote to open the door. She pressed the appropriate buttons; nothing happened. With all of her frustration at work, she wasn’t particularly in a good mood. Also, today was Thursday, and her little slave was out grocery shopping. Once again in agitation, she pressed the buttons on the devise. Nothing happened. She said, “ Shit.” With her anger, she threw the remote to the floor. It hit the floor and just lay there. However, just as the woman was going to bend down to pick it up, she saw a flash of red light come out of the front laser cell. The flash only lasted a fraction of a second. “ That’s strange.”, she said to herself. However, she simply bent down and picked it up and tried again. Again, nothing happened, the door simply wouldn’t open. Therefore, Victoria went back downstairs and told the doorman that her remote doesn’t work. He ask no questions; he merely returned to his small booth and came back with a set of keys. He politely said, “ Please use these.” She took the keys from his hand and went back upstairs. Afterward, she went to her door and opened it with the keys instead. The mistress entered the condo and threw her briefcase upon the solfa. Also, it would be about an hour before the slave returns and dinner is served. Therefore, she made herself a cup of coffee and sat down on the livingroom solfa. Next, the lady looked at the stereo and decided she wanted to hear some music. She got up and reached for a piece by Chopin. The gothic female placed the CD in its place, turned on the system, and listened to Piano Concerto Number One in E Minor Op. 11. She sat down upon the solfa and then realized the volume wasn’t loud enough. However, the CEO was too tired to get up again. Then, the diabolical mistress remembered she still had the remote in her jacket pocket which she was still wearing. She reached for the devise hoping it would perhaps still work for the stereo. Victoria pointed it at the system and pressed the volume up button. What happened next terrified her before she got herself back together. The entire stereo system shrank before her very blue eyes. It got smaller and smaller with the sound of the music fading away. Victoria watched as it shrank to a mere three inches in height from its original six feet. Next, she looked down at the remote in her hand, quickly placed it upon the cocktail table, and jumped away. She just stood there and stared at the object for a few minutes. Then, she slowly walked back toward it and picked the devise up. Ms. Oppenheimer looked at it in her hand. “ What could’ve caused it to do that?”, she ask herself. Moreover, she wasn’t an electronics expert; however, she did know a few basic things about circuit theory. Consequently, the lady correctly reasoned that something must have gone wrong with the thing; when she threw it to the floor, the circuits must have been rearranged in such a way to produce a one in a trillion chance arrangement placing the electronics in a configuration that is yet undiscovered by modern science. Also, this novel configuration somehow unleashed unknown properties of space and time. Further, these thoughts began fascinating her as fear let go. Next, she pointed the remote at some other object in the room. This time it was the lamp next to the solfa. Blue eyes again pressed the volume up button. As a result, the lamp too shrank before her ladyship. Now, she thought, “ If I press volume up and objects shrink, then if I were to press volume down, then maybe the objects can be brought back to normal.” She pointed the devise back at the lamp; she pressed the other volume button; nothing happened. Next, she tried to bring the stereo back to its original size; nothing also happened. Afterward, Victoria pointed the devise at some other object and started pressing other buttons. Again, nothing happened. However, she returned to the volume up button and pressed it. The object shrank. She now discovered that only the volume up button shrinks objects, and once shrunk, nothing can return them to their original size. Victoria stared at the remote in her hand for a few moments. Then, she felt an overwhelming pleasure in her genital area; the sensation eventually reverberated throughout her entire frame. The witch said to herself, “ This is power I’ve got in my hands; this is a form of power that no one else in all of history ever possessed!” Naturally, all kinds of ideas entered her diabolical and twisted mind! Eventually, she started to think of work. Moreover, she now knew how to get rid of certain elements without any trace of their existence being found.

Next, Victoria glanced at the livingroom clock, it was about time for Leslie to return. She walked over to the tiny stereo and placed it into the palm of her hand. She did the same with the lamp and the other object. The lady proceeded to crush them in her hand. Finally, she walked into the bathroom and flushed the remains down the toilet.

Afterward, Leslie returned with the groceries. He walked in and placed them upon the kitchen counter. He returned to the bedroom and removed all of his clothes. Then, the slave went back into the livingroom and knelt before his dominant mistress as to receive his collar and leash. She looked down at his pathetic being. At first, her attention wasn’t fully aware of him, for she was transfixed with her new found power. However, she did finally notice him and walked back to the bedroom, producing the collar and leash. The dark haired lady placed it around his neck, and he humbly proceeded back into the kitchen to perform his chores. He did, however, notice the objects missing but said nothing, for his mistress hadn’t given him permission to speak. Nevertheless, she did move up to him and tell Leslie that she decided to give the items to the salvation army after arriving home form work. Victoria said she did this because she no longer liked them and wanted new ones. The whole story sounded very strange to Leslie, but he dared not question her motives. Then, the female walked to a huge catalog upon the livingroom table and picked it up. She turned to the pages containing new items of the kind missing and told him these are the ones to purchase. Next, mistress ordered him to call the catalog and have them deliver it on Saturday. She told him to make the call the next day. For the rest of the evening, she kept the remote on her person. Henceforth, she would never part with it.

The next morning they both got up. After Victoria was all ready to leave, she reminded him to call.

He said, “ Yes mistress.” Finally, the wicked bitch left.

She arrived in her office and took the remote out of her pocket. Victoria looked down at it as a demonic smile crossed her face. Next, she called into her office one of the people who lately gave her problems. In fact, it was Sam. The man arrived and Ms. Oppenheimer told him to sit down. He sat down and then she started to yell at him, “ Who the fuck do you think you are; I run this place, not you!” Further, she continued to throw one verbal insult at him after another in the hope he would start yelling back at her. Indeed, this he did. Standing up out of the chair, Sam began lecturing her about his rights and the law. The cunt smiled wickedly, reached into her pocket and produced the remote. Next, lady of doom aimed it at him and pressed the button. He shrank instantly to a tiny height of three inches. Walking around her desk, she looked down at him, saying, “ Despite all your big talk, you’re now looking up to me with total respect.” This he now did. He said nothing and only felt himself to be very small. Gazing up at her boots, he was overwhelmed by her superior power.

Afterward, Sam started to plead with her, “ Please, Ms. Oppenheimer, I’m sorry; I just lost my head.”

Looking down at him, she remarked, “ Oh, you lost your head all right.”

Then, the power hungry one bent down and picked him up. Truly, as she reached for him, the little man felt the full force of her superiority. Victoria stood up again with the little creature in her hand. With her other hand, the evil lady reached for his tiny head and turned it right off. He was killed with his blood running down the outside of her hands. She walked into her office lavatory and threw him into the toilet. Taking some toilet paper, she wiped most of the blood off. After throwing the paper into the bowl, she turned around and pulled down her skirt and panties. The sexy lady sat on the fixture and took a piss! She felt good. In fact, a sensation of power ran up her spine. After she pissed, the female flushed, got up, and pulled up her clothes. She walked over to the sink and washed her hands of the remaining blood. Next, Ms. Oppenheimer went out of her private lavatory and over to her desk. Using the intercom, she buzzed her secretary and told the lady to go down stairs and get something she, Victoria, said she needed. Victoria only did this to make it appear to the secretary that Sam had left the office as she, the secretary, was downstairs.

About a half hour later, Victoria gave the secretary another order; she ordered the lady to call only a certain group of people to the conference room via the individual phones at their work stations. The people she had summoned happen to be the rest of the group which always give her, Victoria, trouble.

Victoria went to the conference room a few minutes later to see the desired people gathered. The dominant lady got in front of the group that was seated upon individual chairs facing her. Then, she pulled out the remote. Before they knew what happened, she shrank all of them one by one down to three inches tall. Totally helpless and frightened, they all just sat on the chairs. Next, going to a corner of the room,Vanity and pride got the waste paper basket lined with a plastic bag. Returning to the chairs, she proceeded to pick each of the people up one by one and drop them into the basket. As she let them fall, they began pleading with her; Victoria, however, said nothing and finished gathering all the helpless beings up.

Upon completion, the personification of cruelty walked back to the corner and pulled the bag out of the basket. Setting down the container, she began walking with the bag out of the conference room and down into the basement. At this point in time, the machines weren’t running. Therefore, as she walked, the mistress could hear the sound of her boots striking the concrete floor. The sound echoed and bounced from the walls of the large cellar room, superimposing themselves to generate the illusion of rank and file, filling her entire field of self awareness. Consequently, the daughter of darkness began feeling the pure passion of total control. Further, the strikes of her stiletto spikes reminded her of the tape she had back home. Being on top of the world, Ms. Gothic Tyrannous walked all the way to the other end of the basement and opened a large door. She now entered the room of fate, the end of all future hope, that is, the incinerator chamber. After entering, mistress went up to one of the huge oven doors, for the building had two. Eagerly, she opened the thick metal panel and looked at the beautiful glow of the flame within. Then, the unholy lady opened the top of the bag and pulled out a helpless male employee. Showing him the horrific glow of the fire, the vicious female said to the man and the others in the bag, “ Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you what the meeting is about; you’re all fired!” Femme fatale looked at the tiny creature in her hand and said sarcastically while momentarily tilting her head in the direction of the flame, “ Get it, fired!” Dropping him back into the bag, she spit down on all inside. Next, Victoria simply threw the bag into the fire, listening to their screams as they burned alive. Indeed, the entire spectacle pleased her, for to this dominant bitch, it was the finale of an operatic masterpiece; Wagnerian splendor emanated from the confines of the furnace. Truly, Ms. Oppenheimer was elated! Likewise, her mighty vaginal cavity pulsated to the drum beat of power. Yes, she was whole and complete. Finally, the dominatrix closed the furnace door and left the incinerator room, closing its door also. Afterward, the mistress went back up to her office, bathing in a sensuality from the very bowels of hell, and embracing it with her very soul!

Upon arriving in her office, the evil cunt remembered that she has to eliminate the cars of the people she just killed. Therefore, she again went out of her office, this time going to the underground parking lot. She located all of their automobiles and shrank them to the size of hotwheels. Next, mistress simply picked them all up and took the objects with her upstairs. As she went upstairs, she noticed another waste basket and pulled out the inner plastic. She threw all of the cars into the bag and returned to her office. Next, Victoria threw the bag of cars on the floor after closing the door and stomped the contents of the plastic for a short period of time. She finished and looked inside; there was nothing inside but a mangled mass of small metal. This pleased her; hence, Victoria opened her briefcase and put the bag of broken parts into it. Later that day, on the way home, she threw the bag down a sewer.

The sociopath now stood in her office and thought. Further, as mistress’s mind worked away, she realized that non of the other people in the building knew of the fact that she called certain employees to talk to. In fact, given the size of the building, the rest of the work force couldn’t even vouch for the presence of the individuals she just killed. Actually, the only person who could say something is the secretary; hence, the cruel lady said to herself, “ The secretary must go.” Consequently, Victoria buzzed the lady and ask her to come into the office. The secretary arrived and Victoria pulled out the remote and shrank the woman. Puzzled, the little female just stood there when Victoria walked up to her and brought the sole her stiletto boot right down on the helpless creature. Then, Victoria went into the lavatory and got some bathroom tissue. She returned to wipe the floor clean. Finally, her ladyship went back to the restroom and threw the soiled paper down into the toilet and flushed it.

Also, Victoria remembered the secretary’s car. Therefore, she returned to the enclosed parking lot and shrank the car. However, as she shank the vehicle, the maintenance man was watching her. Next, the evil one turned and saw him. After the car was reduced to insignificance, she walked up to the man who was now shaking in total fear. Then, she proceeded to ask, “ So what did you see?’

The timid man just stood there and said in a shaky voice, “ Nothing, nothing, I saw nothing.”

Victoria responded with, “ That’s right, nothing, and you know what I see before me?; nothing, that’s right, nothing!” Vixen of death pointed the remote at him and pressed the button; the male shrank before her eyes right down to three inches tall! She looked down at him with great pleasure. Smiling, she said, “ You know, women can rape too.” Next, the horror and terror bent down and picked up the trembling little being. She proceeded to rip off all of his clothes with pure delight. Also, as she stripped him naked, he begged and pleaded for mercy. Stimulated by a lust for blood, lady of pain proceeded to slowly rip off his cock. He cried in agony as blood flowed from his tiny crotch. Afterward, she slowly started to twist off his arms and legs. This gave her much euphoria. He was still alive in the palm of her hand as she finally ripped his tiny head right off. Then, the demonic force in female form reached into one of her jacket pockets to produce a tissue. She wiped all of his remains into the paper and walked back to the tiny car. After taking the car, she went back to her office and flushed the maintenance man’s remains down the toilet with the tissue. Next, she washed her hands and dried them off. The lady took the tiny car and went to her briefcase. She opened it and took out the bag of mangled car parts. The bad woman dropped the auto in the bag, threw the plastic to the floor, and once again stomped it with her sexy boots. Finally, with this action complete, mistress replaced the bag back into her leather briefcase.

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