Health Club Experience

Author: Wave

While in college, I developed a bit of a reputation as a ladies man, because I’m good looking and hung like a horse. I always worked out and kept my bod in top shape. The health club I belonged to had lots of gorgeous women in their thirties, many of whom I would have gladly fucked in a minute. During my Junior year, I got my chance with one of them.

One day, while working out, I saw this gorgeous little blonde with a sweet tight ass, and what looked like very nice firm D cup silicone tits. We were sort of eyeing each other while using the machines, and finally she came over to me and said “you’re a student at the college right?” I told her I was, and she asked me if I ever did any odd jobs to pick up extra spending money. I said I did and asked what she needed help with. She said she just needed some boxes carried up from her basement and that it wouldn’t take more than a few minutes. She said she’d pay me $25. I figured it was a no brainer, so I told her I’d follow her to her house.

When we got there, she showed me the boxes in the basement and told me to bring them up to the garage. She said she was going to shower and she would be out in a few minutes.

I brought the boxes up, probably ten of them. The whole time I was fantasizing about her soaping up that hot body of hers, which was beginning to get me hard and horny, just thinking about it. I came back in the house and there she stood in a tiny little robe that was completely see thru. She spotted the big woody in my shorts and said “what ya’ got there?” I was a little embarrassed and said, “I’m sorry, but you’re just so beautiful and your body is perfect.” She said “look who’s talking, I’ve been dying to fuck you since I first saw you at the gym.”

As lucky as I’d been with college girls, I could not believe this experienced woman wanted to fuck a young punk like me, but I wasn’t going to argue. So I went right over and grabbed those big tits while I slid my tongue into her mouth and gave her a long, wet kiss. She grabbed hold of my rod and began to rub it. She led me by my cock to her bedroom, which had a bed with a mirrored ceiling. Oh my God, I could not believe I was going to be able to watch her from every angle while I fucked her, or she fucked me, whatever came to be!

She pulled my throbbing, massive cock from my shorts and almost gasped as she looked at it. She said “I’ll bet you are very popular with the girls!” Smooth guy that I am, I said, “at the moment, I’m only interested in being popular with you.” She piled up some pillows and pushed me into a sitting position against the headboard. Then, she laid down on her stomach in front of me and started sucking my fat cock with passion. I had a great view of that fantastic ass while she sucked me. She had a thong tan line that looked really great as she ground her pussy into the bed. I could look up into the mirror and get a full shot of her, laying there greedily sucking me off and looking so fucking gorgeous.

She got up for a minute and pulled a vibrator out of her nightstand. She then resumed her position and started sucking me again, teasing my cock by sliding the vibrator up and down the shaft. She occasionally pressed it firmly against the base of my cock while she took the head of my cock in her mouth. The vibrations felt so good that soon I was spraying cum everywhere. She tried to catch every bit of it and licked up what she missed. My rod revitalized in about 10 seconds flat, which truly impressed her.

I decided that she deserved some pussy licking, since she’d sucked me off so nicely. Her pussy juice was so sweet tasting, I could have eaten her for hours. She was writhing in ecstacy. Now I was the one grinding into the bed while I drove her crazy, licking and sucking that sweet clit and pussy. I looked up and saw her checking out my ass in the mirror. I got ahold of her vibrator and started playing with it, sliding it just slightly into her dripping pussy and quickly pulling it out, while she begged me to put it all the way in. I circled her clit with my tongue and then just laid the vibrating wand in the crack of her ass while I continued eating her sweet pussy. Soon, she was was cumming all over my tongue and I was glad to eat the cream.

I was ready to fuck her now and I told her to climb on my cock. She straddled me and slowly worked her box gently down onto my bulging cock. She rode my cock like no college girl ever had, knowing just when to slow down and just went to quicken. She would take breaks and slide up to the head of my cock and give little strokes to it, which was definitely enough to drive me wild. Seeing those firm tits bouncing in front of my face while she rode my cock was a beautiful site. I squeezed those beautiful bouncing sensitive nipples (I could tell she had very sensitive nipples because every time I squeezed them I could feel her pussy tighten up on my cock).

She pulled off my cock for a few minutes and slid it between those awesome tits of hers. She had me titty fucking her with her pussy juice getting spread all over her chest. I told her to to lay down and turn on her side, because I wanted to slide my throbbing cock in her from behind. This was a great position because I could watch us both in the mirror. I have to admit that these two hard bodies looked pretty good humping and pumping. She kept saying “oh yeah, oh yeah, oh my God” and soon she was squeeling in orgasm and coating my fat cock with more cum. Her pussy squeezed my cock so tight that I started to convulse as I pulled out and shot a huge load all over that beautiful sweet ass.

We fucked all afternoon, in many different positions. I think it was the best workout either one of us had ever had!

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