Author: Suz

This couple needed a babysitter so I volounteered, I thought itd be a fun night hanging out in a big fancy house, maybe do some snooping around; see if they have any sex toys and movies. I brought a vibrator of my own and a porn video. I waited till they were long gone till I started snooping around. I went to the adults room; I looked in the top drawer I saw a box of condoms and Mrs. Langstons lace pantys and automatically started getting wet. I picked them up and smelt them and started rubbing them all over my body. I kept looking and I found her dildo, by then my panties were soaked, I stuck my finger up my skirt and was just pulling it up and down over and over. All of a sudden I heard a voice I jumped and was so embarassed and immediatly started apologizing. Mr. Langston quickly replied its ok and came closer to me, rubbing my legs brushing up against my arms. It felt so good, his hand was on my inner knee working his way up slowly he was up at my thigh, he pulled my panties down and left my skirt. He quicky came up to take my shirt off and gave me a quick, but passionate kiss, he returned to between my legs his face plunged into my pussy licking, sucking, and eating it like never before. Ahh I was tring not to be loud but it felt so good, I kept shoving his face deeper and deeper. He started to finger me forts one then two then three, he took them out and made me lick his fingers off. I rushed to take his pants off, his dick was amazing I started licking his balls and sucking each one long and slow, working my way up slowly getting to the head carefully teasing it with my toung he moaned and pushed me head deeper and deeper. He shoved me on the bed, ready to fuck! Uhh! Mr. Langston!
Licking my titties, biting my nipples quickly. He dipped his shaft in my pussy slowly, slowly. I’m saying go faster!! Harder!! I push my body onto his penis, I want it so bad! He starts going faster and harder uhh! MORE!MORE! MORE! He kept goin, were sweatin, and panting! I’m screaming UH UH UH UH FUUCK ME HARDER!!!!! Ohh I feel it, its almost here! We both came at the same time! He stuck his fingers in me in the shape of a spoon and fed me my juices and he licked all the rest up!

Maybe next time Mrs. Langston will join us. 😉

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