Fiance’s Forbidden Dessert

Author: Seduced2Cheat

“Laura, Will you marry me?”

Laura Brant gasped as Bryan Collins opened up the small blue velvet box. Nestled inside a snug pillow was a beautiful diamond engagement ring, sparkling in the dim lights of the restaurant. She held her hand up to her mouth.

“Oh, Bryan, It’s so beautiful!”

Bryan pulled the ring from the box and held her shaking hand. Slowly, he slid the ring onto her slim finger.

“Is that a yes?”

Laura held the ring up to her face, fascinated by the glittering facets embedded in the band of silver. Tears welled up in her eyes.

“Yes! Oh, yes!”

She threw her arms around her fiancé and kissed him on the face. Bryan hugged her tightly.

“Oh, look at me, I’m crying. I should go to the bathroom and make sure my makeup’s alright.”

“You look great, Laura.”

“Thank you, Bryan. I’ll just be a minute and we can get dessert.”


Laura Brant was giddy as she made her way to the restaurant’s bathroom. She checked the stalls to ensure her privacy, then looked at herself in the mirror.

She was a pretty blonde with a wonderful figure, her red dress showing off firm hips and pressing tightly to her round breasts. Her blonde hair flowed down, curling softly against her shoulders.

“Mrs. Bryan Collins.” She said to the mirror, holding up the shimmering engagement ring. “Soon, I’m going to be Mrs. Bryan Collins.”

She giggled. She had nearly fainted when Bryan proposed. She needed time alone to regroup.

Having been a wild child, Laura had despaired of meeting a nice man like Bryan. After her last relationship, she had needed someone that was there to take care of her needs and Bryan had come along at just the right time. In the past three months, Laura had gone back to school, gotten a good job and had just been proposed to by a wonderful man. Her life finally seemed to be heading in the right direction.

Adjusting her makeup in the mirror, Laura was oblivious to the door opening behind her. A large man with long dark hair walked in, wearing a white apron stained with food. Silently he came up behind the beautiful blonde as she bent over the sink.

Laura was looking down at the faucet and did not notice the man behind her until she raised up to look at her image one last time. She saw the man’s reflection and immediately attempted to turn around.

“Rick! Oh my god! What are you doing here?”

Rick moved forward, pushing himself up against her ass, pinning the tops of her thighs to the sink.

“What do you mean, Laura? I work here. Don’t tell me you didn’t know that?”

Laura wracked her brain. Had she known her ex-boyfriend worked at this restaurant? She couldn’t remember.

“I didn’t know. If I did I wouldn’t have come here.”

She struggled against Rick’s body, but he was too strong. He pushed her down over the sink, holding her there.

“Don’t lie to me, bitch!” Rick growled. “Your friend Sharon told me she saw you a week ago and told you I worked here. Now all of a sudden you show up with that little wimp and don’t expect me to notice? You always were a little tease, Laura.”

Oh, god! He was right. Sharon had told her that Rick was working as a busboy at Giovanni’s. How could she have forgotten?

“I…I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She lied.

“Sure, Laura. Whatever you say. So why haven’t you returned my calls? What’s it been, six months?”

Laura squirmed, her wriggling ass rubbing up against the bulge in Rick’s jeans. She raised her head to look at him in the mirror.

“Please, Rick, I’ve met someone else. He loves me.”

She moved her hand so Rick could see the engagement ring. He laughed.

“Nice rock. I always knew a sweet piece of ass like you would end up on her feet. Still, you know what they say; a ring doesn’t block any holes. Am I right?”

“Rick, things are different now. I’m different.”

“Yeah, right. You know what I think? I think you never called because you knew you couldn’t resist me. That’s why you came here tonight. To try and prove to yourself that you’re over me. Well, baby, you’re not over me.”

“Let me go, Rick, or I’ll scream.”

Her voice shook. She was scared. Rick smiled at her in the mirror.

“Go ahead, Laura. What will your fiancé think when he sees you in the rest room with your ex? You think he’ll believe you? Especially when I tell him what a little slut you are? Maybe I’ll show him the pictures we took.”

Laura moaned. Rick was right. He knew too much about her wild past. If Bryan were ever to find out, he wouldn’t understand. If he ever saw the pictures Rick had taken of her, he would leave her in an instant.

Rick reached out and rubbed Laura’s ass beneath the fabric of her dress, grinning down at the blonde young beauty. She looked so different, dressed up in her fancy clothes. Not at all like the drunken party animal he remembered.

“You got a nice new dress on, baby, but I’ll bet you’re still the same nasty little bitch. Remember how good I used to make you feel, Laura?”

Rick moved his hand underneath the blonde’s dress, pulling it up over her ass. Laura groaned as she felt him pull roughly at her sheer black panties, the ones Bryan liked so much, and rip them away from her waist, leaving her ass exposed to view.

“Please, no! Rick…stop!”

Rick ignored her cries and pushed a finger into her juicy slit. Despite the young woman’s protests he felt her wet warmth on his fingers as he invaded her body. Slowly, he worked her pussy, expertly sliding his finger into her cunt, then pulling it out and rubbing his rough calluses down across her increasingly swollen clit.

“That’s right, baby. Remember how it felt with me, slut? You remember, don’t you?”

Laura cried, watching Rick in the mirror. She remembered vividly his hand on her body, the way he manipulated her clit into swollen passion. She remembered his cruel handsome face, and the way he would degrade her as he fucked her, which turned her on even more. She wanted to ignore the burning flames in her pussy as his fingers did their work, but she couldn’t.

“Oh, nooooo! Oh, gawwwd! Stop! Please stop! You’re making me cum! Ungh!”

Laura began to unconsciously buck against Rick’s invading fingers, working towards orgasm. Rick pumped his finger in and out of her slit, meeting each thrust of her ass. Laura could feel herself succumb to the illicit desire, even before she heard Rick’s voice.

“That’s it Laura! Fuck yourself on my hand, bitch. Make yourself cum. Do it! What would your dear fiancé think of you now, cunt?”


Laura continued to scream in passion as a huge orgasm wracked her body. The pleasure was more intense than Bryan’s gentle lovemaking, all the more intense because it was so wrong. Just thinking of her loving fiancé made her cum again, climactic aftershocks ripping through her pretty young body.

“That’s right, you little whore. You liked that, didn’t you? What’s the matter? Fiancé doesn’t give you what you need?”

Laura was panting hard, coming down from her orgasm. Rick rubbed his finger against the blonde’s lips.

“That’s it, baby! Taste you’re fucking cum. suck it off.”

Laura opened her mouth, taking in his finger, sucking her juices off of his invading digit.

Rick sneered at her in the mirror, unzipping her dress, pulling the fabric down over her tan shoulders. He pulled her arms back, slipping the dress off her arms, yanking it down over her tits.

“Take off your bra, slut. Let me see those tits.”

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