The Fantasy

Author: CyberAge

Ted’s mind wandered back to the first time he had had two women at one time. He had told a friend of his named Cindy about his Fantasy of having two women at one time. She had smiled that cocky little smile of hers and said It just might be arranged. A few days later she showed up with a 25 year old blonde by the name of Jane.

“Jane is here with me to give you your fantasy” announced Cindy.

“Are you serious?” asked Ted.

“That’s what you wanted, wasn’t it?” asked Cindy.

“You bet, but I never dreamed it would happen.”

“Well honey, it’s about to happen so relax, ok?” replied Cindy as she slid one hand down to his crotch. “Hey, Jane, Sure hope you like big dicks because his dick is bigger than a horse’s dick. Maybe I’d better strip him so you can see for yourself.”

“Let me do it” begged Jane as she loosened up Ted’s belt and pulled his pants down exposing his dick which was already stiff and hard. She ran her hand up and down the length of the shaft. “My God, Cindy, you weren’t joking this thing is the biggest dick I have ever seen on a white man.” She continued stroking Ted’s dick as Cindy knelt in front of him and started to lick him with her tongue. Ted was busy playing with both girls’ tits.

“Let’s get out of these clothes” suggested Ted as he pinched each girl’s tits through their blouses. They all agreed and stripped and headed for the bedroom. The girls stretched Ted out on the bed and went to town on him kissing him all over and licking his dick and balls. Cindy started sucking on Ted’s dick very slowly and erotically until Ted asked her to stop. “I want to fuck both of you and you know how easy those sweet lips of yours can get me off.”

“Yeah, I know it and I also know you love it but I’ll wait and get you later with my lips. You don’t think you’re going to get away with only cumming once tonight do you? Here, Jane, you fuck him first and let him eat me.” Both girls climbed on top of Ted with Cindy hovering over his mouth and Jane over his dick. “Now” commanded Cindy as she lowered her pussy down over Ted’s mouth. At the same time Jane impaled herself on Ted’s dick, her hips churning as she settled into place.

Jane humped like a wild woman until her first orgasm hit her. Meanwhile Cindy was building to an explosion. Ted dumped the girls off and rammed his entire dick into Cindy while Jane was licking both Cindy’s twat and Ted’s dick. Ted pumped his dick in unison with Cindy’s thrusts until they both exploded in a wild climax. All three lay on the bed for awhile recouping from the strenuous exercise.

Cindy turned over and took Ted’s dick in her mouth while Jane started eating Cindy’s twat. Ted pulled Jane over so he could lick her pussy. They were in a circle eating each other until all three came in a simultaneous climax. Cindy had lots of 20-35 year old friends so she supplied Ted with a steady stream of pussy.

Ted also met a number of girls through these friends but it seemed even though he had had some really wild sexual experiences that none quite compared with the first time he had more than one woman at the same time.

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