Ebony Sucker

Author: Steph

The phone rang at the security desk. Bill put down his newspaper and looked at the clock. It was 8:10; everyone should have been gone by now. He picked up a pencil to log the call, then answered the phone. “Security desk, Bill speaking.”

“Hi Bill.” The woman’s voice was soft and smooth. “It’s Jayde. I’m hoping that you can help me.”
“I’ll do what I can, ma’am. What seems to be the trouble?”

“Ah, well, no trouble, so to speak. But, um, I was hoping that you could come in the conference room. My friend Mae said that you were very, uh, creative, in helping her the other night after everyone had left.”

Bill put down his pencil; his cock began to harden immediately. He couldn’t forget Mae. She was a large black woman who had called him to the conference room after hours. That night they sixty-nined on the conference room table before he fucked her from behind. Mae had said that his oral prowess would bring more sexual opportunities. Bill got up and went to the conference room. He was sure that this was one call that wasn’t going to make the log.

When he got to the conference room, the lights were dimmed and he saw no one. Bill called out, “Hello?”

One of the high-back leather chairs swung around; in it was a striking black woman wearing a coy look and high heel shoes. She wore peach-colored lipstick and a complementary colored eye shadow. Unlike Mae, she was fit with modest breasts and generous hips. “Come here, Billy,” she said, motioning with her index finger.
Bill walked across the room; his cock hardening with every step that he took. He could not believe that this woman wanted him.

“My friend Mae says you’ve got a very talented tongue.” She shifted in her chair, pulling her dress up higher on her thighs until it barely hid her crotch. “Now, I don’t want to make a big deal of this,” she reached out and hooked her fingers under his belt and pulled him closer. “So, here’s the deal. I want you to lick my pussy until I cum then I’m going to suck you and fuck you. If you’re as good as Mae says we might do it again sometime. But, there are no attachments, are we clear?”
“Works for me,” Bill replied.

“Good.” She pulled up her dress so that she was bare below her waist. “Now, strip, then lick me.”

Bill stared at her pussy; it wasn’t clean-shaven, but closely trimmed and squared off on the sides. He stripped in six seconds flat. His dick was hard already dripping pre-cum.

“Not bad,” Jayde said as she grabbed his cock. “Not the biggest I’ve ever seen, but nice and thick.”

Bill’s cock hardened more at the complement. He knelt on the carpet in front of her and helped her swing on leg over his shoulder while the other she draped over the arm of the chair. Her pussy smelled sweet, as if she had dabbed a little cologne on the inside of her thighs. Her belly was amazing flat and gave him easy access to her clit. He started by parting her chocolate pussy lips with his fingers then running his tongue up and down her slit. He would stop at her clit, swirl his tongue and work his way back down. As he stuck with that rhythm, he began gently tickling the inside of her thighs with his fingers, working toward her ass.

She responded quickly. Within moments, she had one hand entwined in his hair, urging him on and the other hand pinching her own nipple. “Oh, yeah, Billy, that’s it. Oh my glory Mae was so right. Oh, you do lick me so well. Don’t stop. Right there, right there on my clit, lick me hard.”

Bill sucked on her clit and slipped a wet finger into her cunt. He wiggled his finger, slipped it in and out a few times then slowly went in deep, headed for her g-spot. Continuing to lick her clit, he massaged the little bump up inside her cunt and Jayde lost it. She started with a load moan that came from the soles of her feet and grew louder until it finally came out. She screamed as if she were being killed, when in truth her body was vibrating like washing machine during the spin cycle. Every fiber hummed in her total body orgasm.

She delicately pushed his head away from her pussy. “Billy, I never thought I would say this to any man, but I can’t take one more lick.”
Bill looked up at her from between her thighs, “Not even one more?”

“No, please, not now. I’m afraid that if you lick me, I’m going to melt into a puddle on the floor,” she said with a smile. Jayde reached out a hand and helped him to his feet. “Here,” she offered, “why don’t you sit on the edge of the table.”

Bill sat his white ass on the table and Jayde rolled the chair toward him so that she was between his knees. He put his feet up on the arms of the chair and leaned back, stretching across the polished mahogany.

“You look delicious. While I’m partial to the brothers, none has ever eaten me like that before. I owe Mae lunch for sharing her little secret with me.” She pushed his hard cock forward toward his belly, leaned forward and began licking his balls. She said nothing but let Bill’s moans be her guide. She sucked his nut sack, stroked his cock, and softly scratched below his balls toward his ass. Bill was rock hard and dripping. She worked her tongue up his shaft and then teased his cockhead with snake-like tongue flicks. “I think you’re about ready,” she said.

Jayde stood up and got Bill off the table and into her chair. She had him sit slouched, with his ass near the edge. When he was in position, she turned around and with her back to him, straddled his hips. She lowered herself onto his waiting cock. Smoothly and without rushing, he let her set the tempo. One she was settled and his cock was buried in her hot, wet, quim, she rocked back and forth.

She was great; there was no doubt in his mind that this was going to be one of the top ten fucks of his life, and he was going to let her have her way with him. Jayde picked up the pace of her rocking then firmly pressed her hand between their legs. With every rock, the heel of her hand kneaded her clit, the balls of her fingers massaged his cock, and her fingernails grazed his balls.

His whole groin was trembling. Bill reached out, put one hand under arm, and around to fondle her breast. He quickly licked his other thumb, and when she rocked forward, he stuck it between her succulent ass cheeks and put it right on her asshole. Jayde shivered with delight and ground her ass back on his thumb and cock. Bill knew that it was only moments before he was going to blow his hot wad deep inside of her. He felt the warm tingle of pre-orgasm tension. She dug her fingernails into his balls and grabbed his thigh hard. He pinched her nipple and pushed his thumb hard against her asshole. Then she grunted and he grunted and he felt his hot cum travel through his cock and inside here. Suddenly, Jayde stopped moving and twiddled her clit quickly before letting out another yell as she shook with orgasm.

Jayde dismounted him and said, “Billy, just in case there was any doubt, I will be back for more.”

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