The Rancher

Author: Western

Mayeve Reeves, recently married to John Reeves, the Montana rancher, galloped into the yard of her huge, mansion- like ranch house. Chickens and men scattered before the sharp hooves of her Arabian stallion. In a flurry of swishing material, she slapped the quirt against her leg in annoyance as she stormed up the front steps. She burst inside just as the Mexican cook threw open the door.

“Where is he?” she demanded.
“Who?” Ascension asked innocently.
“You know damned well who I mean!” May screamed. Her face was so red that it nearly matched her curly Irish red hair. She pinned Ascension with a deadly gaze and placed her hand on Ascension’s shoulder. The leather quirt tickled Ascension’s cheek in a threatening manner.
“Where is he?”

“Helena,” she swallowed quickly. “He’s… he said he’s buying cattle.”
“We have to many cattle on this damned ranch already,” she said, storming out of the room. He’s buying whores, damned him,” she screamed, throwing the quirt on the polished wooden floor. Ascension crossed herself, then picked up the quirt as she passed. She looked upstairs first, then tossed the quirt into the fireplace.
“Lopez, harness up the carriage,” Mayeve screamed from her bedroom window.
“Misses, I was told…” he broke off under her deadly glare.

“You were told to harness my carriage. Don’t make me tell you again,” she warned. Lopez swallowed quickly and nodded. He started to turn, then his eyes went back to the beautiful woman as she pulled up her shirt and slid it over her shoulders. Her pale white breasts were magnificent, and she didn’t care who saw them. Lopez gasped in restrained passion and turned away, before she caught him lollygagging. He pushed his hard cock down into his pants and groaned again. Why did the Misses have to be so damned beautiful, he wondered as he threw a loop over the first of the two grays.

Mayeve ran the wagon around the last turn, then sped down main street. The hooves of her matched grays threw dust and dirt behind them. In a city of six thousand people there should have been cobblestone streets, churches and schools. Instead there were stores, saloons and brothels, with a few other business mixed in. The road, which was mostly composed of yellow sand, turned into a river of mud during a storm.

Men dodged the huge horses as she pulled up outside of Molly’s place.
Douglas Pride stood behind the small bar. She walked up to him and simply stood staring, until he swallowed nervously and looked up at her.
“He’s not here, he’s up at the falls on a picnic,” he said, pointing over his shoulder.
“With who?”
“I wouldn’t know,” Douglas lied.
“Where’s Molly?”
“In back,” he pointed over his shoulder again. Mayeve hurried around the bar and rapped on the door. She entered without waiting.
“Who are you?” Molly demanded. She was dressed in an expensive set of red silk underwear.
“Your biggest benefactor.”
“The wife of John Reeves,” Mayeve said, taking a seat on the couch.
“Oh, Mayeve,” she nodded. Mayeve was surprised that she knew her name, but John did like to talk.
“What can I do for you?” Molly asked. “You must have been told that he’s not here. He’s out on…”
“I know. And I don’t care. I want a job here,” Mayeve said, to Molly’s astonishment.
“You can’t be serious. You own half of Montana. Why… Oh hell, why should I care. I could make a fortune off you.”
“It’s not a permanent arrangement, it’s just for today.”
“Still, I could get a thousand dollars per hour for your services if I contact certain clients,” Molly said hopefully.
“Then do it. I want lessons from you the first time, then I will handle things myself. If my husband prefers whores, I will become one.”
“Alright,” Molly nodded enthusiastically. “This way.”
Mayeve was not surprise to see Molly leading the banker into the room first. He looked Mayeve over with a greedy, oily look, licking his lips in anticipation.
“Is it true?” he asked hopefully.

“It damned well is,” she nodded. Without further encouragement she pulled her blouse off over her head. The banker gasped in astonishment. Her breasts were very large, very firm, and liberally sprinkled with freckles.

“I… I… I…” he stuttered, looking at Molly. She held out her hand. “One thousand dollars,” she reminded him. He nervously dug the money out of a coat pocket. When he looked back at Mayeve, she was reclining naked on the bed.

“My God,” he gasped, nearing the bed. His eyes devoured her body. His hand reached out tentatively, then firmly grasped her right breast. He moaned in desire as he felt the spongy flesh in his hand.

“My God,” he said again. In a flash he began tearing off clothing. Molly took a seat next to the bed. She smiled to Mayeve when the banker removed his pants. His throbbing cock was all of four inches long.
“Small,” Molly mouth the word, holding her fingers close together. She straightened her face before the banker looked up.

“Why are you here?” he demanded, suspecting what had gone on behind his back.
“I’m giving her advice,” Molly said firmly. “Get on with it.”
“I… I can’t with you watching.”
“Sure you can,” Mayeve said, pulling him onto the bed. She pushed him firmly against the bed and took his cock in her hand. She lowered her mouth and took it inside her warm, red lips. It grew hard almost immediately. She lay back on the bed and encouraged him to mount her. He struggled to get up. He laid on her firm flesh, panting loudly. He looked down at her warm lips, but she turned away before he could kiss her.

“I only kiss the asshole I’m married too,” she whispered.

He began pumping his small cock into her slowly, at first, then increased his tempo. It hurt Mayeve a little, since her pussy was not lubricated. Molly spit in one hand and slapped that hand around the banker’s cock during an upstroke. Mayeve gasped in relief as the lubricated cock began sliding smoothly. Molly leaned closer to Mayeve. Mayeve thought she was about to whisper to her, but was surprised to see Molly begin suckling on her left breast like a baby. For the first time Mayeve began to enjoy herself. Just as she realized this, the banker began gasping, stopped, and fell motionless against her body.

“What happened?” Mayeve demanded.
“I’m finished,” the banker said in a condescending tone.
“Why you little peckerwood, I’m not,” she said in a threatening manner. He quickly jumped to his feet, grabbed his clothes and fled before Mayeve could hurt him.
“Get used to it,” Molly said understandingly. “It’s a common occurrence. We are not here to have fun, we are simply here to satisfy our customers.

“How can you stand it?” Mayeve gasped.
“I have certain customers who satisfy me, I also have a ceramic friend, and a girl who takes care of me once in a while. Unfortunately, she is one of the girls accompanying your husband.”
“You mean some girls do girls?” Mayeve gasped as she washed her pussy.
“Most do under the right conditions. I have on occasion.”
“Sure. If the next customer doesn’t satisfy you, I will show you,” Molly said with a smile. I have riders out contacting the next customers, it will be an hour or so. Relax, she waved and left Mayeve to her toiletries.

Senator Billings read the telegram, delivered by a young boy. “Mayeve Reeves,” he gasped aloud. He looked around the empty room and folded the piece of paper. He slid it into his pocket and grabbed his hat. It was a 200 mile ride to Helena, but the train could make it in a few short hours.

Patrick Manning watched the lone rider race across his vast pasture before his ranch. He stood and met the rider as he pulled up outside of the door. He recognized the young man as one of those who delivered messages, among other things.

“Molly is sending for you,” the young man said without preamble. Pat looked around to see who had heard, then scowled at the young man. “Why?”
“There is a lady, Mayeve Reeves, she lives…” the boy pointed to the west.”
“I know where she lives,” Pat said dispassionately.
“She… well she’s learning to be a whore at Molly’s. Molly thought you might be interested.”
“She what?”
“She’s Molly’s newest whore,” the boy said. The horse tried to turn toward the water trough. The boy jerked his head back around.

“Thanks,” Pat said, spinning and tearing off his clothing as he entered his ranch house. He was bathed and redressed in a matter of minutes. He rode out without a word to his foreman.

Pat used his hat to brush the dust from his black suit. With hat in hand, he brushed back his hair.
“Number Two,” Douglas said, pointing up the stairs. Patrick nodded quickly and hurried up the stairs. He, like most men in that part of the country, had lusted after Mayeve since first setting eyes on her. Her mass of red hair warned everyone of the explosive temper held within. But despite her awful temper and biting tongue, those who saw her, wanted her. Patrick still believed that this was all an elaborate joke, but he couldn’t take the chance that it wasn’t. He would do anything to have Mayeve.

“Patrick!” Mayeve called in surprise when he burst through the door.
“Wasn’t I invited?” he asked in confusion.
“Probably, I just wasn’t expecting you. Molly… Come in,” she said breathlessly.
“I was told… well a boy rode out to my ranch.”
“I know, I’m punishing my husband. Since he is only happy with a whore, I will become one.”
“You really shouldn’t…” Patrick paused, looking at Mayeve in the thin silk robe. Her long, meaty legs extended below the robe from mid-thigh down. They were magnificent, like the legs of a fine race horse. “God how I’ve wanted you,” he gasped, sinking to the bed beside her.
“This is your chance,” she whispered, opening her robe, while looking him in the eyes. He looked down and his mouth worked wordlessly. He leaned forward and touched one huge breast. He shivered in exquisite pleasure.

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