The Bet

Author: Western

Daisy looked at her cards. She stared at the handsome man across the table from her. He smiled in response, revealing nothing.

“Two cards,” she said, tossing two cards onto the table. The man slid two cards her way.
“I’m good with these,” he said, lifting a huge pile of money. Daisy looked at her money, knowing that she didn’t have enough. The other two men dropped out. They folded the minute they saw their cards.

“I could… I don’t have enough money,” she admitted. “But!” she said, stopping his hand as he reached for the pot, “I could make a little side wager with you.”
“Like what?” he asked in sudden interest.

“My charms, shall we say, for all the money that’s in the pot.
“Not hardly,” he smiled, beginning to rake in the money again. “There’s probably seven thousand dollars in the pot. No woman is worth that much.”

She frowned in disappointment. It was the first time her little ploy hadn’t work.

“But I could take your note for a sexual liaison, in return for pulling out the extra money I bet, and calling your hand,” he said thoughtfully. She smiled at first then thought about his proposition. Her usual pattern in the past was to promise her sexual favors, against what was in the pot. If she lost, she called upon their gentlemanly manners, not to call her on her bet. If she won, she simply took all the money. But she had a feeling that this man was no gentleman, especially since he wanted her promise in writing.

very well,” she said in a clipped manner. He waited until she finally pulled a pencil and paper from her handbag and began writing. He took it as she tossed it into the pot.

“Sign it,” he reminded her. She took it back, signed it and threw it at the man across the table. He caught it deftly and laid it in the center of the table.

“Straight,” she said with a triumphant smile. She tossed her cards down without spreading them.
“Beat’s my two pair,” he said reluctantly. He spread her cards before she could stop him. He reached out and grabbed her hand, as she swept the pot in front of her.
“Ma’am,” he said, spreading the cards. “Where I come from there is no seven, in an ace high straight.”

“Oh, how clumsy of me,” she said through clenched teeth.
“If you were a man, you would be shot right now,” he said with a stern look. “But as it stands, this note should about even things up,” he said, picking up her promissary note.
“You wouldn’t hold…” she began, looking at the men around her for support.
“You’re damned right I would,” he said enthusiastically.

“I can assure you, I would never dally with you,” she humped, about to turn away.
“Really?” He looked around the room until his eyes fell on a real bear of a man. His face was hidden in facial hair. His body was covered with furs. It looked like he was just in from the mountains.
“You,” the gambler called. “Would you like to spend the night with this lovely lady?”
“Sure,” the man piped up. Daisy was sputtering an objection, but they ignored her.
“Buy this note off me for a dollar,” the gambler said, holding up the piece of paper. The man dug into his homespun pants and came up with a 20 dollar gold piece. The gambler gave him his change, and the note.

“Have fun,” the gambler said, pushing Daisy toward him. Daisy objected as the huge man gabbed her hand and dragged her toward the hotel. Men hurried close, angrily objecting, until he flashed the note in front of their faces. It was a valid promissary note, so nobody interfered.

“Don’t you touch me,” Daisy threatened, circling the bed as the man began undressing.
“Not likely,” he said with a smile. “I’ll do more than touch you before the day is over. Daisy ran, but the man tackled her. He pushed her to the bed and began tearing her clothes off. In a matter of minutes she lay naked beneath him. She was slender and pretty. He ran his hands over her breasts, then down to her legs and thighs. He lowered his huge, massive face to her breast and began suckling. His mouth sucked as his tongue licked the nipple. Daisy felt a glow begin in her breast. By the time he started on the second one, she was beginning to enjoy it. The hair felt funny on her chest, but it also tickled in a pleasant way. Before she knew what was happening, his mouth sought out and found her pussy. He pried her reluctant legs open and nuzzled between, making sounds like and old bear as he feasted on her mound. She gasped and threw her legs wide.

He carefully licked her small pussy with his huge wide tongue. She withered beneath it’s ministration. Although big and slow, it was very pleasant. But again the hair felt funny on the insides of her delicate thighs.

She opened her legs wide and locked her ankles together behind his back. As his massive head bobbed, licking her generously, she thrust her pussy toward him.

Fire started in her loins. She could feel the first tendrils of an orgasm. Suddenly he stopped and sat up. As she watched he pushed off his suspenders, opened his plaid shirt and pushed down his pants. He was very hairy, but her eyes were glued to his manhood. It was huge, like the rest of the man. It wiggled as he crawled closer on the bed. He lifted her and turned her over on her hands and knees. Waiting, she felt the massive head of his cock press against her delicate lips. Her eyes bulged as he began to push his way inside. She squealed, then screamed as his massive member began tearing her apart. He slowed and allowed her pussy to adjust, before he began pumping his meat inside her.

She felt like somebody had shoved an arm up her pussy. She had never felt anything so big before in her life. As her pussy adjusted, she began to enjoy it. Time passed with the only sounds in the room being their harsh breathing, and the wet sounds of his cock sliding in and out of her quivering pussy. She panted with her head hanging down as the huge cock seemed to touch every portion of her body. She felt her pussy clenching involuntarily around him, trying to hold him in place.

The man grunted louder and louder. His thrusts became more powerful, more hectic. Suddenly he cried out as his huge cock began shooting thick, hot cum into her womanhood. Daisy cried out, grinding her pussy against his manhood. She continued to grind her ass against him until her orgasm exploded. She shuddered, babbling wordlessly as the orgasm seemed to tear her body apart.

The man waited, resting his hands on her back, until the shuddering stopped and she slowly pulled off his massive cock. She collapsed on the bed, panting harshly. The man stood looking down at her. He dressed and left the room. Going back to the saloon, he saw the gambler, still sitting at the table.

“How was it?” the gambler asked.
“Fantastic,” the huge man said.
“I’m glad you enjoyed her. Somebody had to teach her a lesson. She has been pulling that little ploy all up and down the Mississippi.”
“If you get any more notes, let me know,” the man called as he left the saloon.
“I will,” the gambler laughed.

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