Well You Keep My Secret?

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Author: GrayTypewriter

Well You Keep My Secret?

By: GrayTypewriter

   Everyone has a secrets, but my is a very special one that I had kept to my self till my best friend Erica found out when I was 18. My name is Nicole. Me and Erica had been the bestest of friends since freshman year. And since then we tell each other everything, go to the mall together, eat together, and sometimes even sleeps together. But never have I let her find out about my little secret. I always thought that one day, no matter how hard I try to hide it from her, she’s going to find out. It finally happened one night in the summer right after we graduated from high school.
   Erica and I had went to the mall that day, we were laughing and joking all day like we always has been when we go out. I was so tired when I got home that night, that all I did was took a shower and when to bed. It was about 9:30 that night when Erica called me.
   “Heeello?” I yawned as I picked up my cell phone.
   “I need to talk.” Erica’s voice said on the other end.
   Knowing Erica for so long I instantly know that something was wrong, and that she has been crying.
   “Are you ok?” I asked.
   “Can I come over?” she asked with a stuffy nose.
   “Yea of course.” It was late but I would do anything for Erica.
   “Ok.” she hangs up the phone.
   I got up and went to the bathroom, the whole time thinking what could happened to my best friend.
   Erica lived just a little down the street from where I lived, so after 10 minus my phone ranged again.
   “Erica?” I answered gingerly.
   “I’m downstairs.” that was all she said before she hang up the phone.
   I quickly went downstairs and open the door to see my red nosed friends standing outside the door. Her eyes was sparkling with tears in the moonlight. More than once I have thought about how pretty Erica is, but that night there’s something about her being so sad and the moonlight shining on her made her look so beautiful.
   “Was wrong?” I asked quietly while I took her hand and led her inside and closed the door behind her.
   For answer I got a hug and more quiet sobs into my shoulder. I lead her quietly upstairs to my room so I don’t wake my parents. After I closed my bedroom door behind me and led her to my bed where we both sat down on the edge of the bed. By now the top of my white shirt is soaked with Erica’s tears.
   “Was wrong honey?” I asked again, while I hold her again my breasts.
   “Me and mom had a fight.” she said, and more sobs follows.
   All I could is hold her close. After awhile I pushed her gently back so I can look into her beautiful face and said: “You must be tired. Lets talk about this tomorrow.”
   She just nodded and we bother climbed into my big queen size bed. We held each other for awhile before I realize she was caressing my left breast. I let her keep caressing while laying there feeling myself getting extremely turned on. I have always been shy because of my secret, and I was trying my hardest not to let it show through my loose black shorts that I always wear when I go to sleep. She looked up into my eyes with her beautiful green eyes after awhile. I can’t help but leaned close and kissed her on her soft lips. She kissed me back as her hand went up under my white tee shirt to grab at my breasts. After a few passionate moments we broke the kiss. All the while I can feel my secret getting hard and hard. I know that soon she’s going to find out about my little growing lump in my shorts, although at the moment she is concentrating kissing and licking my nipples through my tee shirt which is driving me deeper into the ecstasy grove that she is leading me into.
   After a while she looked up again I know instantly that’s she‘s going to move down. All I can do is just gave her a little nervous smile before she put her hand on my leg and moved up slowly towards the inside of my thigh, while the whole time kissing and sucking on my nipples which is now hard. I squeezed my eyes shut waiting for the inevitable moment to come. All of a sudden I heard a gasp and felt her whole body froze. I looked down nervously into her face which is already looking back at me. I can not read her expression except that her mouth was open. I was so terrified at that moment and then the unexpected happened.
   Her unreadable expression turns into a smile and kissed my mouth while her hand rubbed the length of my cock through my shorts. After awhile my cock is to its max length and throbbing. Erica slipped my shorts off and moved my panties to the side, took my cock with her hands while stroking it making the tip of it wet with my own juice. She then ever so slowly kissed her way down to the tip of my cock. She licked and slurped with practiced accuracy that sends me straight into the center of the ecstasy grove and ready to explode with pleasure. Just seeing her sucking and tasting my juice is enough to make me go over the edge. But with great effort I looked down and led her gently away from my cock now wet from my juice and her saliva. I kissed her mouth while slipping her tee shirt and tight shorts off exposing her ever so perfect body. I sat up to took my white tee shirt off and turned her gently to her back and kissed her mouth passionately. I moved down to her beautiful breast and nibbled on her nipple. She sucked in the air to show her pleasure. My hands roamed her body leaving goose bumps every where I touch. I finally left the nipples behind and moved south. My lip glazed over her thin stomach, stopped for awhile around her belly button. Erica ached her back to show how much she enjoyed and begged me quietly with her moans to go lower. I finally arrived at her little shaved pussy. Her clit is dark pink almost red and moist with her own juice. I can smell her wetness and didn’t wait another second before I licked her salty juice. I looked up at her while I was sucking and licking her clit. Erica had her eyes closed and was moaning quietly. She had her left index finger between her teeth biting it lightly while her right hand cup around her right breast. Before long she hit her first orgasm of the night. She wiggled her up body then shivered while holding my head with both of her hands. After the spasm was over I moved up to her mouth and kissed her deeply. Our tits mashed against each other while the tip of my cock is rubbing against her clit. I broke the kiss after awhile and looked at her through my straight black hair which is dangling in front of my face, the tip of them inches away from Erica’s face. She looked back and nodded. I slowly eased the tip of my cock to her entrance and rubbed her clit with the head of my cock. Although I have seen a couple of porno movies and have imagined doing it before, I have never actually done it for real. I didn’t quite get my cock in her the first couple of tries. Then finally I looked into her smiling face nervously. She took my cock with her right hand and guided into position and mouthed for me to push. I gave one gentle push and my cock slipped in easily with the natural lube from both of our juices. Erica’s eyes were closed and gasping with pleasure every time my cock disappears inside of her. My hip pumped faster. We became so wet I can hear the wet noises as I pumped. I hugged her tightly as I concentrated on the pleasure of my penis going into Erica’s tight wet hole. She was hugging me tight so our tits mashed together as I pumped her overflowing pussy faster knowing I wont hold it in much longer. “I’m ganna to cum.” I whispered into her ear. “Me too Nic. cum inside of me. Hurry!” she whispered back between quiet moans. I pumped harder, and soon I was shooting my load deep side of her pussy. She came too as her pussy become tight around my cock. I didn’t stop till the last of my cum came out. We laid with my cock inside of her pussy for a long time. Finally after we are breathing normally, I pushed up and kissed her lips and said: “well you keep my secret?” All she managed was a smile and a nod before she slips off into sleep with me in her arms.

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