Drive-in Jammin’

Author: Steph

I’d never been friendly with a black girl before but Tamara was different, not only different from any black girl I’d ever met but different from any white girl, as well. Some of it might have been that she grew up in Jamaica and had a lilting British/Caribbean accent that didn’t seem as threatening as the ghetto speak of the other black girls I knew. Whatever it was, we hit it off from the first day she started working in the grocery store. When she was working the register and I was bagging, it was more fun that I’d ever had in my short sweet life. One night we were out on break together and I fired up a skinny joint. She gave me a big old grin, her pearly white teeth just shining in her pretty black face and took to sucking that smoke down like a pro, no coughing or nothing. With a bit of buzz on I finally found the guts to ask her out and just about shit my pants when she said yes. I knew my daddy would just about flip if he knew I was dating a black girl but figured what he didn’t know wasn’t going to hurt him none.

Our county has got one of the few drive-ins left in the whole state and since I already knew Tamara liked movies, I figured it was a right good choice for our first night alone together. I like fixing up old cars and I had me a 59 Caddy that I put some special effort into the next few days figuring I’d give her a surprise when I pulled up in the big pink monster with it’s chrome glittering. Well, sure enough, her eyes got all big when she came out of the door and saw that big finned beast all waxed up and looking fine. She always struck me as pretty but usually I just seen her in a blouse and jeans. That night she was wearing a flowered dress that sort of swished around her round hips and highlighted her big round boobs. Her bare brown arms and sexy legs were a sight to see as she came bouncing down the stairs and got in to the Caddy. Her hair was all done up in cornrows and the megawatt smile she gave me just got my heart a thumping something fierce.

When we got to the drive-in I parked the beast near the back hoping to be away from all the families with their screaming rug rats. I’d rolled me up a little number and after awhile pulled that little doobie out. Well, y’all can just imagine my surprise when Tamara reached into her purse and pulled out a joint that looked like a cigar. I put my skinny little thing away while she fired up that big thick fellow. From the first taste I could tell that this was some potent weed, indeed. By the third hit I was pretty wasted, by the fourth I was wondering how I was going to be able to drive us home. It was just about then that I felt Tamara’s hand on my crotch.

She stubbed the gigantic roach out in the ashtray and leaned forward. I didn’t hesitate for a second. My lips met her soft, full black lips and soon our tongues were tangling with each other. She was wearing some kind of spice and flower perfume that went straight to my head. Between her scent, my buzz and her sweet brown hand rubbing on my crotch, I didn’t have a chance. My dick was as solid as Sears. I slid my hand under her dress and started caressing her smooth inner thigh and she didn’t protest none, in fact it just got her to kissing me even harder. When I slid my hand up towards the Promised Land I got me one whale of a shock. I was expecting to feel panties but my fingers landed on moist curly hairs. When she unzipped my pants and reached for my hard cock I just moaned in her sweet mouth. Pretty soon her black hand was jerking on my white dick while I was fingering her hot wet black pussy. We kept on kissing something fierce while we squirmed up against each other. When we finally broke off that long passionate kiss I wasn’t too surprised to see that we’d fogged up the windshield. Normally that would have made it pretty tough to see the movie but it was getting pretty obvious that neither of us was exactly in a movie watching mood.

When she climbed over into the back seat I had me the lovely sight of her big round brown ass and I followed right after it. I pulled down my pants and briefs and she shucked that dress in near record time. I grabbed me one of her big black boobs and just commenced to sucking on the nipple. That caused her to start moaning and before I knew it she was grabbing my white hog and pushing it toward her moist black cunt. It didn’t seem like a good time to argue. Her pussy felt hot and tight and I slid in just about as deep as I could go. Tamara wrapped her strong black legs around my back and we commenced to fucking like we invented the sport. My balls were bouncing round the crack of her big black butt and her soft round tits were pressed against my chest as I drove my hard white cock into her pulsating black pussy over and over again driven my the pressure from her rocking legs. Our bodies were slapping together in a fuck frenzy, her black smooth skin just a pounding back at my skinny sweaty white body both of us groaning with lust while we screwed like manic minks. Maybe it was the weed but I could swear I could feel my balls bubbling with cum as the tension built in my groin. It wasn’t too long before all that bubbling and churning got to the point when I knew I was about to burst. Tamara reached down between out sweaty bellies and began frigging her cunt and moaning that she was gonna cum. I tried holding off as long as I could but when her hips started pounding up against me like a jackhammer it was getting pretty hard to hold off. Then she did something that just blew what little was left of my mind.

Just as her body stiffened and I felt her pussy muscles clenching round my throbbing dick she reached behind me and stuck a long black finger right up against my puckered little asshole. Well, that just drove me further into her hungry hot black cunt and set me off like a fourth of July fireworks show. I began cumming like I’d never cummed before, it felt like I was squirting gallons of hot white sperm into her throbbing pussy in jerking squirts while her long finger fucked my ass. I just about passed out and, for a moment there, thought I might actually die from the pleasure.

As I lay there in the back seat of the Caddy, holding Tamara tight and trying to catch my breath I came to the realization that my daddy was just going to have to flip and then get over it. I knew there was no way I was letting this girl go, even if it took marrying her. I intended to jam with Tamara the rest of my life.

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