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Taking his rod from my mouth, I grasped it in my hand. Stephen shuddered. The night air had grown cool and damp. Tracking my tongue up and down his piss-slit, I licked his fleshy cockhead. Working my way down to his balls again, I nuzzled my face in his crotch. He smelled of leather, sweat and piss. I took his cock in my mouth again. The heat of his entire body coursed down the length of his shaft into my mouth.

Stephen was back down on his knees deep throating my cock when the night was disrupted by the roar of motorcycles coming down the alley. Beginning to feel panicked, I breathed in shallow, quick gasps. Stephen didn’t seem to notice even as the roar got louder and shadows danced on the building behind us as the bikes came further down the alley.

“Oh shit,”


I tried to pull my cock out of Stephen’s mouth, but he clamped down hard on my shaft. He held my dick in his mouth as the two motorcycles pulled up alongside the fence. I turned and caught a glimpse through the foliage of two guys in black leather pulling off their motorcycle helmets. They had to have seen us. I heard voices and then somebody laughing. I tried to listen to what they were saying. Stephen resumed sucking my cock. I took a deep breath and tried to relax. Stephen’s cocksucking did the trick. It wasn’t long before the night air was filled with my groans of pleasure.

Even though my back was to the two guys, I knew they were watching us. I tried to ignore the fact they were there and get into Stephen sucking my dick, but in the back of my mind I knew we had an audience. I struggled with the uncertainties that had been aroused by our situation. Stephen, on the other had, seemed to be more turned on my it. He gulped down my cock like he was eating his last meal.

Rocking my hips back and forth, my cock thrust in and out of Stephen’s mouth. His throat muscles milked my cock. I pushed in deeper and deeper, my cock sliding deep down his throat. I felt the coarse hair of Stephen’s goatee against my balls. I picked up my pace and thrusted in and out of Stephen’s hot mouth while the two guys watched.

I tensed up only slightly when I heard footsteps in the gravel on both sides of the truck. I glanced over my shoulder for just a moment. Our audience was about to join us.

Continuing to milk my cock with his throat, Stephen glanced up into my eyes. The silence between us loomed heavily like the San Francisco night mist.

Two figures in black appeared from around the truck, taking position on opposite corners. One guy was a tall blond with a moustache in his mid to late thirties. The other guy was a younger Asian guy with long shiny black hair. They were both dressed in black leather pants, boots and jackets.

They didn’t appear to be threatening, but I was struggling to keep my emotions in check. It was a scene out of a fucking porn flick. My senses were overcome with sensations–the smell of black leather, the cold, damp night air in my lungs, Stephen’s hot, wet mouth on my rock hard cock and the sounds of traffic rushing by and the music thumping in the background. My adrenaline rushed a mile a minute.

Stephen stared up at me, his eyes glinting in the moonlight. It was as if he was trying to read my mind. He cupped his hand under my balls. His hand was cold, but it felt good. “Oh, yeah,” I groaned.

Stephen nodded.

“Oh, yeah. Fucking cocksucker. Suck me good.”

Stephen’s eyes twinkled. He wanted me to do this.

“Suck my cock. You fucking cocksucker.”

I heard the sounds of zippers being pulled down. I glanced over at the blond. He had pulled out a thick eight inch cock. He was slowly stroking his meat. I then glanced over at the Asian guy. He had done the same.

Stephen kept sucking my cock, running his tongue up and down my quivering cockshaft. I fed him my cock, pushing it in until my cockhead brushed the back of his throat.

The other guys stood there silently stroking their cocks. I turned and looked at the blond. He smirked as he pumped his bloated cock.

The Asian guy walked over to his friend and grabbed his cock. They stroked each other off while Stephen kept sucking my cock.

“Oh, Christ, man,” groaned the blond. Ropes of white hot cum spurted from his dick.

The Asian guy began to furiously pump his cock. Moments later he grunted, arched his back and every muscle in his body spasmed as jolts of jizz burst from his cock.

They zipped up their pants and walked back around the truck. I heard the guys laugh and their voices trailed off. Apparently they had seen enough of the show.

With the spectators gone, I relaxed a bit more and was able to enjoy Stephen sucking my dick. I bucked against his face. My balls slapped his hair covered chin. Stephen furiously stroked his cock as I pounded his face with my dick. I was getting close, damn close.

Stephen worked his hand up between my legs. I felt waves of pleasure rising from my ass, then my balls. I was ready to come. Just before the moment of release, a car door slammed. I jumped. Stephen was also startled by the sound of the car door slamming. The engine started. The rumble of gravel under the tires followed. I tense up again and lost the moment. The car ground to a halt and we heard the sounds of the chain metal gate being pulled shut.

“Oh, shit, Stephen. We’re locked in here.”

“I didn’t hear anybody chain the fence.”

“What are we going to do?”

“Keep it down. We don’t want whoever it is to hear us.”

The door slammed again and the car spun off. Stephen went back to sucking my dick. He plunged back down on my dick, engulfing it in his hot, moist mouth one more time. My dick slid in and out of his mouth and as he stroked his cock faster and faster.

“Oh, fuck. I’m going to cum,” said Stephen.

He lurched backward. He let my cock drop out of his mouth. Torrents of Stephen’s pearly white spunk sprayed on the gravel under our feet.

“Oh, shit that was good,” he said.

Stephen stood up. The knees of his jeans were stained from mud and dirt. He wiped his pants. His big cock was still hanging out of his fly. I moved closer and grasped Stephen’s cock and then my own. His cock was warm and smooth. I cupped one hand under his balls and the other around my own cock. I began to slowly jack my own cock. My pre-cum drooled down my shaft and webbed my fingers as I pumped my cock. I stroked my fist up and down, up and down, faster and faster.

I felt the sensations building up. I knew it wouldn’t take long.

Stephen pushed his hand up in between my legs as I stroked myself off. The sensations of denim rubbing against my asshole was enough to set me off.

“Oh, fuck. I’m cumming.”

I arched my hips forward and my cock spewed white-hot volleys of cum. One large gob landed on the back of the truck, another on the gravel below.

Stephen and I stood there smiling at each other, our hard cocks still hanging out of our pants. We zipped up our flies and walked back to the gate. It was locked.

Stephen climbed up onto a dumpster that was next to the fence, crawled over the top and dropped to the sidewalk. I followed behind him.

I zipped up my jacket. A chill ran down my spine. The fog had rolled in. We walked back to Folsom Street in silence.

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