Me And Mrs Jones

Author: Dan

We were all in the kitchen laughing and talking about our up coming skiing trip when Peter’s mother came in to make herself a cup of coffee. I really liked Mrs Jones, she was always happy, had a wicked sense of humour and she had the sexiest smile I think I’d ever seen. I’d never told the guys how I felt but for a while now I found my eyes drawn to her whenever she was around.

She was a voluptuous, full huge breasts and her cleavage of which had been a fascination for me for many years now. Round full hips, warm curving belly, soft and welcoming, an earth mother, better than a Botticelli Venus. My cock hardened slightly as I stood watching. I shifted slightly to hide my condition, slightly shocked at myself, but the other guys were too intent on their conversation to notice.

She noticed though. I was sure she had. She wore one of those enigmatic smiles women have when they can see right through you, and her eyes seemed to be appraising me for some reason. Regardless, I couldn’t get her face out of my mind. My hands craved to grab those gorgeous massive melons. I wanted to know what her nipples were like.

How big, what colour, where they huge too? I wanted to suck on them and make them swell under my tongue. I wanted to massage her delicious ass. Hands kneading her flesh, feeling her yield under me.

I had to stop thinking about it. I was getting harder and if I wasn’t careful my erection would become blatantly obvious and there was no way I was going to let that happen.

The guys decided that we should all go and catch a movie, to which I agreed until we’d gone a little way, when I suddenly remembered that I had “something else I had to do”, and left the Group before they could protest too much. I turned tail and headed right back to Peter’s place. I just couldn’t stay away. Even if it meant looking like a dick head, I just seemed drawn to go back.

I knocked on the screen door, but there was no answer. I cursed and hoped that she hadn’t gone out already, but when I tried the door I found it unlocked. I let myself in and called out a few times but she didn’t appear to be there. I walked through the kitchen and into the lounge when I heard something. A moan perhaps… I took a few more cautious steps, and peered around the door into the sunroom.

I gasped but controlled myself enough to keep quiet as I saw her. She was lying on the sofa in the sun, completely naked, her legs spread open, one hand pulling back the folds of her pussy to expose her clit, the other rubbing her button frantically. Her eyes were closed and she pumped her hips, gently fucking her hand as she masturbated. Her low moans were incredibly sexy as I knew she hadn’t realised I was there, and she was really getting off as she would be if no one were watching.

Her tits were incredible. Better than anything I could have imagined. Her nipples were dark and swollen, big as saucers. I wanted to take as much into my mouth as I could, holding those creamy jugs, handfuls of them. My dick was rock hard and throbbing. I felt like I could come in my pants right then, and I was finding it hard to breathe.

Her body rocked as she reached a state of arousal that nearly sent me off the edge, she came in a rush, a sobbing cry escaping her lips, hips pulsating the way I knew the inside of her pussy would be right now.

I realised I was stroking my cock through my pants, and that I’d moved into the sunroom. I’d been lost watching her and hadn’t noticed. My toe rustled a magazine left lying carelessly on the floor and her eyes flew open in an instant and she looked at me, a shocked recognition on her face. She tried to cover herself with her hands and I smiled, because she couldn’t even begin to hide her nakedness.

She looked down and started to stammer an apology, but before she could speak I’d already moved over to her and had started to kiss her.

My hands were yearning to feel her body, take handfuls of her and taste every part, bit by bit. Her mouth opened under mine and our tongues danced against each other, sucking and licking, breathing each other’s air until the heat made breathing almost impossible. My hands grasped her luscious boobs, kneading and massaging, the soft flesh hot under my fingers so giving.

Her nipples were like a tempting treat, beckoning me to taste and lowering my head I sucked one into my mouth, my body involuntarily shivering at her sexy groan as I closed my lips over it and sucked on it, while my hand enjoyed the weight and feel of her tit.

She gathered herself together enough to start unbuttoning my shirt. I could feel her need. Not desperation, just sheer animal horniness. Tearing at the cloth in frustration, I helped her, my cock straining against my jeans now, desperate to dive into that hot sweet cunt. That’s what it was now…cunt.

But it was hers, and she was driving me mad. We both tugged my jeans down between us and she pulled me against her. I was enfolded in her warmth. My cock buried between her thighs. I slid back and forth and felt her wetness on me. The slickness of her on my engorged rod made me moan which made her shiver against me. Her pussy seemed to just suck me into her and the heat and wetness was almost more than I could bear. I stroked into her slowly at first, feeling her tunnel tighten along the length of me, and then feeling it start to pulsate, and I knew she was going to come.

I couldn’t believe that she would come so quickly but it made me lose control. My cock exploded and my juice poured into her body convulsing against her and she rode with me, pumping onto my rod, her cunt spasming, her hips rocking into mine…her hair on my face, our sweat mingling, making our bodies slippery.

I collapsed on top of her, revelling in the feel of her under me. We looked at each other and laughed, knowing that this was just the beginning.

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