My First Big Fuck

Author: Dan

Born in a small town, where everyone was almost related, Saturday night was for getting high, getting drunk and getting horny. I always had a hard-on and the girls got passed around depending on how drunk you could get them. The female to male ratio was well on their side so we had plenty to choose from. They were all sluts and it wasn’t hard to get your end in after the pubs closed and everybody was ready to party harder.

Things changed for me though, the day one of my mates met this new girl that had just moved into town with her mother. He had been working on the removal truck they had used and the lucky bugger scored a date with the daughter the same day. Naturally he was keen to show her off so on Saturday afternoon he brought her to the pub for our usual session. She was really friendly and invited us all back to her place for a house warming party.

On the way over Ray quietly filled me in that his new dates mum was a big fat monster with huge tits and her husband was in gaol. About 20 guys and girls, yahooing and carrying on half pissed and ready to rage rocked up to the house. Imagine my delight when I met the mother Julia. She was big but she had a lovely face and sexy green eyes. She was wearing a skin tight, top displaying her voluptuous breasts and her body language revealed that was definitely hot little sexpot.

To say she turned me on would be major understatement, I was totally awe struck by her. Never before had I ever seen a woman of these dimensions and tonight she looked far too inviting for me to take my lustful eyes off her. As the party raged on around me my eyes were continually drawn back to Julia and I just couldn’t stop the filthy thoughts that surged through my mind. I wanted to be alone with this gorgeous woman, I wanted to see her naked, I wanted to fuck her!

My prick was starting to get hard so I sat down on the couch and crossed my legs to hide the bulge and to try to sedate it. I glanced back over at Julia and she was looking straight at me, with an expression that told me she knew what she was doing to me and she was enjoying it. She came over and sat opposite me with her legs slightly open. When I saw the little white V of her panties I almost came in my pants. God I had to have her! My prick insisted on it!

All of a sudden the party started to break up and most everybody was ready to leave. I decided I wasn’t going anywhere and with my heart pounding I whispered to Julia that I would stay and help her clean up if she liked.

Her response was just what I wanted to hear as she looked me in the eye and said, “Yes please, I would like that very much.”

After everyone had left we started on the cleanup and my cock was growing harder and harder as I was wondered how I would my make my move.

As it was I had no need to worry because Julia was the one to make the first move. As I reached for an ashtray on the table she brushed herself up against my arm and said.

“I saw you perving on me tonight and I bet you have a hard-on right now don’t you?” She grabbed me by the arms and turned me to face her as she looked down at my crutch and squeezed my ever-hardening cock through my jeans.

Slowly she unzipped me and released my bulging rod in all its purple throbbing glory.

I grabbed handfuls of her big pink tits as she helped me out of my clothes and when I was naked I pulled her top off and shoved my face into her beautiful sweet smelling bosoms. She sat on the couch with her hand down her little white panties and begged me to fuck her. I wrenched her knickers off as she lay back and spread her legs for me. I knelt down before her and plunged my cock into her wet hairy hole.

Despite her size her cunt was as tight as a teenagers and sucked on my rod like a vacuum. She bucked at me like a fucking wild animal and her cunt clamped me like a vice as she started to cum. As my cock began ejaculating, her cunt muscles sucked on it like a thirsty mouth my body jerked and spasmed with the intensity of it.

We rolled onto the floor and she straddled my face and took my cock between her lips arousing it again while I lapped at her still throbbing, dripping pussy. She took my whole length into her succulent mouth and when I blew my load she swallowed every fucking drop of my juice. I bit down on her clit and rammed my fingers inside so I could feel her cunt contract as she orgasmed and released her love juices all over my face.

I went home the next morning and locked myself in my room and masturbated myself into a stupor. I never saw her again because she left town as suddenly as she had arrived but I have never forgotten that awesome night. I’ve never had a woman since that made me cum like that and I don’t’ think I ever will.

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