All That Fluff!

Author: Dan

I’m not what you would call a big man; actually, I’m not big at all, body wise that is. Standing ass deep to a tall Indian, I weigh in at a hefty 140lbs, but I’m all man and I have what it takes to keep my sweet cakes happy, very happy. You’ve got it, I am what people call well endowed, hung, packing a nine iron, a big schlong to go along with my exceptional taste in women. Yeah, you’ve got that right too! I love big women, real big women, always have, always will. I am what I like to call a true connoisseur of the big beautiful ladies.

Speaking of large gals, you should see my wife Heather. Now, there’s a big beautiful lady, and I love every damned inch of her too. She’s got it all, long red hair, softly freckled skin, sky blue eyes, full kissable lips, oh man! And the goodies, oh those sweet, sweet goodies! 44DD boobs, velvety soft bubble butt and a pussy that just doesn’t end, and when I lay my fine lady down, there’s no denying that I am in love with all that fluff!

I took Heather out last night for some dancing and romancing. Watching my babe’s full figured body rocking the dance floor put the night into perspective and I couldn’t wait to bring my sweet cakes home to give her something to really rock her world. That’s right! My big ole dick, any way and anywhere she wanted it.

Home at last and Heather a bit tipsy, but not drunk, thought a soak in the hot tub with a glass of chilled wine would finish off the night nicely. Stripped to the buff, we slipped into the hot water, exchanging kisses and sipping wine, I watching her fabulous boobs bounce in the jet stream like weightless buoys on a choppy ocean.

Turning to face her, I put a hand under each of her massive tits and jiggled them up and down and she giggling with delight when I said, “You sure float my boat, sweet cakes” and slipped under the water to blow bubbles directly at her shaved pussy lips.

Heather was really turned on by this, so I did it again, watching as she squirmed that succulent bubble butt in the hot tub seat. Coming up for air, I landed right between her big juicy tits and gave them a good dose of squeezing and licking. Despite the hot water, Heather’s nipples got rock hard and she began making those sweet cooing sounds that let me know she was extremely horny.

Bringing her feet up to my big cock, she began to knead it firmly, sandwiching the shaft between her arches, giving me one hell of a hot foot job. She worked my cock like magic under that water, her toes tickling my balls, making my dick throbbing hard, until she gave my chest a small poke, suggesting that I lay back in the water. Laying back, Heather pulled me to her, spread my legs and helped me stay afloat by grabbing onto my ass, then the real magic started.

Right there, bobbing carefree in the jet stream, my wife gave me a blowjob of all blowjobs. Staring at the ceiling, I became lost in her immense pleasures as she took my balls into her mouth, sucking them, twirling her soft tongue around them, her tongue running the full length of my cock, tracing the rim of the swollen head, then back down to my balls, her hands squeezing my small ass. I almost popped my rocks when she lowered her face into the water and blew bubbles across my nuts… the sensation was fucking incredible!

Heather licked at my dick like a lollipop, giving soft sucks to the head, until she took it fully into her mouth and deep throated me to paradise. Her full lips tight around my shaft squeezed and pumped my cock with ease, faster and faster, the sound of my groans beneath the water as a distant fog horn. She sucked my cock harder, her tongue running firmly up and down the underside of my shaft until I was about ready to explode down her throat.

Coming to my senses, before I blew my load, I got myself upright, turned Heather around facing the foaming jet stream and said, “Hey baby, let’s make some waves” Spreading her fleshy large ass, I pressed my cock against her tight asshole, keeping up the pressure a little at a time, Heather gasping and straining until the head popped it’s way in and I was grinding my dick into her easily.

The hot tub became wild with splashing waves, as Heather’s and my bodies collided and bounced in a fucking frenzy. Her weightlessness in the water made it possible to really drive her down hard onto my cock and I fucked her tight asshole deeper with each heavy thrust.

Inching our way closer to the flow of air, Heather grabbed onto the cushioned rim of the tub to keep her balance, and I really started to hammer my cock into her, my ass rocking, her tits bouncing on the water, making loud splashes that spilled out of the hot tub and onto the floor.

Heather squealed loudly as I reached around to spread her swollen shaved pussy lips, exposing her aching cunt to the jet stream, the bubbles becoming a hot vibrator to tickle and tease her soft pink clit. Fucking her harder now, she moaned and held on for dear life, the strong airflow making her body jerk uncontrollably as the bubbles blasted their way to her tender twitching clit.

“Oh god this is incredible! This feels so damned good!” Heather screamed out, my cock pounding in and out of her asshole, my fingers keeping those pussy lips spread and her clit in direct line of the trail of foaming bubbles.

All of a sudden, without warning, Heather threw her arms back and locked her hands around my neck.

Raising her legs and spreading them as far as she could, Heather started to scream totally out of control, “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass! Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” and had the wettest wildest tidal wave of an orgasm I had ever seen.

Letting go of her pussy lips, I grabbed a hold of her waist and really drove my cock into her ass. Harder and harder I hammered my dick into that o-ring, until my body tensed and through gritted teeth and Neanderthal-like grunts, I blew my load deep into Heather’s asshole.

Turning her around, I pulled her under and gave her the wettest kiss she’s ever had. Sitting in our hot tub half full of water, Heather and I finished our wine, and both laughed when she held onto her numb pussy and exclaimed, “You sure float my boat, baby!”

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