The Webcam

Author: Goblin

I’ve always had an exhibitionist streak, but it really took off my first year in the college dorms. I shared the cramped space with another guy, but luckily he was gone a lot. He was straight, with a girlfriend who had an insatiable appetite for fucking… not to mention an off-campus apartment. During my time alone in the dorm, I started experimenting with the webcam that had come packaged with my computer. At first I performed quick jerk off sessions one on one, for guys that I had met in Internet chat rooms. But as my fascination with showing off grew, I began to broadcast my little performances on a wider scale. In no time I was entertaining dozens of guys at a time with nice long slow stroke shows.

Tim, my roommate, was packing a bag for a weekend stay at his girlfriend’s. Since I was going to be on campus all weekend, I was planning a triple header for all the fans I had accumulated since I started beating my meat online. Tim had no idea our dorm room had been turned into a live action theater, so I made sure to keep busy with other things until he left. Once he was gone, I hauled out my bag of tricks, laying out big bottles of lube and baby oil, a few choice sex toys and a big rag to clean up the mess with. I normally blow my wad on my desk, but it helps to have the clean up gear handy after the show is completed. Before I turned on the cam, I changed into some sexy clothes. Most of the guys I entertain like to see me slowly strip, peeling off tank tops and shorts, and then finally a pair of tight briefs or a jockstrap. Tonight I was wearing a white mesh thong under a pair of nylon running shorts. I knew I couldn’t stay in them for long; my cock was already stiff as stone and straining at the tight fabric.

I turned off all the lights except for the one at my desk, which illuminated my body like a spotlight. The door was locked, some soft music was playing and it was time for the fun to begin. I logged on and made sure the webcam was working, and then I popped into the chat room the host provides to see there were over thirty guys waiting to see me whack it. I like to chat with these guys before I begin; it gives all of us a more intimate feeling. After about fifteen minutes of sexy small talk, the guys were ready for the show to begin.

I always start by rubbing my upper body. Tonight I was dressed in a very tight white ribbed tank top that was covered by a loose, unbuttoned long-sleeved shirt. I let the shirt fall to the floor, seductively rubbing my bare arms, slightly flexing my gym-built muscles. I’ve been working out since junior high, so I have a nice body; great arms, nicely-shaped pecs, broad shoulders… the works. I’m basically smooth, but I’m dark haired, so I have a delicious sprouting of dark hair in my armpits, and when I lean back in my chair and tuck my arms behind my head, the guys watching go wild. I smiled for my audience, using one hand to rub my still-hidden pecs. I pinched one of my nipples and made a face, showing my intense pleasure. I was just about ready to tear off my tank top when the most unexpected thing happened. The door to the dorm room opened and Tim walked in on me.

“What the fuck is going on?” he asked, tossing his bag on his bed. Since I wasn’t naked yet, I couldn’t figure out what had him so riled. But then I saw what he had as he walked into the room: the lube and baby oil, plus my bright red anal beads and a black latex dildo the size of a baby’s arm. “What the fuck are you doing, Josh?” He began to laugh, making me feel humiliated. I tried to grab the toys, but he was quicker, wagging the enormous dildo like a limp sausage at my face.

Shit! He had no idea the webcam was on. I could see the chat room was pandemonium, half fear for my safety and half excitement at my hot little guest. Tim has an even hotter body than I do, and the guys watching my show probably thought he was my special guest. I was trying to disable the camera, but he was distracting me too much messing around with the toys.

“Do these go up your ass?” He was twirling the anal beads around his head, smacking me on the back of the neck with the ping pong ball sized spheres. I tried to grab them away, but he pulled my head into the crook of his muscled arm. “Holy fuck! You’re doing this on the Internet?”

Tim had just realized we had an audience. He jumped back about three feet, as if someone watching might recognize him and think he was a willing participant. “Jesus Christ, what kind of twisted shit are you into? You let other guys watch you stuff toys up your ass?”

He was pissing me off. Even though I hadn’t even hinted at my sexuality, I felt like I had a right to do whatever I wanted when the room was all mine. Fuck him if he didn’t like it. I reached over and grabbed the beads from Tim’s hand. “Hell yeah. And if you don’t mind, I have a nice audience waiting to see me slide these fuckers up my hole. So why don’t you get lost… and lock the door behind you.”

“Fuck man, this is some kinky shit.” His voice had softened a little, and he sat on the edge of my bed, making sure he stayed out of view from the camera, which was still on. “Julie had to work all weekend, so our plans are off. I’m stuck here, dude. And I’m not going to sit here while you get it on with Big Black.”

I was glancing at the chat room again. The guys were going nuts, wanting to know who Tim was and if we were getting on. “The guys watching want to know if you’re part of the show, or just someone who broke in to harass me.”

Tim lay back on the bed. “Fuck. You can tell them I showed up to sit on the big black dildo.” We both laughed. “Do you make any money doing this?” I detected a slight note of interest in his voice.

“No, but maybe I can get the guys to take up a collection. If you’re willing to join in, that is.”

“Shit, are you serious?” Tim lay on the bed thinking, while I explained the situation to the guys who were chatting. In less than a minute, I had pledges that totaled over $600… payable to Tim, if he was willing to get it on with me for the webcam. When I told him, he seemed more astonished than offended. I let him think about it for a couple minutes and, amazingly, he agreed.

He was already behind my chair, pulling off his shirt. “Is my whole body visible?” he asked, wanting to make certain those watching could see the goods. I repositioned the camera so we were both in the shot. Even I took a deep breath as his naked upper body came into focus. Tim is dark haired like me, but he has a hairy body. His beefy pecs are swirled with sexy hair and a long delectable treasure trail bisected his perfect six pack abs. He preened for the camera, enjoying the compliments I read from the chatters.

“What do they want you to do to me?” he asked, flexing his arms.

“Probably this.” I tilted my chair back and reached for his fly. I unzipped his jeans and pushed them down to his knees. Before he could object, I pushed my hand through the fly of his boxers and pulled out his cock. It was long and half-hard. I wrapped my lips around the head and swallowed it to the nuts, feeling the shaft stiffen in my mouth.

“Holy shit! Man, where did you learn to suck like that?” Tim grabbed the back of my head and began to fuck my face. I couldn’t believe how big his cock was. It had to be the biggest one I’d ever sucked. He rammed it in to the balls, and then pulled it out, smacking my face with his wet meat. “I want to nut on your face, Josh.”

I swallowed him again to the hilt, savoring the taste of precum that seeped onto my tongue. As I deepthroated Tim, I wrestled his hairy balls out of his boxers, massaging them for the camera.

“I can’t hold it, fuck!” He pulled out just as a long squirt of thick jizz nailed my forehead. The first squirt was followed by eight more and by the time Tim was drained, my face was dripping with cum. “Fuck, man, sorry about that.” Tim got down on his knees and pulled my tank top off, using it to clean his load off my face. When he caught me tasting a drop of his load, he asked, “That taste good?”

“Delicious,” I answered, nearly cumming myself when he leaned over and dragged his tongue over one of my cummy cheeks.

“Mmmmmm, not bad.” He stood up and wrestled himself out of his jeans and boxers. “Now what do I have to do to get you off?”

This kind of surprised me. I expected him to lose interest once he had cum, but he was between my legs, trying to pull my shorts down. I leaned back and let him, tipping the camera to make sure the guys watching had a nice view. Tim seemed to like my mesh thong, rubbing the basket and making my cock even harder. When he pulled the waistband away from my groin, my hard-on leapt out and smacked my smooth lower belly.

“Have you ever given a guy a handjob?” I asked carefully, reaching for my big bottle of lube. I figured if I wasn’t going to get stroked, I’d get pounded.

Tim looked up at me, his warm brown eyes burning with lust. “You sucked me, dude. Don’t you want me to try it?” Before I could answer, Tim put his tongue at the base of my hard cock and began to lick his way up my shaft. The closer he got to the top, the more I squirmed in the chair. He hadn’t even put his mouth around it yet, and already precum was pouring down my rod.

Tim seemed to like the taste of my precum, licking it up like melted ice cream running down a cone. He swirled his tongue around my throbbing glans and swallowed me whole. Even he had a look of surprise as he glanced up at me, his lips wrapped snugly around the base of my dick. In his wildest dreams, he probably never expected to be naked between my legs with my cock buried in the back of my throat. Especially with a live audience looking on.

“I want it on my face,” he gasped, barely coming up for air as he bobbed up and down on my hard-on. I knew he meant my load, so I wrestled my cock away from him as I felt my orgasm begin, aiming it at his face.

Tim opened his mouth just as I started to cum, allowing me to pump the first few ropes of spunk right onto his waiting tongue. It made me cum even harder to see this straight guy savoring my load; the rest of it splashed against his face. A couple of the shot even landed in his hair. We both collapsed in laughter after I finished, taking a minute to read the comments from the guys who were watching.

“I’d bet they’d love to see you get fucked,” Tim said, standing up and reaching for my big black dildo. Without asking, he took the lube bottle and greased up the huge shaft. He made sure the camera was in the right spot before pulling my legs into the air. He was pinned against the front of me, his half erect cock bobbing against my face. He took the slippery dildo and pressed it against my exposed hole. It slid up into me easily; it wasn’t the first time I’d had it inside my ass.

While Tim fucked me with the dildo, I let my mouth explore every inch of his skin I could reach. I licked his dick and his balls, pulling my tongue up over his hard belly. I couldn’t reach his chest with my mouth, so I latched onto his dark nipples with my fingers, stretching them and begging him to fuck me harder with the dildo.

After teasing his tits, I took an exploratory run down his smooth back, caressing his hot buns. I didn’t want to do anything he wasn’t in to, but he didn’t protest when my fingers slid into his crack and began poking at his virgin (I assumed) hole. He began to moan as I fingered him. I lubed a couple of my fingers and began to ease them carefully up Tim’s ass. He loved it, and his ass began to clench at my fingers, pulling them deeper inside. I found the “magic spot” and gently began to massage. Most guys don’t realize how great it feels to have the prostate massaged. Tim went wild, his cock fully hard again, bucking up and down against my face.

“Try the balls,” he suggested in a raspy whisper. He was still fucking me hard with the dildo and I was near-delirious with ecstasy. I snatched up the anal beads and lubed up the first one on the string. The golf ball sized orb was much thicker than two of my fingers, so I wasn’t sure Tim could take it. I pressed it lightly against his tight slot, feeling it gradually pushing him open. The further it opened him up, the harder he thrust the black dildo in and out of my own ass.

Suddenly, the first red ball was sucked into his ass, his hole closing tightly around the nylon cord which strung the balls together. His ass worked hungrily, pulling the huge bead deeper inside him, until the second one was bumping against his pucker.

“Do you want another one,” I asked, trying to ignore the intense pleasure I was feeling from the dildo.

“Fuck, yes,” he groaned. His ass took the second with even less effort, chewing up the short length of cord between the second and the third ball. I didn’t even ask if he wanted the third. I pushed it against his asshole and felt it slip inside, disappearing into his body along with the first two. “I think I’m full,” he gasped. “It feels so fucking good!”

I tenderly massaged his rosebud as my mouth softly worked his cock. Tim was leaking so much precum that I knew he wouldn’t last long. I knew the guys watching would be disappointed if they didn’t see him pop the second load, but I was being selfish; I wanted it in my mouth. As Tim began to moan and shudder, I latched on to the two remaining anal beads and began to pull the other three slowly out of his ass.

Tim went nuts. His cock exploded violently in my mouth, a hot river of thick cream flooding me. The three beads in his ass were expelled, one by one, leaving Tim’s hole to spasm against my fingers.

I was still sloshing his wad around in my mouth when Tim got me off. He was down on the floor between my legs, pulling the dildo all the way out of my ass and ramming it back in. “This is how I would fuck you, if it was my cock in this hole,” he offered.

I closed my eyes and imagined it was Tim fucking me. My orgasm built slowly and when it released, it was incredible. Every time Tim slid the dong into my ass, a long rope of jism leapt out of my cock, spattering my face, my chest and pouring down my belly and legs. I have never cum harder in my life.

We were pretty tired after cumming twice, so I decided to wrap up the show. I thought maybe Tim would forego the monetary compensation for his participation, but he sat in the chair – naked – for a half and hour, making sure the guys knew where to send the promised funds. He promised them all if he received all the payments he’d be back for a return engagement.

“And next time,” he whispered in my ear, as if the voyeurs could hear him, “I want your cock in my ass.”

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