Embarrased of her bigsize

Author: Scottydelight

I met her at my friends house one day. I met her she was a big girl with small tits and red hair. I am not sure how but I was left to watch my friends room for a couple hours. I was there with Randi and she was going to stay with me. I got ideas since we would be alone with ths door locked. I am not sure how I did it but I ended up with my hand up her shorts. I ran across her pubis to feel only skin with no hair. I played with her moist lips for hours until my buddy came back. This is the start of our story. I began to look for chances to fool around with her. I used the cover of darkness or latenight to not get caught. We would sit next to each other on the couch and touch her every chance I could. I got caught with her hand on my dick by one of the older kids but kept my secret.
I let one of our sessions go until morning. I was still horny and had no privacy. Luckily, she had a car. I asked if she wanted to go elsewhere to continue and she said yes. We went to the local park which was empty during the day. I began to work on her pussy thinking I always do all the work. I sat back, naked, and said it was her turn. I wondered what ahe would do with the stage. She smiled and leaned over me to suck my dick. She took me in her mouth and slurped up and down. I began to feel the orgasm building up. I waited till I was about to ejaculate, saying I was to ket her know. Most girls would stop and use their hand but she surprised me by sucking more forcefully. I began to ejaculate and squirm as she sucked my knob till I finished and softened in her mouth.
This led to me pulling over places to play with one another. She would suck and stroke me off whenever we stopped. I would get naked and we played. She was playing with me one day and I stopped her. She had on a skirt and tube top despite her size she looked good. I pulled her skirt up and her panties off. I began to play with her bald pussy in between her lips. She moaned in pleasure as I did. I then pulled down her top exposing her small bcup tits. They were small and pointy with pink nipples. I began to play with her nipples as I played with her pussy. I had yet to suck her titties and wanted to with them out in the open. She began to squirm and squeeze her thighs together as I sucked her boobs. I sucked her entire breast into my mouth. It was small enough that I could. I sucked and played for a couple hours. She wanted to please me for the good job ok n her titties and pussy. I slapped my cock against her nipples and tits. I was so excited a spurt of clear semen shot across her chest. She took awhile to bring me to orgasm. I was so horny and the first squirt flew up landing on her tits. The rest flew on me and her. I would never have did any of this if I didnt take a chance on a big body girl.

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