Clitoris Is Not A Greek Island

Author: Dan

Kate sat at the table in the little Greek café and watched the world go by. She’d been here for over a week now and she could feel herself slowly relaxing as each day went by. The change of scene had been wonderful and she felt renewed. Her eyes went back to the waiter behind the bar. He was delicious and although she’d never let him know it, his dark good looks had been the centre of her fantasies since she arrived, and was the reason she frequented this particular café every day after she’d been on the beach.

Even the beach was fantastic, lots of isolated places where Kate could sunbake unselfconsciously in her bikini or even naked. She was aware of the fact she was an unfashionably big babe, and with all the skinny supermodels packed into the more populous areas of the beach, she knew she’d feel like a whale lying among them, so she kept to herself. The waiter raised her from her thoughts as he came over and asked if she’d like another coffee. He smiled at her, his dark brown eyes glinting with humour. She thought he was looking her over but dismissed the thought as pure fantasy, smiling to herself.

“Yes please”, she smiled back, I’d love another coffee”, and then she watched him walk away, appreciating the shape of his body in his tight white t-shirt and white jeans.

Finishing her coffee, Kate got up, reluctant to leave but reaching for her purse to pay her bill. As she turned to leave the waiter called to her.

“I am leaving myself now”, he smiled, “may I walk you to your hotel, there are some local sites to see around here that you may not know of, I would love to show you, it would be a shame for you to miss them.”

Kate caught her breath, but didn’t hesitate, “That would be lovely, thank you I could do with a local guide, I do tend to get lost around here”, she giggled.

She found out his name was Ari and they laughed and talked as they strolled around the streets. Ari had been right, there were a lot of interesting places she had not found and probably wouldn’t have had he not shown her. As the evening drew in, she felt she should at least take him to dinner in repayment for the sightseeing tour he had given her plus she wasn’t quite ready to give up his company yet, and when she asked him, he accepted with enthusiasm.

They ate at a small restaurant, and as the Retsina went to her head, Kate found herself becoming incredibly horny. His face was close to hers as he spoke and he kept touching her hands and hair. She could feel her panties become wetter as they clung to her pussy lips; she shifted in her seat to alleviate the feeling. She jumped as she felt his hand on her leg. Under the table he slipped his hand down between her luscious thighs, pulling aside her panties and running his fingers up and down her wet slit, parting her labia slightly, rubbing over her hardening clit.

Her body shuddered in pleasure, and Ari’s eyes were on her breasts, watching her quivering cleavage. Kate moaned and lost all control in her body, swamped by a feeling of incredible sexiness. His fingers squirmed and slid in the folds of her juicy slippery cunt as he moaned into her ear how much he longed for her beautiful voluptuous body and how he wanted to pleasure himself in her bounty.

Suddenly, he pulled his hand away and brought his fingers to his mouth. He licked his fingers, sucking the tips and savouring the taste of her, his eyes locked on hers. Kate’s breathing became ragged and she watched him, her nipples throbbing and her clit jumping uncontrollably. She’d never been so turned on in her life. Ari stood up and took her hand.

“Come with me” he murmured quietly, and robot like Kate followed willingly.

He took her out through the back door of the restaurant and into a quiet enclosed courtyard. The sounds of talking and laughter drifted on the scented warm night air as he pulled her into a darker section of the courtyard garden.

She didn’t realise how urgent his need was for her. He pounced and his mouth was on hers, open and hot, his tongue exploring her mouth. He pushed her against the stonewall in the shadows, his lips devouring hers, his hands on her lush breasts, pulling the material of her cotton blouse so that her huge tits were exposed to his view. He took each breast separately, kneading and squeezing, sucking a nipple into his mouth, licking it, flicking his tongue back an forth until Kate felt each nipple had turned into a separate clitoris.

Ari moaned softly and Kate sobbed with pleasure as he pushed his body hard against her, his cock engorged, pressing hard into the soft flesh of her curvy belly. With one hand on her huge breast the other slipped down to her pussy and he slid two fingers straight into her hot hole. Kate cried out and his mouth clamped over hers catching the sound, his fingers working her tunnel as she humped against his hand, her honey juices flowing down making his whole hand soaking wet. He ground his palm onto her clitoris while he finger fucked her. Her legs were weak as she was impaled on this gorgeous mans hand and shamelessly worked herself on him.

Kate couldn’t hold herself back, she felt her orgasm rising and she pushed Ari’s head down between her breasts, his mouth and tongue running all over her sensitive skin as he ceaselessly plundered her with his fingers. Her moaning became louder, but neither of them cared anymore.

“Oh God, oh fuck” Kate moaned as her orgasm peaked. She came shuddering, her hips jerking, soaking his arm with a rush of juice. His mouth closed over hers again and she could feel him smiling against her lips, her senses whirling.

As she came to her senses, Ari helped her rearrange her clothing and steered her to the back gate.

“Where are we going?” she asked him hesitantly.

“My place” he smiled, I’ve still got a lot of local customs to show you tonight.”

He rubbed against her fleshy thigh and she could feel his cock, hard as an iron bar.

“Ohhh…” murmured Kate and smiled.

Kate liked these local customs and was sure she was going to enjoy learning more as she followed him out of the gate.

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