Author: jojo_dlls

Asian Donuts

It was a rainy Spring day in Dallas. The early morning drive to the airport was tedious as the traffic began to build for rush-hour traffic. As I stared out the window of our SUV my mind drifted off to earlier times when I was a young drifter in Oklahoma. I grew up on a farm and eventually began working on a nearby Ranch. I learned to break horses and eventually learned to rope cattle, and even competed in Rodeos before I was 20.
This was until I fell from a horse during rodeo trials and broke my collar bone and dislocated my left shoulder, Those were the days! Suddenly I was brought back to reality by my wife Cathy, she nudged me in the arm and told me to keep my eyes on the road.. we were getting close to the airport.
Cathy and I have been married now for 21 years; she is 3 years younger than myself, and Just days ago, turning 45 was beginning to make me feel old. I stand 6’1 and 218lbs, Cathy is also tall for her family, she is 5’7 and beginning to get on the heavy side. Cathy’s dirty- blond hair has always kept me looking her way and her 36C tits always look great. I’ve noticed lately and sadly, her hips are starting to show more weight. Overall, though, she has always been beautiful to me and she has just the right character to interact with my own.
Things had not been so good for us lately though. Cathy is in real-estate, and before that she was a school teacher. The economy has been taking a toll on her home sales and for some time now and with Cathy’s mother in poor health, things around the house were not going so well… I entered the airport tollgate and looked over at Cathy, she look worried and I didn’t have words to comfort her. Cathy was going home to Atlanta and try to get her mom on her feet after breaking her hip in a fall just outside her home.
I helped Cathy get her bags from the car to the terminal and then kissed her before she entered security. We both just said “I love you” and then waved at each other quickly so that Cathy could get into line. I took one last look at her body; she still had a nice ass. Mmmm, I hoped everything worded out for her and that she would get back soon.
I took my time leaving the terminal and waited for Cathy to disappear beyond the checkpoints. Once she was gone from sight, I slowly left the airport. I expected she’d be gone a couple of weeks.
I decided to take my time going back home. With no one to go home to since our only son was off in the military now. I took some side roads to get away from the traffic. I drove down through a seedy area, by a couple of bars as the morning darkness dwindled away. Some neon lamps were still burning at the Tropicana club and a few girls were standing outside the strip pacing in their shorts and mini-skirts. It’s funny how quickly a man thinks of sex when he isn’t with is his woman! I chuckled to myself. I suddenly realized that Cathy and I had not had sex in over several weeks… Damn!
I had taken off work that day so I decided I was going to hit the gym; then I stopped at a long traffic light and saw “Sunshine Donuts.” I figured a cup of coffee and a roll would be a nice change to my daily schedule. I walked inside where these was one empty table and line of several people. At first, I thought I’d just leave but remembered; I had all day. As I moved up front, I saw a slightly plump asian woman quickly working between the bakery and counter and someone else working the cash register. I assumed it was a boy but them I noticed the pink baseball cap. She was cute underneath the hat. Her jet black hair streamed out from the sides of her hat and her body at first glance was quite petite. I couldn’t see many of her features as she was dressed in jeans, a pullover top and a light vest.
What really got my attention after she greeted me, were her dimples when she smiled. I never thought Orientals had dimples or that they smiled all that much, but she did. I read her name tag as I ordered. It simply said “Jina.” I wasn’t sure what country she was from. Her English was broken somewhat but not too bad, I liked her accent and kept looking her over. Instead of asking me why I was staring, she just showed those dimples off to me while I was making silly jokes about the donuts. “The big ones are the best.” She said with a smile. I wondered if she was talking about me when she said that. I ordered my donut and coffee and sat down at another table that had just came open. I kept looking her way whenever I had the chance.
I ate slowly and decided it was a good time to get going, I’d have to pay for these calories at the gym, I thought. Jina and I caught each other’s eye one last time before walking out. I couldn’t understand what had just come over me. I was really curious about her though.
At the gym, I looked around and saw the usual overweight women and men and gave myself a good workout . On the treadmill, I thought about Jina again. I was somehow captivated by her look.
I have two landscaping businesses. I started them both hard from scratch but had a good friend that worked my first business and Last year, I hired my younger brother to manage the newer one. I was lately pretty much just floating back and forth between the two and checking on them and helping out as needed. It had been a fruitful thing for me to get into after dropping out of college. Thank God, the economy didn’t kill us off, there was still a lot of commercial building and landscaping going on in Dallas despite the mortgage crisis.
Cathy called me later that day. Said her mom was stable but not very high in spirits. She missed me but said she needed to spend time with her mom and family. That night I left the television on and dreamed of “Sunshine Donuts.”
I put myself into my work the next two days. Business was picking up and I was putting money in the bank. I decided the next morning to get some early morning donuts again. This time there was a huge line of people and so I just sat down at a corner table and peeked over at the counter from behind a newspaper. Jina was working away at the counter.
It took a while to get the line down to where I wanted to stand up. Things really slowed down and a “red neck” guy showed up at the counter and stared bitching about donut prices. Jina wasn’t smiling much and I could tell the guy was stressing her out. The Red neck guy was holding the hand of a young boy all the while he fussed at Jina about a 46 cent over charge. Finally, I opened my wallet and threw out a $20.00 bill onto the floor just by the little boy. He picked it up and said, “daddy, I found some money.”
The jerk smiled and said, “yes you did son, thought I lost that, thanks.” He then pulled it from the boys hand and immediately took his “overpriced” donuts and son out the shop.
As the line dwindled down, I looked back at my paper. Jina then came over with a plate of extra donuts and hot coffee on a tray. She smiled at me and said, “These are for you, thanks sir.” I thanked her and told her my name is “Bill.” Friends call me Bill, you just call me Bill. Ok? Bill, thanks for helping me again from that guy, he always make trouble.” She gave me her signature smile again and slowly made her way back to the cash register, as she did, I was amazed to see how petite she really was, 5 ft tall maybe and no more than 100lbs. Nice body too, her tits were ample for her size and her butt looked painted on tight in her jeans.
We stared back and forth as I slowly ate and we smiled at each other whenever the register wasn’t being worked. I still couldn’t figure out her ethnicity, she had a round face but high cheekbones and her eyes were slanted high, I liked that. Maybe she was Mongolian…Japanese?? I had to stop staring. I was getting ready to leave and she came over to my table one more time to get my tray. I noticed she wasn’t wearing a ring. I wanted to start a conversation with her so bad, I just blurted out, “would you like to go out and get some coffee sometime?” I felt so goofy asking that especially after she began laughing. I said, “Was it that funny?” No, but in Korea, if you ask a girl that.. It means something…
“Oh, your Korean?/ What, what the coffee thing, what does it mean??” She laughed again and smiled. “Some other time, I tell you.” The plump woman from the counter called Jina and said something to her in Korean. Just before Jina left, she wrote something onto the back of my receipt. When I got out the door, I saw it was her phone number. It was followed by the words, “12:30 pm Friday.
That night I showered and lay in bed unable to sleep. My thoughts kept shifting to Jina and whether I should make the call. She was being forward with me, I didn’t know how to react. I didn’t know where all of this was going but I LIKED IT!. The next morning, I put myself into my work and then did some time at the gym. I called Jina just like the note had said, 12:30 sharp.
There was a lot of wind noise when Jina answered, she seemed happy that I called, I heard her car door close and she continued the conversation. She again thanked me for being nice in the shop. I just wanted to talk and she obliged. She said that she had a lot of things to do but wondered if I were hungry. I told her I was kind of dirty from work and the gym. She said it didn’t matter so I drove over and met her at a sandwich shop not far from her work.
She was wearing some corduroy slacks, T-shirt and sweater vest. No hat this time and I liked her shoulder length sexy hair. We decided to eat outside at a nearby table. Jina and I talked briefly about our family backgrounds, how we were both married. She opened up to me immediately, she said her Korean husband was older and somewhat of a playboy who owned three businesses, with the newest one in Houston that he was working along with his younger brother. He had given the Sunshine Donut shop to Jina to run and keep her busy. I liked talking to Jina .It seemed like we both needed a way to communicate our lives. I told her about Cathy and me, don’t know why I blabbed it out to a woman I’d just met, but I did.
Although Jina’s spoken english was lacking, she seemed to understand everything I said. Her broken English and accent was so charming (although I could understand her) and her looks were hot to me. I kept trying to guess her age and figured her to be 32 at the most. Later she revealed that she was 41 and her husband was 53. I was just amazed. After an hour, she told me she had to get going but she enjoyed our conversation. Before we separated, Jina told me she had more time again later in the week, and to give her a call some time within the next couple of days.
That night, I called Cathy and listened to her woes. She was trying to get her family to help her out with her mom. There a dispute with her sister on the plan to get her mom into a hospital for a good checkout. Cathy was obviously stressed and finally told me she needed more time to sort things out there. I agreed. The next afternoon, I called Jina again. She said she had the whole afternoon to talk if I wanted. I mentioned a place down the road we could eat. She said yes.
It was a beautiful day, so I risked it and brought out my cruiser. Jina seemed amazed when I pulled up into the back of the Donut shop with a motorcycle to meet her. She was wearing some tight jeans again and another tight top and her blue vest again. She seemed like an excited school girl when I motioned for her to get on. She said she never road before but she would.
I gave her my spare helmet from the saddle bag and helped her get on, she was too short to straddle the bike. She leaned back against the sissy bar and I instructed her to hold onto my belt to keep from falling and to lean with me on the turns.
I heard Jina scream and then laugh each time I gunned the throttle as we navigated out of the city. Soon we were on country farm roads and Jina had moved her hands from my belt to my waist. I like the feeling of her pressing against me.
We went over a couple of metal bridges across a lake. They really made the bike vibrate and I felt Jina squirm around and pull on my belt a couple of times. Then I heard her yell out a little. We finally slowed on the other side. I parked the bike at a little picnic ground, Hardly anyone was there. The weather was cooperating and the wind was warm- almost hot. Jina took off her helmet and we sat on a pier, just watching some ducks. Finally, she took off her vest and I could see her tits were bigger than I imagined, perhaps 34c, not too big, just hot for her size. As she put her helmet and jacket near a small tree, I noticed her ass was well rounded, not flat like I had imagined earlier. Damn! We each took off our shoes and enjoyed the putting our feet in the cool water as we talked. Jina had beautifully small feet, I wondered how she could find her size in shoes.
I had just realized we had forgotten to stop and eat. I apologized but Jina said , “doesn’t matter, we can eat when we go back.” It was then that we opened up completely about our marriages. Jina told me her husband was doing well financial, while he was bit of a playboy at work, he was old fashioned and strict at home but she was more for enjoying life. They didn’t have any kids because she had miscarried twice and finally , since he was older, she decided to tie her tubes.
I asked how much of a playboy? Jina told me he saw someone else sometimes in Houston and that she knew about it but it wasn’t uncommon in Korean marriages for that to happen with husband or wife. I was just wow’d by her statement. I said, you’re not jealous or looking for divorce? She said no, no way, it’s ok and I love him anyway. I like my life and home and , hard to understand.. I know for Americans.
While I pulled my boots back on, I explained to Jina that I loved Cathy and just felt stressed sometimes. Jina nodded her head and said,” I understand, don’t worry, just enjoy now.” I really liked what she said. We soon left and had some Texas barbecue down the road, Afterwards, we took the long drive back to town. Sometimes her hands would move from my waist one at a time and rest on my thigh. Her fingers would sometimes get incredibly close to my crotch. I wanted her to touch me there so bad. Finally we arrived back at her car and she told me she really enjoyed the day. I asked her if she would have some evening time some time. She said she’d let me know. She had my number.
I talked to Cathy numerous times during the next few days, her sisters were helping out at her moms house and they were trying to warm her up to the nursing home idea. Cathy was under stress but she seemed to be handling things ok. The bad news was she was going to need to spend two or three more weeks there to take car e of her mom and get her properly settled. When she told me this, my thoughts turned to Jina.
The next morning I was at work when I got the call from Jina. She sounded very excited, it was Thursday and I was thinking maybe we would do lunch, but instead, she said, “let’s go somewhere tonight. Maybe 6:30?” I just said “sure, Dinner?” “I want to go outside the city,” she said. While I was finishing up work, I thought of a place I hadn’t been to and had wanted to go. I called Jina and told her to wear some jeans and boots if she had them.
I picked her up in my truck, she looked damn good in those tight fitting stretch blue jeans and cotton blouse. Her boots looked new and were so cute on her. I complemented her right away and she gave me those dimples again. We arrived at the “junction” 45 minutes later and Jina just said “plenty of time.” It was a nice place, all wood floors, huge place, it had a band getting ready to play and the steaks were good. We got us a couple of beers and the 2-stepping began.
I got Jina on the floor and despite our size differences, I was able to 2-step with her in no time. She was so cute on the dance floor. We were just drinking beers but Jina looked a little lightheaded in about an hour. I danced with her again and took her over to the side to watch guys and girls ride the mechanical bull. Jina was fascinated by the thing.
She asked me to ride but I said “lady’s first.” Well, she got up on the thing with my help and took tight hold of the strap. The bull started slow and spun around, and she did well. I got turned on watching her ass move up and down the bull’s saddle while her tits swayed in all directions. The whole scene was erotic. She soon fell off onto the cushioned floor and I helped her up. She then watched me crawl on top the thing and she was immediately fascinated by my riding ability. The guy at the remote control sensed my experience and boosted the speed. I t was just like the old rodeo days, I didn’t fall off and Jina just cheered me on. I won a couple of mixed drinks from the bar and Jina got her a margarita.
Jina looked at her watch and said, “I don’t want to go but it’s time ok?” I reluctantly agreed. I helped Jina into the truck (it was high off the ground) and helped her with her seatbelt. She gave me a flirty smile just for a split second. On the way home, Jina told me her husband was drinking with his friends and may come home early. She asked about my wife and I told her the news of delay. Jina said, “Don’t worry, be happy.” I laughed. Then she said, next time I will call you when I have more time to enjoy, ok?” I just said “yes. Ok.” I hated to leave her at her car that night.
That night, I could not sleep; it was 12:30 in the morning, so I turned on the tube and skipped through some adult erotica on my premier channels. I spotted a small Asian girl in bed with a tall black guy and immediately thought of Jina. The girl in the video was cute and had short hair like Jina. I watched as her tits popped out from the sheets.
Soon, I saw all of her sweet, petite body nude on the bed while the black guy was sucking hard at her tits. I soon found my hand exploring my boxers, finding my hard cock. I stripped off the shorts and imagined Jina in bed with me, ready to fuck like the girl in the video. As the couple in the video began to grind, I moaned and blew a huge load onto my chest. I can’t remember ever Cumming so fast in my life. It took me a while to clean up the mess. I soon fell asleep and had a dream.
I dreamt that Jina was on back of my motorcycle sitting behind me. Other bike riders came alone side us and whistled at us. I didn’t know what the commotion was until I looked down and saw Jina’s bare leg next to mine, I adjusted my mirror and saw her naked tits. She was riding nude except for some long black boots. Then I woke up and my hand was on my cock, It was semi hard. I decided not to jack off again and get to sleep.
Over the next three days, I tried to keep my mind off Jina. I talk to Cathy daily and got into my work. Then while I was eating some lunch mid week, the phone rang, it was Jina. Her voice was loud this time, she was excited.
“You can go out Friday?”
“yes, where?”
“We go to casino.”
“Isn’t that far? You got time?”
“Friday, time is no problem, Oklahoma only two hours, you can go?”
We talked a little more and I arranged to pick her up at 6pm. I was worried now about her being away from her husband too long, me not being available for Cathy at home and just the whole situation, but when I saw Jina get out of her car in the shopping mall parking lot, I forgot about everything else.
Jina was wearing white shorts and a low cut red tank top, it was a warm day. She had great legs, very straight and they looked tan. She wore cute little wedge shoes. Her tits were filling out her shirt just right. I noticed her dimples were in full motion as she smiled at me.
We rode in my truck with the windows down a while. We didn’t stop to eat, just talked the whole way. Jina was a lot of fun to talk to, she joked all the time. I would sneak glances at her legs whenever I could. I felt aroused by her being close to me. When things got quiet in the truck I remembered to ask Jina what it meant to ask a go out for coffee. She smiled and laughed a bit, looked out the window and then smiled wide at me and said, It means, “Do you want to have sex?” I was slightly embarrassed but also aroused by Jina’s remark. I changed the subject so that my cock would stop straining against my tight jeans.
After we crossed the Texas/Oklahoma State line, some adult video stores and casinos began to pop into view. We decided to try out a newly refurbished casino. It was beautiful inside and out. We had some food and started playing the tables and machines. We had a couple of drinks as we played. I messed with the Blackjack tables, Jina worked the slots.
At first, Jina was taking in the money, but as the night dragged on, she began to lose. I tried to get her off the machines but she wouldn’t budge. Finally, she lost what she had. She started to get up and get ready to go home but I felt bad for her. I asked told her, more cash was just around the corner. I gave her $80.00 to get her going. She really didn’t like taking the money at first but I told her it was ok. She just smiled and told me she would pay me back..
I slipped back over and got us some more drinks while I watched the craps table. Jina had lost most of her cash again. I came back with a large premium Margarita for Jina and watched her work the rest of the money. Jina was drunk now, laughing at the machine. It was fun to watch her in that condition. Finally, she lost the last of the cash. I just smiled at her. Jina got her purse and said, “They robbed us.” “Sure did,”I sneered.
It was quiet at first in the truck. Jina was buzzing from the tequila and I was a little drunk too. It was now 10:30 and I thought about getting her home. Finally, I asked, “Will it be any problem, you’re getting home late?” “No problem, it’s ok.”
Jina apologized about losing my money, she brought it up twice and I just said, “it’s ok, we had fun.” Jina then placed her hand over mine and said “thanks.” “Then she said, “Do you miss your wife?” I said, “yes.” “You miss her a lot?” I thought the question was a little strange but I replied, “Yes” again.
Soon, Jina began shuffling in the car. As we went over the Red River bridge, I watched her kick off her shoes and put her bare feet on the dashboard. That turned me on. She reclined back in her seat a little and yawned. Then she yawned again louder. Finally I said something off the top of my head.
“Are you tired?”
“Not really, just a little drunk.”
“Do you want to stop for some coffee?, oooops”
“mmm, well yes.”
“I’ll try to find s coffee shop somewhere.”
“I know what kind of coffee I want…”
“What kind?”
“Hotel coffee.”
I gulped, My jaw dropped. She grasped my hand and continued on…
“You want hotel coffee too, don’t you.”
“Yes, I do, are you sure?”
“Very sure, I want …..”
There were a few hotels just down the road. I decided on a single-story Motel that I spotted on the right side. I went inside, got the room and helped Jina from the truck to the door. She was a little wobbly from the alcohol.
Once inside, she pulled my head down and pushed her tongue into my mouth. I liked it, she sucked at mine and my cock got hard.
As soon as the door was locked, Jina kicked off her shoes and got close to the bed. She wanted to take off my shirt. I obliged. She liked my chest, she kept telling me how hairy I was. She ran her fingers through the salt and pepper hair. I wanted her clothes off too.
I helped her stand on the bed and watched her take off her top. She had a nice thin black bra on underneath. The shorts came off next and she teased me by taking them off slowly while spinning slowly on the bed. She had on black sheer panties that matched her bra. She had a gorgeous ass. She stopped and told me to take off my pants. I did and my hard cock sprang out towards the boxers. Jina was thrilled at that too.
“You’re too excited, right?”
I laughed, “yes.”
I asked her to take off the rest and she said,
“You take it off me.”
I pulled her close to me standing on the bed.
I reached nervously around the back of her bra and she said “break it, it don’t matter.”
“You sure?”
I could see and hear the excitement in her voice as she said, “Yessss, do it!”
I pulled on the clasp but it didn’t budge. Then I finally pulled on it hard and one snap broke, it popped off. Her tits came out and I was amazed at how nice they were. They had perfect form and her pink nipples were very long.
“you like?”
“Oh yeah.”
“Take off you boxers.”
I did, my cock sprang out, fully erect.
“Wow, I don’t believe you, you are so huge porn star.”
We both just laughed.
I wanted to suck at her nipples but she stopped me.
“I’m too excited; take off my panties like the bra, hard.”
“I reached into the side hem of her panties and pulled up hard at the material, like this?”
“yessss.” Like that”
I pulled her panties down so hard, I ripped them.
The panties in my hand were soaked at the crotch. She had probably been thinking about what we were going to do the whole evening. Her breathing was strained and was increasing in tempo. She looked so excited. Her body was so smooth with barely any hair. Just a triangle of black neatly trimmed hair above the mound of her pussy. Her pussy was beautiful and her ass so curved and pronounced, I felt like I was with an asian model.
I finally figured out what Jina wanted, she wanted me to be aggressive with her. She had some kind of kinky character behind those beautiful almond eyes. I was too horny to stop now. I grabbed her and pulled her down on the bed. I spread her legs and touched the sweet hot moisture that was dripping from her pussy.
There was no more asking, I was just going to have her now. I sucked at her tongue, and then her nipples and then she pushed my head down on them so I would suck them deeper. I then went down and began tonguing her toes, ankles, thighs and pussy. She moaned every time my tongue touched her body.
When I was sucking her pussy, she became verbal.
“Oh, I like that, I like that, oooh, you want to do this so much?”
“Yes,” I spoke out between slurping at her vulva. I raised one of her legs up and really got down on her mound.
“You like my puuuusssssy?, mmmm”
I sucked hard at her mound, searching for her clit with my tongue; I was too busy now to talk. We quickly moved to a near 69 position and I felt Jina’s hand brush my balls and grasp my cock.
“You are so fucking big, oooohhh,” she moaned
Jina began to push my mouth away from her pussy, she wanted something more. “Please stop, I don’t want to cum yet, pleasssse.”
She was breathing hard and motioned for me to lie down on the bed.
I lay on my back and she mounted my face. She was facing my cock now. She pushed her pussy into my mouth and my tongue again electrified her pussy. She moaned and began to grasp and lick at the tip of my cock. If felt so good, so damned good. Her moans just made me harder in her hand; she had trouble getting more than the head in her mouth.
I decided I would take control of her hole. First I kissed and licked her ass crack and then licked at her brown hole, which was so tight.
“You kinky man, whooooa”
“Just for you, baby”
I grabbed her ass then and pushed my tongue into her asshole as best I could, she moaned out. Then I held her ass tight and slid my tongue into her wet pussy, stroking it in like a cock. Jina tried to get away, but I loved the taste of her, I wouldn’t let go. Finally as she was getting ready to cum, she said loudly.
“Stop, stop, Please fuck, please.”
I let go of her wet hole and Jina moved around the bed. She faced me and straddled my cock. She mounted my cock so slowly. It felt so incredibly good as Jina slid down so slowly onto my pole. Jina was so flexible with her body. She got into a squat position and began moving her body up and down, letting her pussy slide up and down my cock as she squeezed her tight muscles. It felt great but I wanted her to go all the way down. I guess she was afraid.
Jina’s hands were into my chest hair and also touching my nipples, which I really liked. I listened to her moan softly for a few minutes and then I pulled on her nipples. They were incredibly sensitive to my touch as she would begin breathing and moaning loudly as soon as I touched them. Finally, I wanted to change something and I told her to tuck her feet under her. When she did, I pulled onto her ass and forced her to pussy all the way down onto my cock. Jina moaned out. “oooohhh.”
God her hole was tight. I forced my cock hard into her a few times, making her squirm and moan. She was working her pussy muscles so well now, I knew I wouldn’t last.
“You so fucking big, oooohhh”. I told her yes, baby, your bull to ride, now come on, RIDE IT HARD!”
Jina didn’t hesitate, she began rocking her pussy hard against my cock, causing the bed to move back and forth, her breath to quicken and her moans to get much louder. I felt her body begin to shake realizing Jina and I were about to cum together. Her pussy was so incredibly wet and tight and my cock ready to burst.
Jina’s moans changed to words, she started to say, “Fuck, and shit” over and over again. Finally I felt myself tensing to cum and Jina sensed it too; her hips picked up momentum and soon her pussy slapped hard against my cock. She said, “OOOOOOOHHHHHHH, Ohhhhh DAAAAMMMMMM while she shook and cried then I arched my back and exploded into her pussy, again and again. My orgasm felt so damned good, for what seemed like minutes.
Once we stopped moving and we were both satisfied, Jina wiped tears from her eyes. I asked what’s wrong, she just said, “ I never cum like that, never! We both just smiled at each other. A few minutes later after some kissing, Jina looked at the clock and said, “We must go now, sorry.”
The ride home was a little quiet at first. I guess we were both feeling somewhat guilty about what we had just done. But I quickly suppressed those thoughts. I smiled at Jina a few times as we drove. A few minutes later, I felt Jina’s hand touch mine and she said… “I know you love you wife, not a problem, I’m no problem ok? I don’t want to break up my husband either, everything is fine with us. I just want a good time for now, ok? Really true, ok? “ I said, “That’s good with me.”
A few minutes later, Jina burst out laughing and I asked “what?” She said you remember motorcycle ride?
“Of course”
“You think I was falling off motorcycle when we went over bridge?” he laughed again.
“Yeah, what happened, you lose your balance?”
“No, silly, I cum on motorcycle.”
“I laughed, really? You came?”
“Yes, too much vibrator.” We both laughed and laughed….
I told her of the fantasy I had of her naked on my motorcycle. She laughed and then said, “Very kinky imagination!” She just smiled for a while after that and looked at me every now and then.
Later I asked her why she said she never came like she did with me. She told me that her husband and she rarely had sex anymore and that his “dick not so huge and he is old fashioned, only fucking same position. Usually he just Jo with her help and he would go to sleep. I thought it was sad really, knowing that he was sexually ignoring Jina and was probably fucking his GF.
By the time we got to Jina’s drop off point, I wanted her again. I wondered if she wanted it too. While I drove through the parking lot to get her to her car, We kissed quickly and she asked me how long before Cathy would return. I told her probably two weeks.
I talked to Cathy several times in the next few days. Things were settling down with her mom and Cathy wondered if I was getting lonely. I told her I was miserable. She just laughed thinking that I was again immersed into my work. Cathy said another week and she was probably going to try to come home.
I was running out of time with Jina; had to ignore her though. I stopped jacking off at night and tried to keep my thoughts on my job and Cathy. Thursday morning, everything changed, Jina called me when I was leaving the gym, her voice was more excited than before. She asked me if I still had time to get our before Cathy returned. I said “sure, where to?” “Casino in Shreveport, you can go? We leave early today.”
I knew I could break from my business for a day, no problem. I was excited too. “When can I pick you up?”
“2:00 same place.”
“I’ll be there.”
I cleaned up and got a back pack with some overnight items and threw them in the back seat of the cab.. I was in such a hurry, I forgot about some lawn irrigation equipment I had loosely tied down in the back of the truck. I unloaded it quickly and threw some tie downs and other small items into my toolbox. 20 minutes later, I arrived at the parking lot and waited for Jina. As I checked my watch, Jina drove up and parked her car quickly. When she stepped out of her car, I was amazed of how beautiful she was. She was wearing a short yellow convertible dress, the kind that you can use the thin straps for support or halter; she was wearing it as a neck halter dress. It was pretty short and it really showed off her perfectly tanned legs. She also had on a wide, matching yellow belt around her waist. Her shoes were really sexy too, strappy black stiletto sandals, the heels were a little high for her, or perhaps she wasn’t used to them, as she had some trouble walking to my truck.
I opened the door of the truck for her, she smelled so good and her hair was done kind of punk style , I loved it. She buckled herself in the truck and we moved! Jina told mem to slow down several times, I didn’t need a ticket. I thought about asking, but Jina cut in early and told me she had lots of time, no problem.” I felt better not being rushed and so I slowed down to an easy pace.
We talked all the way to the state line. Jina said her husband was going away more often these days and she was so bored at home. I told her I had the same problem, except Cathy would be back soon. “I understand, no phones calls after this, don’t worry.” Jina assured me.
We got to the casino early, had an early dinner and hit the quarter slots and crap tables early. I liked the way other guys looked at Jina whenever they had a chance. She was gorgeous! The yellow mini dress fit her body so tightly, it seemed her tits just wanted to jump out of it. Our gambling luck was better in this casino versus Oklahoma; we played only for a couple of hours and had a few drinks. We both won some money that night, more than than double of what we lost the last time. We had fun..
Finally, the sun set while we stood outside getting some smoke free air. Jina motioned she had enough gambling. She asked if I wanted to go back. “Sure Darlin’,” I said in a southern twang. We drove just outside the city limits when Jina started talking again. We were crossing trough an adult entertainment zone that had lots of neon lit strip clubs, some video stores, and novelty shops. Jina looked around, then she spoke up.
“If you have any fantasy, what you want to do right now?”
“Well, coffee easily comes to my mind.”
Jina laughed, “No silly, I mean if we can go anywhere you want, right now, where you like to go with me?”
I thought about a hotel but that was too obvious. I looked around and said, “Strip club, I’d like to take you to a strip club.” I looked at her wondering if my reply was going to cause a stir.
“Ok, let’s go!” Is all she said.
I couldn’t believe what I was doing, Cathy never would go to a place like this, way too much jealousy, but Jina was game.
I pulled into the back parking lot of “Dream girls,” and walked Jina towards the bouncer at the Neon lit door.” I paid the cover and we went inside. The heavy beat of dance music vibrated through me as we stepped in. All eyes were immediately on us, or should I say Jina. The room was obviously full of horny guys that were peeking away from the girls on the stage to take one look at Jina. There was a military base nearby and a lot of the guys were younger while others were middle aged and were probably truckers, I had seen a couple of tractor trailers outside.
As we sat at a round table near the middle stage, I noticed three girls dancing at once. Jina was smiling, appearing to like the scenery as well. The girls were all pole dancing and two of them were already topless. A blond with large tits was dancing right in front of us as some young and old guys sitting nearly, filled her thong belt with dollar bills.
Jina seemed to enjoy the fact that I was enjoying the action. She would look at me every time a girl would remove her top or bottom. She seemed to crave the sexual excitement I was experiencing. It wasn’t only me, there were several horny guys eyeing Jina from their tables. I’m sure they wondered if Jina was as good a fuck as she looked. After this went on for some time, I asked Jina if she knew they were staring at her. “Yes, I knoooowww,” she smiled.
Most of the girls on stage looked alike, young, long hair, some were tattooed and almost all had big tits. I immediately thought of Cathy. I went to the bathroom to get rid of some beer and was surprised to see a long haired brunette on stage when I returned. She was Asian. I figured she was a Filipino. She had really long straight hair and nice tits, bigger than Jina’s, but only slightly. Her tits and pussy were barely held in place by the undersized yellow bikini. I couldn’t believe that everyone I was interested in was wearing yellow.
Jina noticed how I was focusing on the asian girl who was wrapping herself around a pole just 10 feet in front of me. Jina said, “She hot?” “Yes,” I replied, “but you’re hotter. “ Jina smiled and then went to the bar alone. As a dozen pair of eyes followed her legs and ass move towards the bar, Jina stopped to talk to a waitress and then returned to her seat. By now, the Asian girl was removing her top and my eyes were glued. The song suddenly ended and I felt a little let down.
I was surprised to see the girl then move towards us at the beginning of the next song. She just introduced herself as Marisa and said “private dance?” I just smiled while meeting eyes with Jina, she had set this up and man, I loved it! Marisa stepped up the chair and danced on our table, the view was great. I could see every sexy part of her. Marisa made sure I was awake by pushing her cute little ass and tits in my face whenever she felt like it. After her top was off, and her large dark nipples were close to my face, I felt Jina’s hand move from my thigh down to my balls, just slightly squeezing them. . She was getting into this as much as I was. I returned the favor by sliding my chair closer and putting my arm around Jina’s waist. I slid my hand until it was resting on the side of her breast. As the song went on and Marisa gyrated her ass, I began slipping 5 dollar bills dollar bills into her G-string. Soon, Jina follow suite. Guys around us were cheering Jina on whenever she took a turn slipping money into Marisa’s thong. Towards the end of the first song, Jina made sure that Marisa got a 20 dollar bill deep in her snatch area; several guys clapped and whistled when she did it. A second song began and Marisa danced a new beat to my sexual pleasure.
Now it was time for Marisa to take off her thong bottom. She did it so slowly, that I thought I would melt. She had her ass just inches away from my nose when she peeled down the skimpy fabric. As I looked up to get a clear view of Marisa’s brown hole and pussy, I felt Jina’s fingers glide over my cock, it wasn’t fully hard but not far off. She did this a couple of times and then stopped. By then, the song was over, Marisa was naked and Jina was just smiling ear to ear. Marisa then left for the back room.
After the private dance, our table got a lot of eyes from the excited men around us. They were catching glances at Jina. I whispered for her to look. She smiled at some guys across the table near the stage. She then placed her hand onto my cock and squeezed. As they began to gawk, she cupped my hand onto her breast and I squeezed it softly. To tease the guys even more, Gina opened her legs slightly for the guys to take a peek at her panties. I felt my cock throb under the weight of Jina’s hand sliding forwards and backwards as she opened her legs even more. “Good show,” I whispered into her ear as she slowly with drew her hand from my cock.
Jina asked a waitress for a couple of shots of tequila. Then Jina slipped her hand into her purse , cupped a small medicine bottle and placed it into my hand. I didn’t know what it was. Jina said, “Try something tonight, , Cialis happy all night medicine.” I just said, “What?, “Why?” She said take them two with the drink, “My husband has too many at home, he don’t miss.”
I had never taken Cialis, Viagra or anything like that but I figured what the hell, so we toasted and I gulped two down. That was my signal to leave and I was ready to go to a motel. We gathered our stuff with both of us buzzing from the tequila, we both wobbled out the club.
While driving, I began looking for a motel. But I needed to be sure Gina was okay with it first, I used the code phrase; “Do you want some late night motel coffee?
“mmmm, I must have some coffee, of course!”
“You have some time then?”
“He is not come back until Sunday; we can have coffee all night.” We both laughed. Jina snuggled close to me.
I heard a chime and looked down at my gas gauge, the light was on. “Shit.” “ I have to get gas.”
“ok,” said Jina.
As I was sitting at a light before a gas station, I asked Jina off the wall, “How about you, do you have a fantasy?”
“mmmm… well.”
“Do you?”
“What is it?”
“You want to know, you sure?” She whined with her voice.
I paused the conversation and got some gas, then I got back into the car.
Jina’s face was blushing, I don’t know if it was because of the alcohol or the question I had asked. She looked hesitant to answer, so I drove a little more until we found a Motel. It was bigger than the last and looked reasonable clean from the outside.
I asked if it was alright with her and then she held my arm and said, “It’s fine, do you want to know my big fantasy?” Jina’s voice was slurring her words, the alcohol had begun to take its toll on Jina’s state of mind.
“Yes”, I smiled.
“I felt Jina strain with her voice a little and she said, “I want forsex.”
“You mean foreplay”
“Nooooo, I show you!”
Jina squeezed real close to me, she was almost on top of me. Her hand slid over my thighs, lightly over my cock and then inside my button shirt, she just caressed my chest hair and nipples, it felt good.
“Kiss me”, she said softly. I did and then she commanded loudly, “Kiss me harder.”
I started to push my tongue into her mouth and then felt her pinch my nipple hard with her nails!
“Owww” I almost screamed.
I looked at her again and said “Do you mean “forced sex?”
“Yes! you control me ! “ she breathed out with an excited and strained voice.
I became incredibly excited as well at the thought.
“So I can do whatever I want to do to you, you like that?
“Yesss, again her voice strained with excitement.”
“I roughly grabbed her tit and said, “THEN YOU BETTER DO EVERYTHING I TELL YOU , DO YOU UNDERSTAND?”
“Yessss, I will. She looked at me as if she was begging for sex.” My cock surged in excitement as I climbed out of the truck.
I grabbed my backpack, threw a couple of things into it from the truck and walked to the hotel office while Jina struggled in her stilettos behind me.
The staff must have been bored as they wanted to give us a layout tour of the pool, They showed us all the stuff we weren’t interested in, the breakfast bar the fitness room and bar all on the first floor. They apparently weren’t getting the customers they wish they had, the hotel was a little run down. They gave us a room with a poolside entrance as the good-sized pool was in the center of the complex. I heard some loud voices from the pool area and asked the staff if it was ok to drink at the pool.
“Sure, just no glass around the pool and you and your wife are welcome to the Hot tub, we don’t keep hours on it anymore. It’s located in the Gazebo down at the far end.”
We left the woman from the desk and ventured down the deck area of the pool. Right away, I noticed some tattooed long haired guys holding some canned beers, one guy thick , the other thin, between them was one drunk woman with a daiquiri cooler in an over tight undersized pink bikini, her large tits were spilling out of the top and her bottom barely covered her ass. She stumbled a bit and found herself a seat on a lounge chair. The guys were drinking and whooping it up and jumping off a board into the pool. They had a large cooler and there was empty beer cans everywhere. One of the guys came out of the pool said “Helllllloooo, good night for a swim!” while looking Jina up and down.
I could see the wooden gazebo structure that housed the hot tub down at the far end, it was close to our room.
The room was large and ok as far as cleanliness. It had a king bed, couple of lamps, a desk, a recliner and a love seat. Mirrors were on the sliding closet across from the bed and the draped windows were large, I guess because of the pool.
The TV on the stand next to the desk had a sign for pay-per-view and premium channels.
Jina turned on the TV and I put my bag down and a music video channel came on. I grabbed her and forced my tongue down her throat and sucked at her tongue. She moaned. I placed her hand on my crotch and had her rub it.
“You see how hard you made me? Huhhhh?” The Cialis already had me fully hard.
I slapped her on her ass. “Do you know?”
“Yes.” Jina was rubbing my cock and balls through my jeans and making me really want her.
“Unbuckle me … now!”
Jina’s shaking hands struggled at the wide leather belt, she nervously pulled it loose. She worked at the steel button but couldn’t get it right away. I smacked her on the ass with the belt just hard enough to get her to yelp.
“You’re having a lot of trouble with that. Let me do it. Get the dress off now!
Jina slipped off her tight shoes and pulled down her top, exposing her thin black bandeau bra. With the lamp on, I could see it was transparent and her nipples poked out. As she scooted down the dress, I saw her matching black thong, it was also slightly transparent. It was the kind I liked, just a thin strap in around the waist and up her crack with a silver loop holding the spaghetti material together. Her crotch was only minimally covered.
“That is hot woman!” Jina smiled just for a second.
Jina seemed fascinated by the belt. I knew I wouldn’t hurt her with it, but the way I was holding it, it seemed to bring out some fear and excitement in her eyes. I watched her pull the zipper of my jeans down and pull the waist down exposing a tent in my boxers.
After I got out of the pants, I sat on the bed had her remove my shirt and socks. Standing only in my boxers, I wrapped the belt around my fist and said, “Get your bra off now.” Jina hesitated a little and I slapped her on the ass with the belt. Wait!! I pulled Jina up onto the bed and said “dance!!” Jina produced a fake smile and her eyes moved about the room in fear as she wiggled her hips and moved her arms as a lady Gaga song emitted from the tv. to her favorite song. “Strip off the bra slow!”Jina danced on the bed and slowly unsnapped her bra from the back and exposed her beautiful tits to me.
“Keep dancing!! Jina continued to gyrate around moving her hips for me as I reached into my pants wallet. I pulled several $1.00 bills out and began to insert them into Jina’s thong as she continued to move. I stuffed several into her snatch area, feeling her wetness as moved. I pulled her forward and sat her down at the edge of the bed, her legs were so short, only the balls of her feet reached the dirty carpet below.
“Damn, you got me horny! Pull down my boxers and go to work!”
Jina did as I said, she pulled my shorts down and immediately got on her knees and started licking the head.
I pulled at her nipples hard with my fingertips and she moaned. She was really excited too! She moaned as she sucked at me. I loved the feel of her tongue going up and down my shaft. I kept wondering how far she would go with her submissiveness; I had an exciting idea…
“Stop sucking a minute; I don’t want to cum too fast.” Jina stopped and gasped for air.
“I’m thirsty, are you?”
“yes, a little.” Jina looked at me with anticipation.
“I want you to go down to the pool and get us a couple of beers.”
“Jina started to get dressed and I stopped her.
“No bra.” Jina ignored me and reached for her bra, then I reached for the belt. She dropped the bra on the bed and pulled on her dress. She reached for her shoes and I said, “No shoes either.” Jina moved towards the door.
“Jina asked; what is they don’ give me any?”
“Then the belt will be waiting. “Oh, wait a second, I pulled down her top and tweaked her nipples making her moan. I pulled her top back up and her nipples poked out hard from the tight material. Next, I slid my hands under her dress and pulled her panties down to the floor. She stepped out of them slowly.
“I will be watching you from the window, I want you to let them talk to you a few minutes, at least 10. Ask them what room they are in. Jina just nodded.
I watched as Jina hesitantly walked barefoot out the door. When she went under the Outside patio light, I could see her naked figure under the dress. I opened the window a bit and could hear the men and bikini woman laughing as Jina walked down towards them. Then the laughing turned to an inaudible conversation. I opened the drape of my window and watched with my cock hard in my hand. I stroked it slightly.
As soon as Jina was near the group, the two men and one woman came out, talking to her invitingly. I watched as the woman, wrapped in a towel first stood, then sat back down as both men continued to talk to Jina while they drank beer. They were kind of young, rough looking guys, one had a beard, the other one had scraggly hair, one guy in shorts, the other in a swimsuit. At one point, the guy with the scraggly hair put his hand around Jina’s waist , I guess he wanted her to join them. The girl came back with some large magnum beer cans and a couple of plastic cup to give to Jina. I saw the guy with the beard motion that for Jina to sit in a lounge chair and she did for a few minutes, facing me. Her legs were slightly parted, damn! She then got up and the guy shook his head as Jina stood, struggled with the drinks and began to walk towards the room. The guy with the beard followed Jina, offering to carry the beers. He took them from her hands and walked with her for the last 15 yards to the room. When they got to the door, I opened it for Jina, unfortunately, the guy with the beer saw me in the towel, handed me the beer and just said drunkenly, “looks like your going to have a fun night, she is beautiful man!” I looked down at myself in the towel, my cock was standing straight out.
I saw Jina stare at my hard cock a moment before I closed the door and sat the drinks down.
“What are these?” I was curious about the two large plastic cups that she carried along with the long neck beer bottles.
“Good, let’s have a drink.” I saw Jina look down at my cock again. I was ready for her. We tipped our glass as I said “Cheers.” Jina took a small sip from her drink but I drank half.
“looked like they liked talking to you out there.”
“Yes.. Jina Giggled.” “you watched us?”
“Oh yeah baby.” The casual conversation was ober, I quickly switched to command mode.
“This time, drink half of it, 1,2 3…Go”
Jina looked me in the eyes, hesitated just a second and then gulped down the Gin. She even burped after finishing it. I laughed. I looked down to see Jina hands shaking nervously, I wondered if it was because of the men, or me or just sexual excitement.
“Did they like them looking at you.”
“What were they looking at?”
“My tits.” Jina was drunk and sexually excited, she was completely open now.
“Show them to me.” Jina’s excitement seemed to heighten as she pulled the stretch top from her tits and let the dress fall to the floor, she slowly stepped out of it for me, “Fuck I was hard!” She was perspiring and her nipples were harder than when she had left the room.
“You have beautiful tits Baby, no wonder they were staring at them.” Jina smiled.
“last question; “What room are they in?”
“Next to ours ,on the right”
“Good, we’ll have to make some noise for them tonight!”
I stood behind her now, nude with my cock just gently touching her ass cheeks. I caressed her tits with my hand and tweaked both of her hard, long nipples. I moved her to the window, the spot just where the drapes were left open and continued rubbing her tits. there was an underpowered table lamp in the room, I guess anyone who was fairly close to our room could have seen or heard what we were doing. this just seemed to excite us both even more.
Jina backed her ass against me, positioning my cock in the crack of her ass; she wanted it. She was moaning in no time. “You make men so horny baby you know that?” I confessed.
“Yess, Jina moaned.”
“And you’ve made me so super horny tonight, drink the other gin now.”
Jina raised the cup to her lips and took some more swallows just in time for me to assault her nipples again with my rough fingers. She moaned so nicely.
“Now you’re going to do some cock sucking, understand?”
“Yesss, “she moaned again.
I moved her down onto her knees with her back to the wall in front of the window. Here head was just above the bottom of the glass. I pulled my cock up first and had her lick each one of my balls. I made sure she washed each one with her tongue well before giving her the head.”
I then had her lick and suck just the head, she did it well, so I gave her some more. I pulled my cock from her hot mouth and cross examined her again. Jina was really excited, so she didn’t seem to hold anything back.
” What were they wanting you to do out there?”
“To get into pool, join the party.”
“What did you say?” I let her take the head deep in her wet mouth again before she answered the question.
“I said I don’t have swimsuit and not a good swimmer.”
“They try to look inside my dress for bikini. I said no suit.”
“They said skinny dip is ok.”
I said no, no, way. My Boyfriend is waiting for me now.”
“What did you think they really want ?
“To see my body.”
“And what else?”
“The one man wanted fucking.”
That got me hot, I took Jina’s head and pushed my cock in a quarter length, then half. I started stoking in and out of her as her tongue tried to help out.
I stopped few seconds so she could catch her breath and then took my cup and dipped my cock in a half filled cup of the Gin. I held my wet dripping stiff cock to her lips and said, “When they were talking to you like that, were you excited?”
“Yes already excited.”
” You wanted to do it?”
“What did you want to do?”
“To come here and do this now!” Jina voluntarily took my cock in her mouth and started stroking the head quickly. She worked it hard, licking the gin from my cock and using her tongue on the sensitive under skin.
I raised her hand up high and locked her wrists behind her neck so she could not resist my thrusts. Then I pumped her mouth and throat good. My balls were tightening, Jina choked once and I paused to give her chance to breathe again.
“Now suck all of it and I want you to take my load.”
I began thrusting in her again. Getting as deep as I could, using my free hand to pull her head forward with each thrust. I felt my balls ready to blow and I pressed her head all the way down onto my cock. The first spurt of my load went deep into her throat, then, I felt wave after wave of pleasure and cum move from my balls to her hot mouth. I moan loud when I felt that first wave and keep moaning till I felt the last squirt. it was a great, great blow job. Jina even smiled with her mouth full. I just said, “let me see it.” Jina opened her mouth slightly, showing me the load that didn’t go down her throat.
“Swallow it baby.”
Jina did and showed me her clean mouth.
We both laid naked on he bed a while, watching TV. My cock only slightly softened and I knew Jina wanted sex
badly. She kept running her hand over my chest and stomach. She was still shaking. After and hour, I asked her if she wanted to go to the spa. She agreed but said no swimsuit. I told her to put her panties and bra on, no one would notice. She did and wrapped herself with a towel. I pulled my boxers back on and led the way out the door.
The party seemed to be ending and after we passed a little garden area, I noticed one of the pool guys enter the room next to ours, the other guy and girl followed him in a few minutes later while carrying the beer cooler.
The hot tub was in a dim lit garden area under a gazebo at the end of the hotel courtyard. As we stepped up to the wooden platform, we noticed another couple. Jina was surprised and so was I but the 40ish woman, just said, “Plenty of room and it’s great.”
“Are you sure? “I asked.
“Yeah, come on in” said her male friend. They both had a country twang in their voices.
Jina shyly sat down while removing the towel, immersing herself in the hot bubbling water. I was still semi hard in my boxers but didn’t care at that point, I sat down next to Jina the spa and got a smile from the woman. She wasn’t bad, cute face and nice cleavage. The guy was stout, he looked like a trucker in the traditional sense. He seemed to be interested in Jina, his eyes didn’t leave her much anyway.
He pulled his small cooler around and offered Jina and I a cocktail or beer. I was impressed to see a half bottle of Patron tequila and margarita premix and some Jack Daniels among the beers in their cooler. They we both drinking mixed cocktails on ice. The woman introduced herself as Barb and his name was Steve. We introduced ourselves while Steve made drinks for us. I had a whiskey sour and Jina a Margarita … as if she needed more.
As the hot tub relaxed us and the alcohol let go of our last inhibitions, we got into a long conversation related to our backgrounds, relationships and just getting older. After about 40 minutes, we completely opened up to each other, telling steve and Barb that Jina and I were dating and trying out different cultures and other things..
Barb admitted that Steve was divorced but her divorce from her long time husband was pending. She was still married. Jina, drunkenly said, “I’m not married, my husband married!” Steve said “Wow.” and Barb just said, damn, that is so “Desperate housewife!” We all broke out in laughter!
“The only thing that matters is if you re happy,” said Steve.
We all agreed and Jina slid back in my arm admitting to me she was drunk. Barb and Steve kissed each other and caressed each other openly. They looked as if they had been drinking a while themselves.
“Make yourselves comfortable, nobody will bother you out here tonight, I know the hotel owner.” said Steve.
I asked Steve how long he knew him, he said, “All my life, school, golf and more”
Barb came back with, “Steve is part owner.” I was impressed.
Steve offered us anything we needed for the hotel and asked if we were staying a while. I told him just the night. He raised his eyebrows twice and smiled. I asked them both why they were using their own hotel. Barb said they liked to see people come out and enjoy themselves and they got to meet different people and have fun with friends.
Steve looking at Jina again said “ You two dont mind if we get comfortable in here, do you?”
Jina shook her head and I said, “No.”
With that, Barb removed her bikini top under the water, releasing her 36” tits. Her nipples were large and dark. Steve kissed her long with his tongue and caressed her back and Barb kissed him back. “Its ok, said Barb, It doesn’t get any better than in here, I guarantee it. Steve chimed in with “You two didn’t come here to get a nights sleep, did you??” With that, Steve grasped and sucked at Barbs tit, then the two raised themselves up one at a time and removed their bottoms. Steve adjusted the spa pump and shifted Barb up on his lap so the pump hit her between the thighs. “This thing works wonders.” he said.
Jina and I looked at each other and I stood, then stripped my boxers off. Barbs eyes were all over my erection. I massaged Jina’s tits through her soaked bra, to Steves pleasure. “Petite but ample, Steve said looking over at Jina’s rounded 34C tits.”
The couple moved around to the top seat of the tub exposing themselves to us. Steve had huge balls and a thick, stubby cock that was fully erect. Barb showed us her thick bush, she had a nice ass and her body was only slightly plump, a good one to fuck hard. Jina stood up last, drunk and oblivious to anything, she laughed as she peeled off her bra, freeing her beautiful tits. Steve begged her to stand on the deck before pulling off her thong bottom. She did, teasingly, showing her shaved pussy and perfect ass in a mock strippers dance. Barb jokingly slapped Steve as he gawked at Jina.
Soon, Jina and I were kissing, playing with each other as Steve and Barb followed suite. I sat Jina on my lap and let her slide against my cock, it felt really good. Steve was playing with Barbs nipples as he watched me suck at Jina’s tits. I wanted to fuck her right there but I also wanted her in the room. The excitement of playing in front of another couple was really exciting me. then, I heard a noise from near the Gazebo and stopped what we were doing. It turned out to be a stray cat jumping through some bushes.
Steve could not hold back from his own excitement, “Have you two ever shared or swung? Barb seemed a little embarrassed by Steves question but she still looked in my eyes as if she was asking the same question. “No, not yet,” I said.
“Would you like to try?, it would be a lot of fun, we are super clean and it has been a long while since we have played.” Barb looked down at my hard cock.
I looked at Jina and she whisper in my ear, “Take me to room and rape me.”
I replied to Steves question; “Very tempting but we will have to take a rain check on that, we got some unfinished business of our own tonight, ok?”
“Ok, let me know if you change your mind, we will be in room 16,” said Steve.
With that, I moved out of the tub, pulled Jina out, both of us nude. I picked up our clothes and towel, then ran solo to the room. Jina shrieked and tried to cover herself as she followed me naked down past the end of the pool to the room. As I passed the room with the party threesome, I stopped to peek in their slightly open curtains and could see the bikini girl half laying on the bed with the thicker guy, each caressing and kissing each other while the long haired guy, looked bored watching tv. He drank continuously from his beer in a nearby chair. As Jina ran towards me, I opened our door next door and closed it behind me quickly, leaving Jina naked outside. She knocked on the door loudly and begged for me to open it. I let her knock for a almost a minute and finally let her in. As she ran in the door, I saw the long haired guy standing next to our door in some shorts staring at Jina.
“Hot damn, you got a hot little asian doll there, let me know if you need any help with that!”
“I will, “I replied as I closed the door but not locking it. Jina jokingly slapped me on the chest for stranding her. I grabbed her by the arms and told her to run the shower. Then, we both got in and soaped each other down. Jina played with my cock some and sucked at my nipples before we toweled each other off. With my cock raging hard, I retook control of the situation. “Go get on the bed.” Jina started to get under the sheets but I told her to stay on top. I turned on the corner lamp and opened the curtains half way to see if anyone was around. No one, but as I grabbed my overnight bag, I could hear moans from the neighbors room. They were playing and fucking, I heard their muffled voices, and the girl squealing every now and then

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