Bathroom Hound

Author: The_beast_man

One Day Mary went to get a shower after her family left for their annual week long vacation. She spent an hour soaping up her B breasts and her virgin pussy. She was an intelligent girl so her beauty was usually hidden. Until of course she got in the shower there her beauty could unfold. However due to her intelligent appearance few men wanted anything to do with her, their loss.

After her shower Mary went to put in her contacts. As she went to put the first one in her german Shepard, Terry, walked in. He ran up to her and knocked her over. “Bad dog…”Mary said while shooing away terry “You made me drop my contact.” She got down on her hands and knees to look for the contact. As soon as she bent down Terry jumped on her back and began riding her. “What are you doing you stupid do..ahhh.” Mary began to say until she felt the dog’s eight inch shaft enter her virgin slit.

She felt a mix of pleasure and pain as the dog’s cock penetrated her. She tried to push him off but failed. As he pumped in and out he expanded inside her causing her to writhe in pleasure. She tried to imagine it was any of the guys from her collage fucking her and taking her virginity rather than her dog.She came multiple times in the hour her rode her, until he climaxed, spilling his canine cum deep into her cunt. She tried to pull away after this but found that she could not. She looked down and realized the dogs knot had formed and couldn’t be pulled out of her. She sat there enjoying the expanding knot until terry began dragging her by it. She screamed as he pulled it out finally letting the cum inside her to spill out.

She couldn’t believe herself. She had just let her dog fuck her, and she loved it. She got horny whenever she thought about it but she couldn’t satisfy herself. She needed terry.

She stripped down and went to the living room to find terry. She called Terry over and reached down to rub his cock. As it expanded from its sheath Mary began stroking it. Terry reached out and began licking her dripping pussy. She moaned as he lapped at her slit. She got down under him and took his cock in her mouth. She began sucking and Terry’s cock expanded inside her mouth. She bobbed her head back and forth while Terry licked her slit. She enjoyed the taste of the cock and sucked until Terry climaxed, dumping his spunk down her throat.

Then she laid on her back and directed the dogs cock to her cunt. She then began receiving a now familiar sensation as Terry’s cock expanded in side her while he thrusted in and out. She laid back and watched the scene, while Terry continued fucking her. Then the front door opened and Mary’s friend Jade walked in on the scene.”Oh my God.” Jade said, staring in amazement at the scene. “Don’t look at me!” Mary screamed as Terry climaxed dumping his load into Mary, and forming his knot.


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