How her Friend got hooked.

Author: The_beast_man

Jade stared in horror at the scene as Terry began dragging her friend across he room by his knot. She was disturbed by the scene but felt ashamed that she was also turned on by this. “Mary what are you doing!” Jade yelled while watching her friends juices soak the floor as the dog’s knot popped out. “I can explain.” Mary said standing up to look her friend in the eyes. “he fucked me the other day when i was looking for my contact.

I got him off but it made me so horny I needed him again. He’s better than any toy, you should try it, I mean it looks like you enjoyed watching.” Mary said pointing at Jade’s soaked panties. “No I just…” Jade began to say as Mary rubbed her cunt through her panties. “You know you want it.” Mary said taking off jades panties and beginning to lick her wet cunt while Terry licked her’s. “Here let him lick you.” Mary moved out of the way and Terry began licking Jades pussy. Jade felt his rough tongue run over her slit filling her with pleasure “I want it!” Jade screamed, as she bent over, not even bothering to take off her clothes. Terry instantly mounted her and began ramming his doggy cock deep inside her hitting her back wall over and over again.

Jade climaxed more and more as Terry rod her and his knot formed Making it even better for her. “Hey don’t leave me out.” Mary said laying down in front of Jade, as Jade began licking her cunt. Jade was in disbelief that she was letting a dog take her virginity, but she loved it and she loved the taste of her friend’s pussy.

Terry came and began dragging Jade by his knot. Jade felt the warm jizz shoot deep into her, flooding her entire pussy. The knot popped out and Jade turned around to suck the massive cock taking it knot and all down her throat over and over until he came unleashing his spunk into her awaiting mouth.

“So how was it?” Mary said helping her friend off the floor. “It was great but I have a better Idea.” Jade said. “What?” Mary asked. “Let’s use one of my horses next time.” Jade said as Mary looked at her in shock.


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