Author: Ciana Rose

The hotel was the most extravagant yet for the company’s annual party. I knew a few wives and did my best to mingle while Simon played the appropriate politics with business associates.

I made my round and ran out of familiar faces. I looked for Simon and saw him involved in conversation.
As I made my way to the bar, the bartender caught my eye and smiled. He was young and very attractive. I smiled back to let him know how flattered I was by his silent compliment.
I ordered my drink and he turned to pour. I found myself sizing him up and my eyes came to rest on his hard ass that filled his uniform so well. When I looked up, I realized he was watching in the mirror. This time he gave me a more seductive smile. Embarrassed, I feigned a cough and looked away.
“What’s your poison?”
The voice startled me and I made a quick turn. A pretty brunette with expressive eyes was standing next to me. Her short layered hair was unintentionally tousled and revealed a distinct earthiness. She didn’t smile, but there was something very informal in her manner. I knew instantly that we could be friends.
“Cognac,” I answered, meeting her eyes.
“Two,” she told the bartender, her glance falling below his waist. Then to me, she said, “Meg, my name is Meg.”
“Hello, Meg,” I said. “Bella.”
“Great party, isn’t it?”
The questioning look I threw her suddenly made us both chuckle.
“Do you have a room for the night?” she asked.
Before I answered, the bartender set our drinks down. He looked from me to Meg, then smiled mischievously.
Sexuality exuded from Meg and there was no mistaking her want. Slowly, his glance moved to her full breasts, pushed up in the strapless gown. His boldness didn’t seem to bother her as she sipped her Cognac. He made a small sound of approval and returned to me. This time, there was no smile, only a candid expression of lust.
When a guest broke the trance, I became aware of my wetness and shifted for comfort.
“Yeah, me too,” Meg informed me in a soft voice.
Thrown, I cleared my throat. There was a brief pause before she spoke again.
“Let’s fuck.”
Her openness encouraged mine. I met her eyes again and we established an understanding.
I turned and searched the room. Simon was still involved in conversation, but he was looking at me. We made eye contact, then his glance moved to Meg.
“Is that your husband? Not bad,” she commented without waiting for my reply.
“Let’s go,” I suddenly decided.
She gave me a hungry look and quickly downed the cognac.
As we started, we both paused instinctively and turned for one more look. The bartender gave us a squint of pleasure mixed with an expression of regret. Meg and I sighed simultaneously, then left.

Meg led the way and I watched her well-rounded ass quiver underneath the jersey fabric. It made me wetter. We rode the elevator in silence. She stared at my leg through the long slit of my gown while I shared the bartender’s appetite for her heaving breasts.
I let Meg enter the room first. Just as I closed the door, we reached for each other without formality. Consumed with lust, there was no feminine gentility when our mouths parted and our tongues began a passionate attempt to acquaint.
As we kissed, we pulled and tugged at our clothes anxiously. Meg snapped open my bra and we separated as we both pulled at the straps. My eyes fell on her voluptuous body. She wore a black corset with stockings and high heels. Her erect nipples mesmerized me. They had popped out of the half cups and looked deliciously ready for sucking.
Meg pushed me down on the bed and lay beside me. “Beautiful,” she murmured, caressing my body while her glance slowly traveled down the length of my long legs. Then turning abruptly, she fixed her eyes on mine and shoved a finger deep into my cunt.
“Aaahhh,” I sighed and raised my hips high.
“That feel good?” she asked and covered my mouth with hers.
I moaned quietly while my body pushed and churned on Meg’s comforting hand. Releasing me from the kiss, she attacked my nipple almost painfully. I clenched her hair–it was a satisfying pain and I encouraged her.
“You have such soft skin,” she complimented me as she switched from one tit to the other.
I squeezed the one she was working on and she nibbled harder. “You like sucking tit?” I asked.
She gave me an affirmative moan.
“Me too.” Impatiently, I reached for hers.
“You’ll get your turn,” she teased and slid lower. “I want to see your pussy.”
The sound of the door opening slowed us for only a second.
“What took you so long?” I asked when Simon entered.
“You know business, hon,” he answered, removing his jacket.
Meg turned her head, but kept her finger buried in me. “Hi,” she said to Simon.
As I made the introductions, Simon removed his shoes and lay by my side.
“DidI miss much?” he asked with a kiss.
“There is a lot more to cum,” I replied, pun intended.
He chuckled, then said, “Hi Meg.”
Meg smiled and leaned over. Simon kissed her while her finger stayed inside me.
“What did I interrupt?” he asked after the kiss.
“Bella was about to show me her pussy.”
“Then let me help,” he said and spread me with his thumb and forefinger.
They both stared at my erect clit while it waited for attention. Then he broke the silence. “Emmm, that’s pure honey there.”
Meg gave him a quick glance, then suddenly latched onto my clit with her lips.
I responded instantly— writhing and moaning. Watching, Simon removed his bow tie. I took Meg’s head in both hands and pushed my cunt to her face. She removed her finger, but before I could miss it, her tongue took its place. I was ecstatic and I wiggled my hips to get more of her. She moved between my legs and spread me wider.
“Ohhh,” I cried deliriously.
Meg slid her tongue out and inserted two fingers. And when she took my clit again, I began my climb.
Simon pinched my nipple and I arched my back. “Cum,” he ordered, his eyes demanding the pleasure of watching my ecstasy.
My heart raced with love for him. Surrendering to my needs, and his wishes, I managed to breathe out his name. “Simon. . . .”
While I flowed with soft screams, I fought to keep my eyes open. Meg pushed deeper and continued to suck. Proudly, Simon watched as my body bucked and churned in my attempt to cram her into my cunt.
It was his pleasure that brought me the greater contentment.

“You’re right, it is honey,” Meg agreed when Simon returned, having removed his cloths.
We unwound from our embrace and let him lay between us.
Simon took turns kissing and caressing while our bodies rubbed against his. When he pushed our heads together, Meg and I involved in a passionate kiss. He scooted lower and we pressed our tits against his face. He moaned appreciatively as he groped and sucked, making our nipples tender and more erogenous.
When he reached for his cock, Meg and I separated.
“Meg,” he said, “come sit on my face.”
Meg’s eyes sparkled as she faced me and straddled Simon on her knees.
“Show it to me,” he requested.
Reaching back with both hands, she held herself spread.
“Oh yeah, that’s going to taste good,” he murmured. “All right, baby, feed me.”
She lowered herself on his mouth and released a lengthy sigh.
I took Simon’s powerful cock in my hand. I gave it a little kiss, then swallowed it. I cupped his balls and sucked hard, the way he liked.
Meg interrupted me with a touch. I looked up and knew what she wanted. She leaned forward and I put him in her mouth. She shifted her hips from side to side. I smiled, certain she had opened herself wider for Simon.
I moved between his legs and he bent his knees. While Meg continued to ravish his cock, I licked and sucked his balls. Together, we created a lovely chorus of moans.
I forced Simon’s legs further apart and reached lower. I knew how it excited him when I tongued his asshole.
Meg’s breathing grew heavier with her approaching climax. I returned to Simon’s side and in her ear, I whispered, “Soak him good.”
Grunting, she tried harder.
As I squeezed one hand under her tummy, I wet my finger, then reached behind her and began to insert it into her ass. The penetration was enough and her ride began. I pushed in all the way. Simon pressed her hips down from both sides and she crushed him hard.
“Yes, baby,” I encouraged over her muffled screams. “Thaaat’s it, rub your pussy on his tongue. Yeah, that feels sooo good, doesn’t it?”
Meg began to slow but still held him in her mouth. Gently, I removed my finger from her ass. As I stroked her hair, I could sense the satisfaction she had derived.
“He eats good, huh?”
Her response was a small whimper. O’ how well I knew that profound need that always plagues me afterwards. Yes, sweet Meg, suck on his cock, content your craving.

Meg eventually sat up. I straddled Simon and slowly lowered myself upon him. She looked at me with bedroom eyes. I kissed her, then let her recover while I sucked on her tits and rocked on his cock.
When Meg slid off, I came down in Simon’s arms. Her scent was strong and I licked his lips for her taste. We kissed long and hard.
He rolled me onto my side, as he knows my needs so well. He entered me from behind and reached over to play with my clit. Meg moved closer and tongued my nipples. While Simon pumped slowly, they teased me.
As I became more responsive, my back arched and allowed him to penetrate me deeper. My reward was a more solid thrusting.
With my orgasm approaching quickly, Simon pushed his cock in hard and stuck his thumb in my mouth. And then. . . .
I exploded with a tremble–my nerves alive. Simon pinched my clit, rubbing his fingers against each other. Meg gently bit my nipple. I screamed loud, but it stuck in my throat as I sucked his thumb like a cock.
I savored the precious ecstasy for as long as I could freeze time, but the tapering was inevitable. With the tension slowly draining out of me, Simon and Meg held me tenderly–lulling me back to reality.

When I returned from the bathroom, Meg was on her back with Simon on top. I climbed between his legs and watched his balls slam against her as he thrust. I so enjoy him taking pleasure.
When I began to rub his ass, he slowed and moaned. I replaced my hands with my tongue and licked his masculine cheeks, slowly working my way down to his balls. They tasted and smelled of Meg and me. Emmm.
“You’ve got a great ass, Meg.” I heard Simon say. “You gonna let me fuck it?”
With her moan of consent, I reached for the jar I had brought back with me. As I circled her asshole with my greasy finger, I licked his balls. They kissed while I lubricated her.
Meg turned over, laid her head down, and raised her ass high.
“That’s good, Meg, that’s just how I like it,” Simon said, moving behind her slowly.
He rubbed her fleshy cheeks, then spread them and looked at her greased entrance. Meg arched deeper and waited.
Simon turned and kissed me. “Looks nice, babe, thanks.” His eyes were filled with lust.
Anticipating their fucking, my cunt grew moist.
Their moans rose as he began to penetrate her tight hole. I knelt behind him and pressed my body to his. Leaning to the side, I watched until he buried his cock deep into her ass. Then I reached for the lubricant again.
For Simon, I used two fingers and inserted deep. He began a gentle movement, then slid his hand around Meg’s hip. She moaned ecstatically when he cupped her cunt. As he picked up pace, I wrapped my arm around his waist and held on tight.
He thrust harder; she whimpered like a puppy.
Meg reached orgasm and bucked violently on Simon’s cock. From the intensity, I knew her need to be fucked would soon grow desperate. I pinched his nipple and braced myself for the ride.
“Take her, my love,” I whispered as he pumped her ass for satisfaction, “fuck.” And he did.

The knock woke me. I glanced at the clock and it was past two AM. “Who is that?”
“I ordered room service before I came up,” Simon answered, getting out of bed. “I thought you two might enjoy a late night snack.”
Meg and I looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders. Then we heard, “Come on in,” and we scurried for the covers.
In stepped our favorite bartender, with a bottle in his hand and a smile that told it all. “Cognac, ladies?”
Meg and I exchanged a delighted glance, then held out our arms. “Yes, please.”

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