7 Days

Day Four

The knock wakes me. Carlo gently untangles himself from me. He’s still dressed; I’m naked.
He opens the door and I make no effort to cover myself. I can’t see, but from the conversation, I know food has arrived.
Carlo pours us coffee, then comes to the bed. Squatting, he strokes my hair and kisses my forehead.
“Good morning, sleepy head,” he says, smiling. “Come on get up, coffee ‘s getting cold.” He takes my hand and forces me to rise.
I take sips of coffee and blink my eyes several times before I’m certain I’m not dreaming Carlo’s presence.
There’s a continental breakfast–rolls, croissants, juice–on the small dining table.
“Go ahead, go take your shower,” he suggests, as if reading my mind.
It wasn’t exactly a good night’s sleep, but better than the first two. I stroll to the bathroom for my morning ritual.

The shower revives me and I look forward to my day with Carlo. Refreshed, I slip on my robe and return.
Carlo raises his head from behind the paper and I see a look of disapproval in his eyes. Takes a moment before I realize why. I move closer. He watches. After a brief pause, I slide the robe off my shoulders and let it drop. He smiles.
“Here, try this, this is good.” He deposits a corn muffin on my plate and pours us more coffee as I take my seat in the nude.
He’s right, the muffin is good. He takes a bite of his own and continues to read. I’m perfectly content with the silence. It’s enough to be near him.

“Come here, baby,” Carlo beckons from behind the paper, then folds it and sets it aside.
He turns his chair to make room and I stand before him. He slides to the edge of the chair. Wrapping his arms around my hips, he hugs me like a little boy. My heart is now officially his.
The moment does not last long. He sits up. He continues to hold me in one arm while he strokes my pussy. As expected, my hips begin to move and my head rolls with the pleasure. He parts me gently and confirms my wetness.
He removes his arm from around me and slowly begins to lean back in the chair. He locks his eyes on mine as he does this. He knows I’m not about to detach myself from his fingers by choice. I move with his hand to his side for his convenience. Then I promptly wet heavily to reward him for granting me yet another opportunity to submit to his wishes.
For more than ten minutes he strokes and fingers my pussy in silence. His eyes never leave my face while my hips move sensually in pursuit of whatever satisfaction.
“Did you like him watching you?”
His voice snaps me out of my pleasure. Then a greater pleasure fills me as I remember. “Yes.”
“Did it embarrass you?”
I wet before I can answer. “Yes,” I say shyly.
“What embarrassed you the most?”
He’s making me face truth. “Showing him my pussy.” I wet again as I mutter.
“It was an admission of how badly I want you.”
“Do you like wanting me?”
“Yes, Carlo, I do. Very much.” My voice is soft.
“What did showing him your pussy do for you?”
I pause to find the right answer. “It intensified everything.”
“Physically and emotionally?”
“Did you like giving him pleasure?”
“What satisfied you the most?”
It embarrasses me, but I say it anyway. “Him watching me while I came?”
“He saw your power over me.”
“And your weakness?”
“What did that say?”
“That you can do whatever you want with me.”
“Can I?”
I wet. “Yes.”
“Did you like me displaying you and making you cum in front of him?”
The sudden ache of desire in my cunt makes me gasp and I stoop toward him for closeness. “Yes,” I breathe.
He inserts his finger deeper. “Isabel, Did you do anything that you now regret?”
I shake my head. “No, Carlo.”
He remains silent for a moment, then keeping his finger inserted, he moves me back as he stands. He strokes my hair tenderly, then pulls my naked body against his and kisses me. His movements remain gentle, just enough to keep me wetting steadily.
Vulnerability has always been seductive for me. If being naked with a man while he’s fully clothed isn’t vulnerability, I don’t know what is.

Carlo picks up my robe and leads me to the bed. “Lie down.”
I lie on my back crossways. He stands at the side of the bed. Suddenly, he jerks my bent knees apart. Wide open, I lie in front of him and squirm with want while he watches. I can imagine how satisfying that must be for him.
He reaches for his belt buckle and I become anxious. Slowly, he pulls it through the loops and lays it on the bed.
He sets one knee between my legs and I’m sure my heart is about to stop. Will I have him now?
Very slowly, he lies on top of me. My legs are around his waist before his full weight is upon me. He reaches to the side and pushes my leg open, then does the same with the other. He pins my wrists above my head and kisses me.
He works his way down with wet tongue and kisses, slowly, meticulously. He licks my ears. He hits every nerve on my neck. He licks my chest and sucks my nipples until they’re hard and tender. I want to wrap my arms around him, but he wants me open to him, so I stay. He’s licking my tummy now. Do I dare hope?
He grabs a pillow and pulls it as he slides lower. When he nudges me, I lift my hips and he tucks it under my ass. My cunt is now served to him.
He lingers long, tickling my pussy with his breath before he licks. My moan rises from the pit of my heart and I have to restrain myself from squeezing my legs around his head. In frustration, I lose control and bury my fingers in his thick hair. He pushes my hands away. He wants my complete surrender, whether he gives or takes.
His tongue is smooth and strong. It takes turns rotating my clit and sliding in and out, but always avoids a lengthy stay.
I moan and call his name as he continues to drive me deeper into desperation. As expected, there is to be no pity. My head rolls side to side and I whimper.
He winds me down slowly, his licks growing weaker and weaker until all I can feel is his breath again.
“Turn over.”

As I make my turn, he reaches for another pillow and now I have two tucked under my hips to raise my ass higher.
“Carlo, please,” I beg.
He strokes my hair until I stop whining, then reaches for my robe and removes the belt. He brings my wrists together above my head. What can he do that I don’t already want him to?
He finishes binding my wrists, then brings a chair. He ties the other end of the belt to the arm of the chair.
“Carlo….” What more can I say?
He adjusts my legs slightly apart and lies back down beside me. I feel no fear, only anticipation of his next move.
Again he strokes my hair to reassure me of trust, then begins to tongue bathe my back. The pleasure is maddening.
By the time he reaches my lower back, I’m straining to raise my ass even higher. Yes, Carlo, I want you to fuck me.
He rubs my ass as prelude, then begins to lick. He spends a lengthy time massaging my cheeks with his tongue without an argument from me. Then he does the unexpected–he licks my asshole. What an earth shattering sensation.
I yank my hands to gain room to push harder against his tongue, but the chair isn’t flexible and I don’t get very far.
“Carlo….” Suddenly my vocabulary has diminished to only one word.
In response, he moans and I know he’s enjoying it too.
As with my pussy, he brings the licking to an end slowly, reducing pressure until there is none.
I miss the warmth of his mouth and the tickle of his mustache desperately. My ass moves in little bounces and I call out to him to return. He strokes my pussy from behind. I need so much more.
He stops briefly and I hear shuffling, then I smell. My moans rise again–I’m so ready to give.
In the mirror, I see Carlo dip his finger in the lotion. He begins to circle my asshole.
As I continue to recite the extent of my vocabulary, a few words of plea manage to come to mind. Quietly, he dips his finger again, then returns it.
I take a deep breath and hold still while I wait for him to stretch me open. He does it slowly, gently. I wonder which clinic I should check into after Carlo has driven me completely mad.
His finger slides in, accompanied with my appropriate moan.
“You like that, baby?” he asks softly.
I reply with a dissertation of moans.
He waits until my muscles begin to relax around his finger. Then he strokes a few times and removes it. I pray it’s not over. It’s not.
He dips into the oil again and this time, I feel two of his fingers around my entrance.
“I won’t hurt you, Isabel,” he promises as he slowly begins to work them both in.
Now my moans are stuck somewhere between apprehension of pain and a plea for pleasure. I’m sure Carlo can figure out which.
It takes longer for my anus to adjust to two, but Carlo is patient and willing to do whatever needs to be done. When his fingers finally do slide in without resistance, I release a sigh of relief.
“No, Carlo, I can’t take it,” I protest alarmed when I feel three fingers.
“Isabel, I won’t ask you to do anything that you can’t, or don’t want to.”
For some reason, that’s sufficient to end my protest and he begins to make his entry.
I squeeze my eyes and mumble who knows what in response to my fear.
“Relax, babe” he says, “you’ll be fine.”
To my amazement, three fingers do eventually slip through, but not all the way.
“That’s it, open for me, let me take,” Carlo whispers..
Who am I to deny him?
By the time his fingers slip all the way in, he has taken enough time and oil that I barely feel them. I grow braver, and wetter–I’ve surrendered to his wishes again.
“Thank you, Isabel,” he says, kissing my ass cheek.
I have to admit three feel no worse than two–once my body and mind abandoned resistance. But when he removes his fingers, there is a real stretched feeling. I’ve seen pictures of women who look wide open afterwards. I wonder if that’s how mine looks now.
Carlo seems to read my mind. “It looks really nice, babe.”
It embarrasses me and he gets to know this by seeing me wet again.
“That’s good.” He gives my pussy a quick lick to let me know that he didn’t miss it.

Carlo stands. Is he going to fuck me now? No, he’s searching for something. I don’t know what. He finds it.
He moves another chair opposite to the one I’m tied to. I don’t dare speculate what this means. He sits on the bed and brings my legs together. I’m guessing he’s using my panties to tie my ankles. Next he loops something through the panties and I can feel it’s his belt. He uses it to fasten my feet to the chair. What next? I have no slack for movement in any direction.
Carlo climbs on the bed again. “O’ baby, you look so good.” He strokes my ass, kisses it, even slides his fingers in and out–just because he feels like it, and can. He does this for a little while, then gets up.

I panic when I hear him pick up the key. “No, Carlo, please don’t go.”
“I’ve got to take care of something..”
He strokes my pussy and all is miraculously well in an instant. Apparently I’d rather be fingered than panic. He pushes his face against my bottom and gives my cunt a few good licks. My juices flow again. He gives me a kiss on the ass, then heads for the door. Opening it, he turns.
“Just think about it,” he says with a devilish smile and gives me a wink. He’s gone.

Feels like Carlo has been gone for hours. I can’t stop thinking about him, or focusing on my ass. I want to feel his fingers inside it again. I’ve never needed fucking like I have the last four days. It just gets worse. I think I love being horny. No, I’m sure. I need to pee.

Carlo is not back. I’m falling asleep. My back ‘s been arched for a long time and it’s sore. It’s worth it. The position is keeping me horny.

“I’m back.” Carlo wakes me. He’s changed his clothes. “Did you miss me? Let me see.” He shoves his finger deep into my cunt. “Good, you did.” He goes to the window and closes the drapes. “You hungry, babe?” He’s untying me.
I nod, still groggy. I’m sore all over. I’m not sure my back will straighten. He squats beside me, with his face in mine.
“Give me a kiss.” He kisses me, then stuffs something in my mouth. “Here’s a snack.”
I don’t know what it is, but I chew. He helps me up and takes me to the bathroom. He sits me on the toilet and waits till I finish peeing.
I splash some water on my face and start feeling awake again. I reach to turn the shower on and he stops me.
“No, I want you to smell horny,” he says, leading me back to the room.
Horny works for me.

I hadn’t noticed, but Carlo has brought another package from the apparel shop.
“This is going to look great on you.” He pulls another dress out of the bag. “Come on, baby, hurry up. I’m starving. I know you are too.”
Does he mean for food, or for him?
His thoughtfulness touches me. I could definitely have his children.
I check out my new dress. It’s made of crepe, V-neck, short sleeves, with a flared short skirt. It’s a floral pattern of orange and pink pastels.
I look at Carlo questioningly and he replies, “Just the dress.” I slip it on over my naked body. It makes me feel sexy.
Carlo sits and watches me as I put on my sandals, comb my hair, and apply lipstick. When I’m finished, I spin around in front of him, then open my hands as if to ask what he thinks.
He looks at me up and down and says, “Marry me.”
I’m not foolish enough to take it seriously and I laugh.
“Come here.”
I’m easy to train. I take my place beside him. He slides his hand under my dress. He rubs my thigh first, then reaches for my pussy. I know he’s checking my wetness. Of course that in itself makes me wet. Probably just to make sure he’s not disappointed.
“Turn around.”
He reaches for my pussy from behind. “Did you fantasize about me fucking you?”
I giggle like a schoolgirl. “Aha.” My ass is moving.
“Did you like being tied up?”
“O’ yeahhhh,” I respond as my knees bend and my rear sways sensually in front of him.
“Did you like waiting for me?”
It hadn’t occurred to me until he asks. A pang of desire hits me right in the gut. O’ yes, I liked it a lot. “Yes, I did.” And I wet again.
“Good.” He continues to play with my pussy. “Did you like having your ass opened?”
Satisfaction fills me. “Yes.”
“Because that’s what you want.”
“Do you like giving me what I want?”
“O’ God, yes.”
“And what do I want with your ass, Isabel?”
My heart pounds. “You want to fuck it.” I can’t believe the words are coming out of my mouth.
“Yes, baby, I do. And it’s ready for me to do that now, isn’t it?”
“Ohhhhh.” My back arches deeper and I have a sudden craving to have my ass filled again.
I’m not a Harvard graduate, but it’s not difficult to figure out that my training session this afternoon was designed to have me push my ass out on demand. Looks like I pass with flying colors. I look back at him wantonly. I see an expression of satisfaction and lust.
“Yeah, you stick your ass out for me just like that every time I ask for it.”
“Yes, Carlo,” I say, meaning it with all my heart. I keep silent about the part that it would be my pleasure.
“Lift your skirt.” His voice is more commanding again.
I pull the back of my dress up. While I wait, I hear Carlo unscrewing the bottle of lotion. It’s my reward.
I’m more grateful than amazed, but all three fingers slide right in. I moan as though I’ve been starved for them. I have.
“What, baby, you want it now?”
My knees weaken. “O’ Carlo….”
“You promise to give it to me good?”
“Yeah, you’ll give it to me real good,” he determines and removes his hand, leaving me panting for him, if not drooling. Moving me out of the way, he stands.
Looks like play time is over again. It takes all my will power to pull myself out of my debilitating lust. But now there is hope. A new excitement fills me.
“Don’t forget to lift your skirt when you sit. You don’t want to get oil stains on it.” He calls out as he washes his hands.
“Oh Jesus,” I murmur. I’m going out with a greased ass.

At the door, Carlo stops me before opening it. He reaches under my skirt and slides two fingers deep into my cunt. “Beats perfume any time,” he says, rubbing my juice on my neck and wrists.

Carlo decides we’re going to have a drink before we leave for dinner. He leads me to the vacant barstools. My attention is on the lifting of my skirt. I do it carefully. I take my seat and hear, “O’ hello.”
I don’t have to look, I know it’s the English guy from the beach. I’m turning red.
As Carlo quickly reaches across to offer his hand, he turns my stool so that I have to face the man.
I give Carlo a scolding look. This meeting is a little too convenient for coincidence. “Got to take care of something, hah?” I mutter quietly. Got to hand it to him though, he is resourceful.
Carlo pays no mind to me and makes the introductions. I stay silent. His name is Mark.
Mark locks his eyes on mine. “Hello, Isabel.”
“Hello, Mark.” I manage to spit out.
“No need to be embarrassed, you know. You have done nothing to be ashamed of.”
His British accent is American influenced and his manner, mellow. I’m still blushing.
“Would it help if I yank off in front of you?” he offers very seriously.
It’s obvious he’s making a sincere effort. I can’t help but laugh.
“That’s better. What are you two drinking?”
Mark is a lot more attractive than I had realized. Behind the wire-rimmed glasses is a pair of sensuous blue eyes. He also wears a wedding band. He lives in San Diego with his wife and daughter. He has an import/export business. He and his wife prefer to take at least one separate holiday a year. This is Mark’s.
Conversation is easy. We have drinks and it’s no surprise to me when Carlo invites Mark to join us for dinner. I can see where this is going. I also can’t believe I’m wetting on the barstool.
Carlo helps me off the stool and I notice he discreetly wipes the seat with a napkin. He gives me a smug smile and takes my hand.
Mark pays for the drinks while we hail a cab. The ride goes by quickly, there is a lot to talk about.

We opt to dine on the patio of the restaurant. It’s a beautiful sunset. More drinks arrive before dinner. Can’t go to Mexico and not eat arroz con pollo. It’s delicious.
I excuse myself after dinner. When I return, the table has been cleared and the bill paid. I don’t even get a chance to sit. My hand is in Carlo’s and we’re off again.

The night is young and we browse in the stores along the promenade. Carlo buys me a beautiful silver necklace. He kisses my neck as he fastens it. Mark whips out the matching bracelet and kisses my palm. I’m in heaven.
We browse more. We try on different sombreros and play with the marionettes. We stop for ice cream.
The nightlife is starting. We hear music as we pass a bar. It doesn’t look very nice, so we keep on walking.
“Carlo.” It’s the first request I’ve made since meeting him. “Can we go dancing again?”
“You bet, baby.”

It’s Saturday night so the club is even more crowded.
Carlo excuses himself and Mark whisks me off to the dance floor. He’s not as good a dancer as Carlo is, but he holds his own. He takes me in his arms and spins me.
“You smell so good, Isabel,” he says, inhaling deeply.
I know I reek of sex, but I can tell his intention isn’t to embarrass me. I think he really just likes the smell. I meet his eyes boldly and smile.
The song rolls into another and we keep on dancing. I’m having fun.
Carlo joins us behind me. The floor is so crowded it doesn’t matter who you’re dancing with. I turn and dance with Carlo, then return to Mark. The woman next to Carlo seems to have an eye for him and he indulges her for the rest of the song.
The tune changes and Carlo wraps his arms around my waist from behind. My ass does as it’s trained–pushes back and we grind to the beat.
He releases my waist and, taking my hand, spins me into Mark’s arms. My ass doesn’t seem to be fussy. It pushes out for him too and we do the same.
Mark returns me to Carlo. I wrap my arms around his neck and we kiss.
Carlo unlocks my hands and turns me to Mark. There is no point in pretense, who would I fool? I’m in his arms and we’re kissing.
I’ve dated little since my divorce, but been adamant about safe sex. My mind is at ease as Mark is married. As for Carlo, I’m willing to take the risk.
When Mark brakes off the kiss, he continues to hold me. I can see in his eyes there are no malicious intentions there. It won’t be just a fuck.
With this understood, he turns me back to Carlo.
Carlo’s kiss is more passionate. Hands on my ass, he presses me against himself and I feel his hardness. But this is Carlo and he doesn’t disappoint me. He regains control quickly and turns me to Mark.
Mark has grown impatient. He pulls me into his arms with my back to him and holds me tight while he ravishes my neck. He’s also hard. Everyone around us knows both men will have me tonight.
With the next song, they press me between them and we sweat to the heat of Lambada. Was there ever a more passionate dance? My cunt is soaking. O’ the satisfaction!

The heat is too much and we struggle our way out through the crowd. Outside, Carlo kisses me while Mark finds us a cab.
Mark gets in first. Carlo pushes me in and I fall into Mark’s arms. We’re deeply involved in our kiss by the time Carlo slams the door shut. He pets the back of my thigh as he watches me with Mark.
The driver interrupts by clearing his throat. It’s a sobering moment. It seems none of us can remember the name of the hotel. He turns back and takes a chance on a name. All three of us shake our heads no. He hits jackpot on the fourth try. I pull away from Mark and slip into Carlo’s arms, moaning.
The cab rolls and our tongues are at it. Mark strokes my hair while he waits for his turn.
Every time I switch between them, I notice the cab driver’s eyes in the rearview mirror. Guess we’re more interesting than the road.

Carlo quickly drops some money on the front seat and hurries me out of the cab. I don’t even bother to maintain a dignified decorum as he ushers me past the night clerks. Mark keeps his hands off, but walks close to me.
“Buenos noches, senores,” the clerks chime in a chorus, smiling with such satisfaction that you’d think they were the ones with me.

We luck out, the elevator is empty and as soon as the doors close, Carlo passes me into Mark’s arms.
Our luck holds and we don’t run into anyone as Mark and I follow Carlo. There seems to be a silent agreement between all of us that I would feel most comfortable in my own room.
At my door, Mark pins me against the wall with his body. We kiss while Carlo fumbles with the key.

Inside, while Mark and I carry on kissing, Carlo gently lifts my skirt until my ass is in full view. I push out and he takes his time rubbing it. Then his hand moves down and he probes my wetness once more.
Mark detaches me from himself and hands me over to Carlo. Carlo continues to hold my skirt up as he takes me into his arms. While we kiss, it’s Mark’s turn to indulge.
He moans deeply when he slides his hand across my ass. He spends a moment rubbing, then reaches under. “Ahhh, that’s nice,” he sighs, feeling my wet cunt with his fingertips.
They pass me back and forth several times before Carlo starts to pull my dress off. I hold my arms straight up and let him.
“Emmm. Lovely,” Mark murmurs, his eyes lingering on every inch of my body as I stand between them fully dressed in my heeled sandals.
If being naked in the presence of one dressed man has such a seductive effect on me, imagine what it does to me in the presence of two?
Visually satisfied, Mark pulls me into his arms and kisses me with more passion. Carlo moves closer behind me and caresses my back.
When Mark releases my mouth, Carlo gently presses on my shoulder. I know what he wants and I slide against Mark onto my knees. They look down on me while I worship his cock through his pants.
“You want his cock, babe?” Carlo peels me off Mark’s crotch and holds me back.
“Has it been the four days?” Mark removes his glasses.
Mark smiles. “Excellent.” He slowly unzips his pants. “I must admit, I do admire your willpower.”
“It wasn’t easy,” Carlo answers with a chuckle.
“Undoubtedly. It should prove to be most satisfying.”
The conversation goes over my head and I don’t care–my concentration is glued on Mark’s fly. I don’t think he’s wearing underwear.
I wait with baited breath and at last, he pulls out his cock. It’s hard and circumcised. I move to pounce on it, but Carlo holds me back by the hair. I wait longingly.
Mark steps closer. Carlo pulls my hair and forces me to lift my face. He reaches down and strokes my face tenderly. I know my eyes are pleading.
He moves closer and his cock’s head brushes against my lips. I open my mouth to take it, but again, Carlo holds me back. I’m being reminded to take only what he gives. I will be fed. I don’t argue. My mouth relaxes and my lips part.
Clutching his cock, Mark continues to brush against my lips. It smells a combination of soap and sweat. I moan. I love the smell of men. Fluid oozes out and he presses between my lips. I’m being allowed to lick. I do it gratefully.
Carlo releases my hair. Mark inserts the head between my lips and my urgency returns. I want to grab him, but I know I won’t get far. I resist the temptation and suck hard with puckered lips. The more I suck, the more I need to. Carlo strokes my hair. I’m sure they both watch, reveling in their control over me. I submit even further as my need consumes me–I suck whimpering.

Mark suddenly retrieves his cock and I whimper for it harder. With a fast move, he swoops me and sets me on the dining table. Apparently his own needs have grown less controllable. He gives me a push back and I prop myself on my elbows. He grabs my ankles and jerks my legs open in the air. After a long look at my spread cunt, he leans and kisses me hard.
Carlo is at my side. Mark runs his tongue down my neck, makes a brief stop for a suck on my nipple, then continues. His tongue attacks my clit without preliminaries and I scream. He laps at my soggy cunt with passion.
“O’ God,” I cry. Then I call for Carlo in desperation. Mark’s tongue is hungry, but still in enough control to deny me any satisfaction.
“I’m here, baby.” He turns my face by the chin and sucks my lips into his mouth.
The confusion between pleasure and need grows unbearable and I begin to cry.
“Alright, baby, it’s alright.”
He comforts me with kisses and strokes of my hair while he uses one hand to release his cock.
Working together, they slowly calm me. Mark steps aside and Carlo takes his place. He enters me with one sudden thrust. The intensity brings on hysteria and I push myself into his arms. I cling to him for dear life.
“Ohhh, Isabel,” he sighs with such satisfaction that I realize it hasn’t been easy for him to wait either. O’ I get it. That’s what they were talking about. Yes, should be most satisfying.
We hold each other tight for a moment, and then I have to move. At last his cock is in my cunt and I don’t want to wait any longer to feel it.
Carlo lets me indulge, then begins to unlock my legs.
“Nooo….” I cry softly. I’m disappointed, but no longer desperate. The control is in their hands once again.
He withdraws and Mark stands before me. He looks into my eyes until I reconnect with him. When I lean back on my hands, he spreads my legs wider.
We all watch with anticipation as he positions his cock against my cunt. The contact makes me gasp and I ache to take him.
He makes his entry slowly, methodically. With small insertions, he stops and we enjoy each other’s lust. Half way, he prolongs and I lean on my elbows an

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