The Chance Encounter

Author: Cyberage

As Ted eased his truck around the hospital parking lot looking for a space to park He happened to glance at the people sitting outside the entrance to the Medical Arts building. He did a double take as his eyes came to rest on a girl with her knees so high that anyone could see her entire crotch area covered only by her flowered panties. Ted purposefully pulled around and came back about 5 minutes later to see if she was still there.

Sure enough she still had herself on display. Ted found a parking spot and walked back up to front entrance to the hospital which was 50 feet or so from where the girl was sitting. He lit up a cigarette, leaned over the railing of the walkway so he could casually observe the girl. She was just staring out into space totally oblivious to her surroundings. As Ted watched her he wondered what was going through her head sitting there with herself on display that way. Just then the girl came back to reality and realized that how she was sitting gave Ted a full view of her legs and panties.

“Are you enjoying the view?” she asked, but she didn’t make any move to change her position.

Ted walked over toward her and as he approached her he said “I guess I am enjoying it about as much as you were in showing it. Hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all,” responded the girl. “In fact I was just sitting here thinking about how much I need a man as I haven’t had one in a long time.”

Ted was still standing and as he looked down at the girl he could see down the front of her loose fitting blouse. Since she didn’t have a bra on her little tits were in plain view. Ted reached down inside her blouse and rolled one of the nipples between his forefinger and thumb. As Ted withdrew his hand he noticed that both nipples were poking straight out at the thin fabric of her dress. “Looks like your titties could stand some attention”, remarked Ted as he sat down beside her. The girl reached over and put her hand on Ted’s crotch. He had a high hard on. The girl gave it a squeeze.

“Looks like I’m not the only one in need of a little loving”, replied the girl.

“Guess we’d better go do something about our mutual problem, huh?” said Ted. “Shall we go to me place or yours? By the way what’s your name?”

“Beth”, replied the girl, “let’s go to my place as I live just a couple of blocks from here.”

Ted took her hand and helped her up. They walked to the parking lot where Beth’s car was parked and drove to her place. When they got inside the apartment the girl spun around and threw her arms around Ted. Ted grabbed her butt and pulled her to him. They kissed for a minute or so. Ted reached down and slid his hands under the girls dress and cupped her buttocks running his index fingers under the band of her panties. Beth jumped up and wrapped both legs around Ted. As Ted strummed her clit with his fingers Beth was grinding her pussy on Ted’s dick. Ted laid her down on the couch and removed her dress and panties. He traced her tits with his tongue running it all around the nipples until they were rigid.

He put his mouth over one of her tits and sucked it into his mouth. He slowly let it slide out while rolling the nipple over the roof of his mouth with his tongue. He proceeded to do the same thing with the other tit. Meanwhile Beth was really starting to react to all the attention Ted was paying to her tits. Her tits were very sensitive so by doing what he was doing Ted starting Beth towards her first climax. He continued on down her belly tracing her naval with his tongue and lightly started kissing her around her pubic hair. His tongue flicked out and briefly touched her pussy. Beth squirmed with anticipation. Ted began licking her pussy lips and as it was very wet by now he was able to slide his tongue into her cunt. He began to eat her in earnest now. All of a sudden Beth had a climax. Ted gobbled up her juices and continued eating her lapping hard at her clit. Beth exploded again and again.

“Your turn”, said Beth as she pushed Ted down. She removed his clothes slowly as she kissed him all over his body. When she got to his crotch she ran her tongue up and down the full length of Ted’s 8″ dick. She pulled his foreskin back and licked the tip of his dick making Ted shudder. Beth then began sucking his dick. Ted knew she liked doing it as she would take the entire shaft into her mouth. The feeling of his dick sliding down her throat was incredible. As she worked Ted into a climax she held onto his dick with both hands and pulled his dick in and out of her mouth. When he came she sucked him dry. “I sure hope you are able to get it up again soon. I need a dick inside my pussy.”

“Give me a minute or two responded Ted and I’ll fuck you so hard you won’t know what happened.”

“I sure hope I know when it happens as that is a big dick and I want to fully enjoy it.”

They talked for a few minutes when Beth reached over and grabbed Ted’s dick. “I’m ready to be fucked”, she exclaimed as she began pumping his dick. Ted’s dick started responding and soon it was at full mast once again. Ted rolled Beth over and penetrated her easily from behind. He pulled her up to her knees and began fucking her in earnest. As he pumped his dick in and out Beth felt herself heading toward another climax. Ted fucked her harder and harder. As she had her climax Ted started his and kicked into high gear slamming his cock in and out of her cunt so hard he almost drove her off the end of the couch. They both collapsed and just lay still for a few minutes recouping. “WOW,” exclaimed Beth. That’s what I call a good fuck.

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